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Stigall Show Log 5.31.12

5:41 CNN’s Soledad O’Brien got into a heated debate with Mitt Romney surrogate John Sununu.

6:10 The man who threw hot, scalding coffee on a clerk at a donut shop has apologized.

6:14 Jerry Sandusky’s child abuse trial will begin next week.

6:26 Kathy Lee Gifford had an awkward moment during an interview with Martin Short.

6:44 New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is set to issue a ban on all sugary beverages above 16oz.

7:10 Attorney General Eric Holder told the Conference of National Black Churches that voter ID laws will disenfranchise voters.

7:41 Chris talks to Ed Klein about his new best seller, The Amateur.

8:10 Chris talks with Don Russell, from the Daily News, about Philly Beer Week.

8:40 Chris talks to Dick Morris about his new book, Screwed.

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