Judge’s Ruling Allows Suit Against State Police To Go Forward For Allegedly Harassing Bikers

By Mark Abrams

NORRISTOWN (CBS) — A Norristown lawyer, who represents three members of two motorcycle clubs stopped in New Jersey by troopers who demanded they remove jackets bearing biker club colors and logos, says a federal judge’s recent decision in the case is a First Amendment victory.

Attorney Boyd Spencer says U.S. District Judge Jerome Simandle’s ruling allows a suit against the state police to go forward for allegedly harassing seven bikers who were riding in Burlington County in July 2009.

Spencer says troopers followed the bikers – some of whom were members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club and Tribe Motorcycle Club – for six miles before stopping them.

“They checked all their licenses and registrations and then came out and gave a speech that went something like this: ‘Take your jackets off, the jackets that had the logos or colors of their club, because the only colors allowed on this highway are the blue and gold of New Jersey state troopers.'”

Spencer says the video and audio from the stop was captured on a trooper’s car recording system and supports the bikers claim that their First Amendment rights were violated.

State officials asked the judge to dismiss the suit. Spencer says it’s likely they will appeal the Camden judge’s decision.

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  • DisCusTed

    The real threat is the government period, they keep tightening their control of people in small increments thereby escaping most peoples scrutiny and also most people who support these type of restrictions on freedoms believe it could not happen to them but sooner or later their turn will appear and it will be to late for them and everyone else in what was ONCE a great country.

  • bone

    geezzz whatabout other MC & RC dont get this….bone



    • http://shaftdrive.wordpress.com fiddle mike

      The Blue Gangs are “Semper Fi”, Chief, loyal to the uniform rather than the Constitution.

  • chris james

    this is why i wear a suit when flying. Wear a leather jacket and boots and get searched everytime

    • gary

      that why we all maybe should wear leathers went going to airport!!!!!!!!!! we all need to STOP this goverment take over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Goodtimes

    Old news, theirs good cops and bad cops just as theres the 1%ers who give bikers a bad rap,when most of us just want to ride and live free

    • http://shaftdrive.wordpress.com fiddle mike

      Kooooom ba ya, my lord, kooooom ba ya.

  • Zzbar

    Any comments?

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