Spike Eskin: We Miss McNabb Already? The Should’ve Kept List

By Spike Eskin & Chris Johnson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The “we miss Donovan McNabb” era began in Philadelphia more quickly than I imagined it would. I was always a fan of McNabb (SU grad over here), but I didn’t see this one coming. It comes just two weeks after the short-lived “we shouldn’t have traded Kevin Kolb” era.

Let’s take a look back, shall we?

Should haven’t let B Dawk walk.


Shouldn’t have drafted Daniel Te’o-Nesheim.

Should have kept Jeff Garcia.

Let’s sign Jeff Garcia.

We’ve got to get Shea Weber.

Should have kept Mike Richards.

Should have drafted any number of college football players we’ve never seen play.

Kolb has to start.

Kolb has to sit.

Should have kept Kolb.

We’ve got to get a goalie.

Should have kept Peter Forsberg.

We’ve gotta sign TJ Houshmandzadeh.

Let’s sign Plaxico Burress.

Let’s sign Plaxico Burress.

Let’s sign Plaxico Burress.

Should have kept Brett Myers.

Let’s sign T.O.

Did we mention how tall Plaxico Burress is?

We should have kept Aaron Rowand.

We should sign Aaron Rowand.

The Eagles should sign Chad Ochocinco.

The Eagles should sign Chad Johnson.

The Sixers should make a move for Amar’e Stoudemire.

The Sixers need to trade Andre Iguodala

Should have kept Andre Iguodala (coming soon, trust me).

Philles should have kept Davy Lopes.

Phillies should have kept Milt Thompson.

Just don’t see how the Eagles are committed to winning if they don’t make a move for Tebow.

Just don’t see how the Eagles are committed to winning if they don’t make a move for Peyton Manning.

Should have started Nick Foles.

Phillies need a right handed bat to hit fifth after Ryan Howard, that guy his Hunter Pence.

Should have never traded for Hunter Pence.

Should have kept Cliff Lee.

Thank goodness we signed Cliff Lee!

Should have never signed Cliff Lee.

Should have traded Cliff Lee.

Glad we kept Cliff Lee.

What did I miss? Please fill in the blanks in the comments.

*Of course, a big hat tip to @FanSince09‘s “Should Of Kept” series.

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