By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The poor logic that would lead Jason Babin to question the loyalty of all Eagles fans to his 48,000 Twitter followers based on the actions of just a few not withstanding, this is the sort of thing that players don’t usually recover from in a public relations sense in Philadelphia. No matter what he does, Jason Babin and his recent comments regarding loyalty and “vile” things will be his legacy here.

Assuming the 2012 Eagles finish in much the same way they started, Babin will be the poster child for what was wrong with the season, much like Vince Young earned the title in 2011.

If the Eagles were smart, they’d have cut Babin, regardless of the financial consequences, if they weren’t able to find a trade suitor. Whatever value he has left as a pass rusher is small in comparison to the value fans would see in not having to see him on the field during any further games. In fairness, his time on the actual field of play is decreasing, so I guess I mean in uniform on the sidelines.

Curiosity has gotten the better of me, so I’ve decided to sit back and wonder what vile things those fans could have been shouting at Babin. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

  • Fans were yelling the play by play of the Falcons opening nine-minute, touchdown drive.
  • Fans were giving the gory details of game winning drives allowed by the Eagles defense in games against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions.
  • Fans were trying to figure out aloud the math of Babin’s nearly $6 million contract for this season for the sack specialist, who has produced 2.5 total sacks over seven games.
  • Fans were screaming at the top of their lungs that their team instituted a defensive line scheme that is designed specifically to pressure the quarterback, yet somehow ranks 31st in the league in sacks.
  • Fans were trying to figure out how a guy who has played for five teams in nine seasons, and had to be talked out of potentially injuring himself by running with bulls during the offseason, has any idea what would constitute loyalty.
  • Fans were wondering how for the second straight season, their team figured to be Super Bowl contenders, and for the second straight season have become the laughing stock of not only Philadelphia, but the national media and fans.

There is less than a slim chance that Jason Babin will be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles after the 2012 season, so he’ll never have to deal with us, and us him, ever again. That said, I’d like to offer a piece of advice to the guy, who has always seemed like a generally friendly person when I’ve been in contact with him.

Dude. Shut up.

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