By Ed Abrams

6,300 yards from the tips.  Doesn’t sound like much, does it?   But take one spin around Deerfield, just outside of Newark, Delaware, and you may be wondering what hit you.   Those 6,300 yards can pack quite a punch, and the old phrase “the course plays longer than the yardage” is a major understatement.

That is due, in part, to the tumbling terrain.   There isn’t an even lie on the golf course, and most of the approach shots are uphill.   The greens are small, tricky and well protected — characteristics of the private club this used to be.    And even though it has been open to the public for several years now, Deerfield still has that private club feel.  The subtle challenges and diversity of the holes make it a blast to play.

Deerfield also happens to be where I made my best par ever, and in the process learned a huge lesson about trust.   It was a chilly November day two years ago, and the par-3 2nd hole was playing 168 yards with a little breeze in my face.  I felt like a 5-hybrid was a little too much club… and I went with a 6-hybrid which was in my bag at the time.  But because of the cool air and the breeze, I wasn’t sure I could get it there.   Trying to jump on it a little too hard, I didn’t stay behind the ball on the downswing and hit the predictable push, which to my surprise not only went right, it was also a little long, over the hill and in the junk.   In disgust, I declared the ball lost, teed up another ball, took a normal smooth swing … and knocked it in the hole.   Nice three, Ed.  I hope I never forget that sequence of events and what the lack of trust in my club selection did to my golf swing on that first shot.

Want to make your own memories at Deerfield?  You can find a video tour here at along with links to the scorecard and all the contact info you’ll need.  Enjoy your day there, and when you get to the second hole, do yourself a favor.  Trust it.


I need a mulligan:    Yesterday I indicated we’d check some green fee deals today.  Brain cramp… that comes your way tomorrow.  See you then.

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