By Rick Grimaldi

4/19/12 – by Rick Grimaldi – What struck me first about the crowd at the Franklin InstituteMonday at the Independence Tea Party Tax Day Rally, was the number of younger people. Second, the sense of excitement that built as the appearance of Mitt Romney grew closer. And, third, and most importantly, the confidence and presence that the Republican nominee had when he took the podium. He looked…Presidential. As i have consistently said for months. This is a man ready to take on the Barack Obama in the fall.

For those that believe that Mitt does not generate excitement, they are wrong. What I witnessed Monday was akin to a rock concert, complete with swooning women. Mitt Romney has charisma. And when you meet him he has the look of a man with a mission. He shakes your hand firmly and locks eyes when he speaks. In short I see resolve. And this is good because he will need it as we move toward the general election.

The attacks on Romney by the President, his surrogates, and the media will increase. They will look for any opening and they will focus particularly on Romney’s Massachusetts health care plan. I assume that the campaign will be well prepared to respond to these attacks and others. This is a smart man and he has, as I pointed out, no shortage of grit. Do not be fooled by the staid corporate appearance. The bell has rung and the nominee is ready…and so is his wife.

The comments about Anne Romney were not only offensive but stupid. She responded in a way that, I believe, stayed on the high road. More telling were the Romneys’ comments to Diane Sawyer later Monday night. When asked what they would say to the President Romney responded with “Pack your bags.” Mrs. Romney said, “it is Mitt’s time.” Well time will tell if that is true, but if early indications are a barometer it will be a very good fall and a better winter 2013.

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