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By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Andy Reid put his coaching duties aside today to visit sick patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The Eagles’ head coach went room to room in the oncology ward, accompanied by the mascot “Swoop,” signing autographs and posing for pictures with the young patients.
Christie Ross and her husband, Steve, snapped away as Reid hung out with their six-year-old son, Julian, who is battling cancer of the nerve cells.

“It’s wonderful,” Christie said.  “It’s good to see them interacting. We’re in happy transplant day, which means we made it to our transplant.  So it’s a big day to begin with. This makes it even better.”

Reid makes this visit every year, and says it’s good for the soul.

“You would think it would be more of a somber, down feeling, but it’s really not.  These kids are so alive, so full of energy and so positive, they just know it’s going to get done. It’s a pretty awesome deal,” Reid said.



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