By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Lots of offices are enjoying extra help these days as summer interns join the workplace. Some interns will get more out of the experience than others and that will have a lot to do with what they put into it.

Once upon a time, “intern” referred strictly to a recent medical school graduate. Now, nearly every college student is an intern at some point, and their readiness for work varies widely.

As director of the career center at Temple, Rachel Brown tries to get students up to speed.

“It is very important to be professional, that includes being on time all of the time, knowing the dress code and dressing appropriately.”

Brown says she also tries to get students beyond the basics, to proving their worth to an organization. For guidance on that, students could do no better than consulting with Tim Rohan.

He built on his internship at the Philadelphia Inquirer, last year, to get one at the New York Times, this year. He started last week and bugged his editor to let him cover a Mets game. It turned out to be their first-ever no-hitter.

“So what I would say to interns is don’t be afraid to make what you want out of the internship.”

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