Seaside Heights Officials Announce Re-Entry Plan For Residents

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. (CBS) – The following is an announcement regarding the re-entry into Seaside Heights, New Jersey, a town hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

*** The information comes straight from the official website for Seaside Heights ***

Property owners and tenants will be allowed into Seaside Heights for assessment/protection/removal of their property, on designated streets from Ocean Terrace to Bay Boulevard which will include the North/South streets running between those designated streets, for a 4 hour period from 10:00am until 2:00pm starting Friday November 9, and terminating Tuesday, November 13.

Friday: Sherman, Sheridan, Grant , Blaine

Saturday: Hancock, Fremont, Sumner, Webster

Sunday: Kearney, Carteret, Hamilton, Franklin

Monday: Sampson, Hiering, Lincoln, Dupont, Porter

Tuesday: 400 Hiering/Bayside Terrace, this area must be dealt with separately and last due to major access problems and will only be opened pending approval of the NJDOT.

4 Buses will be staged at the Fischer Boulevard Foodtown at 9:00 am, there will also be a truck to follow which can take larger items off the island. Two people will be allowed for any given property or residence, this includes two as the property owner and if applicable two for a tenant. Proof of residency or property ownership must be presented to get on the buses. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed.

The buses and the truck will make one pass up and down the streets allowing passengers to get off near their property. Buses and truck will repeat this route at 2:00 pm, at which time all passengers must re-board and put needed items on the truck.

While at your property you may:

» Put out garbage.
» Take pictures.
» Remove small items, no furniture. The equivalent of two small suitcases will be the standard used for the maximum to go on the truck from any property/residence.
» Do minor protective repairs.

While at your property you MUST:

» Turn off your main electric breaker. This will eliminate the need for us to cut electric service to the property.

Everyone will be required to sign in when they get on the bus and when they return to the staging point there will be FEMA representatives available to help with your claims.

If you have vehicle(s) which must be removed from your property you may contact APK Towing, the Borough’s designated tower, to tow your vehicle(s) to the mainland. This action does not need to be coordinated with the date associated with you property address.


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