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By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There’s a story making the rounds today, that Michael Vick spent $300,000 on security for his recent wedding in Miami.

The cost of Michael Vick’s wedding itself is probably, on some level, a story. He’s a celebrity, and people like knowing what celebrities pay for things. I’d imagine the cost of Tony Romo or Tom Brady’s weddings would also be of note.

It’s not that we care what it costs that bothers me, it’s the commentary that comes along with it.

Pro Football Talk:

Though Vick can afford to drop $300,000 on a wedding, given that he received$35.5 million guaranteed as part of his 2011 contract with the Eagles, it doesn’t seem like the most prudent expenditure for a guy who is still paying off creditors following the filing of bankruptcy.

Yeah, the memories of the wedding will last a lifetime.  But that $300,000 plus the interest it could earn over the years could best something Vick eventually will need — especially if he’s willing to drop that much money to commemorate his marriage.

Are we being serious here? I’ve got an idea. How about we let the creditors worry about what Michael Vick owes them. Something tells me they’ve got a better idea of how much money he’s got to spend than we do.

Another idea would be to stop expecting that every move Michael Vick makes should somehow be an apology for his past. First people said he shouldn’t be allowed to play football, and now we’re worried about how he spends the money he’s earning.

Unless I’m mistaken, weddings are expensive. The average wedding in the United States costs $25,631. Michael Vick is making $12,500,000 this year. Call me crazy, but I think he can afford a pretty elaborate wedding.

Michael Vick’ not going on Bentley spending sprees. He’s not spending all night in an Atlantic City poker room and losing tens of thousands of dollars. Michael Vick got married.

We’ll have plenty to criticize Michael Vick for, training camp is just a few weeks away.

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