By Rick Grimaldi

4/3/12 – by Rick Grimaldi –

It is amazing the clarity that flying over that heartland at 30,000 feet can provide. As I look out over this beautiful amazing country of ours I am thinking about how great we are and how important it is that we continue to participate in this little experiment called democracy. I am also thinking, thanks to the wonder of technology, that the time for debate in the Republican Party is over.

With Mitt Romney’s wins in Maryland, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia he has proven that he should be the Party’s standard bearer in November. In terms of raw delegate numbers, Romney has 652 out of 1,144 needed to wrap up the nomination. More importantly, the momentum and march toward Tampa is decidedly with him. The Republican National Committee, which stays out of the fray until there is a presumptive nominee has begun to raise money for Romney; The talk is now turning to his selection of a running mate; and, the candidate is squarely focused on beating the President.

Still there are many who believe he is not conservative enough. Maybe this is why Rick Santorum has stayed in the race. or maybe it is because he wants to exact some small measure of satisfaction by winning in Pennsylvania where he was embarrassed by Bobby Casey in 2006 (although I have faith that Pennsylvanians will do the right thing), or maybe he has actually deluded himself in to believing he can win. In my opinion he is in because he wants to be able to have some control at the convention and a role in a Romney administration. He might even think he should or could be the Vice Presidential nominee. It does not really matter because he is now causing damage to the Party and its chances to win in the Fall. Every time he criticizes Romney, as we get into the warm weather, he is providing aid and comfort to the Obama camp. It is time for him to do the right thing and throw his support behind the Republican nominee.

By getting out of the race now, Santorum retains credibility in the Party and among those more conservative voters. He has forced Romney a bit to the right and he will have an opportunity to play a role should Romney win the general election. More importantly Santorum can assist Romney, among those same ultra conservative voters, by supporting Romney and actively campaigning. Do the right thing Rick move aside and let the talk turn to vetting Marco Rubio to determine if he is the right man to run with Romney and take on Obama in the Fall.

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