By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There may be no more irritating sound in the world than the rumbling of a neighbor’s generator when your power is out. But it is possible to make it more tolerable with a little generator etiquette.

As with anything you do that imposes on other people, a little empathy goes a long way. Your neighbors – discussing how they might save the food in the darkened refrigerator – have to shout to hear each other over your generator.

Put yourself in their place and you are likely to take away any resentment they might feel.

“If somebody has a generator going it’s nice of them to offer to at least take your food from your freezer so it doesn’t all go bad.”

Jan Hutton of Somers Point, sweating through the second day of no power, said her neighbors have made the offer and she is, indeed, untroubled by the noise. In fact, she’s hoping to get a generator, herself, and she’s already planning to be a good neighbor.

“We were going to turn it off at night. We weren’t planning on running it all through the night.”

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