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5:41 Today marks the one year assination of Osama Bin Laden.

5:45 Daily News Columist Ronnie Polaneczky’s comments on tweet by Mark McDonald, the mayor’s press secretary.

6:10 A group of strippers plans to protest in front of the Daily News today fighting, “Stripping is not a crime, it’s an art.”

6:26 Chris discusses his thoughts on who people are choosing as VP picks for Romney.

6:41 Chris talks with Melissa BangBangForgione, the stripper who created the Facebook page to set up the protest at the Daily News. 

6:57 American’s are more recently choosing to buy manual cars.

7:14 Chris talks about the newly posted Obama Ad on YouTube, and will this move voters?

7:43 Chris speaks with CBS 3’s Ben Simmoneauabout his experience with Twitter and the strippers, and will there be a crackdown here in Philadelphia.

simmoneauben Stigall Show Log 5.1.12

Ben Simmoneau of CBS3

8:11 Romeny coming to Bryn Mawr today for a private fundraiser.

8:15 Chris talks with John Stossel about his speech he’s giving tomorrow at Philadelphia Freedom Center.

8:42 Chris Speaks Business Editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Andy Maykuth, on the Sunoco pipline buyout.


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