5:40 Mitt Romney unveiled his education plan in advance of coming to Philadelphia.

5:48 Americans don’t take the vacation they’ve earned.

5:55 Bill O’Reilly was on David Letterman last night debating President Obama’s performance.

bill oreilly Stigall Show Log 5.24.12

Bill O’Reilly (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

6:10 The Sixers tied their best of seven series three to three with the Celtics after last night’s 82-75 win.

6:27 A woman says she was fired from her job at a lingerie warehouse because she was too attractive and her breasts were too big.

6:42 Republicans have released a video of Joe Biden’s “top gaffes.”

6:46 According to polls, Americans are split on Vice President Biden. 

6:56 On the heels of their IPO, Facebook is being sued.

7:10 Hunter Pence and Cole Hamels starred as the Phillies snapped their 4 game losing streak.

7:12 Haddonfield Commissioners approved $345,000 to pay for astroturf fields for the High School.

7:22 Democrats are split over the Obama Campaign’s decision to attack private equity firms.

7:45 Chris talks to Derek Mihalecsko, who saved his friend from choking by using the heimlich maneuvre.

8:15 The nation’s landmarks are becoming attractions for people to attempt suicide.

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