By Amy Feldman

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Nothing like Halloween when your little ghoul gets to be made up to look like one. Did you know that face paint is considered a cosmetic and as such is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration?

If your child’s Halloween costume involves face paint, you need to know that “non-toxic” means that it’s not poisonous if it’s swallowed but it DOES NOT necessarily mean that it’s safe for skin.

Do not use regular craft acrylic paints or craft glitter on skin, because many people are allergic to the ingredients including nickel. Instead, make sure to use paint designed to be worn on the skin which contains color additives that by law have to be approved by the FDA.

To ensure that what you are putting on your child’s face is safe, read the ingredients on the face paint and compare it to the list on the FDA website. If an ingredient in the paint isn’t on the list, don’t use it.

Don’t use face paint that smells bad and take it off if it starts to itch or burn.

Finally, remove all the makeup before you fall asleep from the sugar shock. It’s fine to look ghoulish on Halloween but you don’t want to wake up November 1 looking like a real horror show.

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