By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Downtown Philadelphia escaped Hurricane Sandy with minor damage, but homeowners in other parts of the city are still dealing with her remnants.

Ed is a handyman who works in and around Northeast Philadelphia. He received quite a few calls from folks in the area whose homes were rattled by Sandy.

“We’ve seen a lot of damage to things up high like siding, capping, gutters, things of that nature that have been ripped off and need repair,” he says.

Aidan McGuckin lives in the 8100 Block of Cresco Street, near Pennypack Park. He used to have four trees in his front yard. Now, he has only three.

“We saw the first piece fall down, and then we looked outside and that’s when the second piece fell on our lawn,” McGuckin says. “I’ll miss the tree, but beside that nothing was damaged too bad.”

Carol Mehler lives a few blocks from Aiden on Warren Street. She says she lost an evergreen and an oak tree that took out power lines, and now there are huge, broken tree limbs in her front yard that could be there for days.

“Because it’s so much, like three-quarters into the street,” Mehler says. “I am waiting for the city to come and dispose of some of it. And then I’ll have to deal with the rest of it myself. Homeowners (Insurance) isn’t going to cover it. It’s going to be a struggle financially, but what can I do?”

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