By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – What’s a good gift for Father’s Day? That’s hard to say depending on your dad, but here are a few ideas if he likes to garden.

A tree or shrub he’s been wanting is good – so you could give him a gift card to his favorite nursery, but why not go with him to pick it out and purchase, then help him get it home and plant it? If you have more time than money this year, you could do some chores – mow the lawn, edge the beds, clean some shovels, or sharpen a spade. And, weeding is always welcome – if you can tell the difference between those green things that are supposed to go and the first shoots of seeds your father lovingly labored to sow!

If you’re organized, you can corral the clutter of tools in his garage or gardening shed, or package up seeds he’s collected and file them so he can find them again. If you don’t like to get your hands dirty but you’re good with a camera and computer, you can take photos of your father’s favorite flowers or prized plants to frame a few – and use them to create a handy online calendar to help your dad keep track of his garden chores too.

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