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5:45 Chris discusses that Mitt Romney will address the Tri-State Tea Party Caucus in Philadelphia tonight at the Franklin Institute.

6:12 Chris talks about Bill Maher’s defense of Hilary Rosen and her comments about Ann Romney not working.

6:30 Chris goes into the controversey of red meat according to Devra First of the Boston Globe.

6:41 Chris discusses the scandal with Secret Service agents assigned to protect President Obama soliciting hookers in Columbia.

7:12 On the Monday Morning Matchup this week we have, Michael Bronstein and Jeff Roe discussing the lack of a slogan in the 2012 Obama campaign and David Axelrod’s comments on the campain strategies of both Romney and Obama.

8:10 Chatting with Charlie Manuel about the next 10 games for the Phillies on the road, the Phillies/Mets series over the weekend in regards to hits and Charlie’s prediction on the pitching and hitting going forward this season.

8:26 Mitt Romney has been asked to host Saturday Night Live…will he do it? If so, will it help or hurt his campaign.

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