By Paul Kurtz

BUCKS COUNTY, Pa (CBS) — Hurricane Sandy’s impact was still being felt Wednesday in the Philadelphia suburbs where power remained out for hundreds of thousands of people.

The majority of outages were in Montgomery County and Bucks County.

PECO said it could take up to a week to restore all power, despite the fact that crews were working around the clock. So the wait continued for many residents.

“I saw a lot of power lines down,” says Ed Nowicki of Northampton Township, “and there’s nobody around doing anything to them, so they have to get to them first before they can even get to some of these other areas.”

“It’s fine. I’m going to my daughters tonight and take a shower and eat there,” says Jack Stencler of Lower Southampton. “I’ll probably sleep there. It’s been fine, I mean what are you going to do? Things happen. It’s cold at night, but we bundle up. That’s what you’ve got a wife for. I wish I was 16. Haha!”

For those who have generators, Sandy was a minor inconvenience. Those who don’t were figuring out ways to cope. Some were finding respite at restaurants and diners. The Churchville Inn was packed like never before on Tuesday night.

“We were bored in the house and we wanted to get out, and then also, we wanted to talk to people to see about, you know, if they knew when our electricity was gonna come back on.”

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