By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It may not be the worst Eagles team of all time, but this is certainly one of the worst Eagles seasons of all time. Losers of six in a row, each game seemingly worse than the one before it, this Eagles team is one that can’t be forgotten soon enough. One would imagine, if you’re a current Eagles player, it would be best to either not look at your Twitter replies, or choose not to respond to them.

One would … imagine.

Being an athlete, or any famous person on Twitter isn’t all candy and puppies. Fans hide behind their avatars, and talk tougher than they normally would. Still, as a pro athlete, you’ve got nothing to gain by fighting with said people. Someone tell Riley Cooper this. Please.

cooper tweets Riley Cooper Latest Eagles Player To Argue With Fans On Twitter

Make this season end. I’m begging. MERCY! MERCY!


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