Most of us excel in playing “golf swing” instead of playing golf.

The challenge of  trying to conquer the unconquerable  is part of what grabs us and addicts us.  My latest fiasco has been a case of the full-swing takeaway yips, which thankfully are gone now that I’m no longer fretting over the plane of my backswing.  But that’s another story for another day. 

Today, it is all about accepting that we’re going to hit bad shots… and focusing our attention on learning how to get the ball in the hole with our imperfect swings.

That’s what PGA Professional Travis Deibert likes to do with his students at Commonwealth National Golf Club.  His thoughts on feel, learning how to score, and a short game tip are in a podcast at

It is a timely lesson as you get set to head out for your weekend round.  Enjoy.

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