By David Madden

SEA ISLE CITY, N.J. (CBS) — Homeowners in many South Jersey shore towns are being allowed back to survey the damage left to their properties in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

They’re lucky if all they have to do is mop up the mess from several feet of ocean water that got inside.

Bulldozers are still pushing sand from streets on the north end of town back onto the badly battered beach.  A part of the Oceanside concrete promenade gave way at 29th Street.

Thirty blocks to the south, on the bay side, a century old house is off its pilings (top photo), tilting into the water, and boat ramps are torn apart.

Bob Diiorio rode out the superstorm and marvels at the speed of the early recovery.

“We make jokes about city workers all the time,” he said today. “They were great!  The massive cleanup that they started, they were right on top of it. I give them a lot of credit.”

sea isle bob diiorioson 59th st  madden Sea Isle Homeowners, Town Workers Digging Out Together

(Bob Diiorio and his son clean out their garage on 59th Street in Sea Isle City. Credit: David Madden)


A 7pm curfew remains in force here, and there no deliveries are being made as long as the state of emergency remains in effect.


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