By John Ostapkovich

BENSALEM, Pa. (CBS) – Drug and alcohol abuse are no laughing matters, except at a comedy event this weekend, put on by a major rehab facility.

This is the 46th year that Bensalem-based Livengrin has put on a show, this time at Bucks County Community College this Saturday evening. It’s not only a chance for Livengrin’s clients to celebrate recovery but two featured comics are also on the wagon. One of them, Jesse Joyce, who among other things writes for Comedy Central roasts, performs to non-recovery crowds too. Is that a problem?

“No, because you get to watch people be jackasses,” Joyce says. “You get to watch Old You, basically. You get to see the behavior that would lead you down the wrong path. You get to see that transpire and it reminds you why you don’t.”

In his case “Old You” includes five drunk driving stops that got him banned from New Jersey.

“They didn’t take my drivers license away. They revoked my privilege of driving in New Jersey. I live in New York City so what that essentially means is that for an entire year, anytime I had to go anywhere I had to drive around New Jersey, which added four hours to every trip.”

This year’s show benefits FRAT, the First Responder Addiction Treatment program, and honors Philadelphia Police Captain Lou Campione for his work helping colleagues cope.

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