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By Jay Lloyd

ROCK HALL, Md. (CBS) – In the world of getaway travel, a close friend and shipmate of KYW’s Jay Lloyd has been handed a rare honor.

Cap’n Mark Einstein, a school teacher and charter boat skipper, received a report card that any parent would frame.

His sailing cruise, on the Chesapeake Bay has been named the number one Maryland tour. There were 99 comments, and every one was excellent.

“Get out on the water, feel the breeze, look at the sights, have a tropical experience with a complimentary margarita,” Cap’n Mark said, referring to his tour.

capn mark1 Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Capn Marks Sailing Cruise On The Chesapeake Bay

(Cap’n Mark Einstein on his sailing cruise which has been named Maryland’s number one tour. Credit: Jay Lloyd)


The hour-and-a-half sailing cruise, which departs out of Rock Hall on the Maryland eastern shore, can be an adventure in a brisk wind, a romantic interlude or a relaxing family experience with a thrill for the kids as Cap’n Mark hands over the helm.

“It was so peaceful and quiet,” passenger Sue Bohley said.

With the sounds of a steel band, Cap’n Mark’s effervescent personality and the charm of first mate, Suzanne, it becomes Margaritaville on the Chesapeake.

For more information, visit the Blue Crab Chesapeake Charter website.


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