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Mike Milbury Says ‘There’s A Little Punk’ In Sid Crosby, And Coach Bylsma Should ‘Take Off His Skirt’

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If the end of Sunday’s Flyers game against the Penguins was any indication of how their potential playoff series may go, we’re probably in for some hard hitting hockey, and not just the players. Flyers coach Peter Laviolette, so furious with the final minutes, had to be held back from going after Penguins coach Dan Bylsma.

Former NHL head coach and current “NHL on NBC” analyst Mike Milbury was thrilled at the series of events that ended the game. “I loved every minute of it. I loved especially the last five minutes of it, and it was great TV. And who knew that Jaromir Jagr in his old age was going to become poetic?” Milbury joined 94WIP’s Angelo Cataldio and The Morning Team on Monday to talk about the bad blood between the two teams.

“It’s not totally uncommon,” Milbury said of Laviolette’s behavior at the end of the game. “I can remember being on such a perch, or at least trying to climb over the boards to get at somebody to make a point. And I thought Dan Bylsma should have taken off his skirt and gone over there,” he said.

One of the instigators of the fight was the Penguins’ Sidney Crosby. “Little goody two shoes [Crosby] goes into the corner and gives a shot to Schenn. Schenn was late to the party, he should have turned around and drilled him right away, but I guess better late than never,” Milbury said. “So you know, Crosby gets cross-checked, big whoop. He said after he came back from his 35th concussion, ‘I’m not going to do this anymore, I’m not going to get into this scrums, I’m going to stay away from that stuff.’ He couldn’t help himself because there’s a little punk in Crosby. He’s not the perfect gentleman. He’s not the sweet kid you see in interviews with his hat pulled down over his eyes. I’d say screw him, hit him,” he said.

“There’s a lot to settle after that.”

**UPDATE** Mike Milbury issued a statementapologizing for the above comments (statement via NBC Pro Hockey Talk).

“I reached out to David Morehouse and the Penguins about the comments I made yesterday on Philadelphia radio,” Milbury said. “In hindsight, I realize what I said was inappropriate and wrong, and I want to apologize to the Penguins organization and their fans.”

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  • Steve

    The Flyers will go a 38th straight summer without a stanley cup.

  • ken

    Mill who?

  • Jeff Fartsmell

    Can’t wait for the series. Once the Penguins win, the Filth-adelphia Cryers will certainly live up to their name.

    • CindyisaFairy

      Did you actually attend a school or were you raised by rats in one of the crumbling warehouses in your garbage city’s depressing industrial sector?

      Not that I’m trying to insult rats or anything but comparing them to you.

  • Jeff Fartsmell

    The Filth-adelphia Cryers are all punks, they match the mentality of their city and their fans. Hartnell is the biggest cheap shot artist in the league. Maybe if they won once in awhile they would know how to act. I’m ashamed that Filth-adelphia is part of the great state of Pennsylvania. They must have an inferiority complex being so close to NYC and DC and also trying to keep up with Pittsburgh’s championships. As for Milbury, he’s still upset because his Bruins could never beat the Lemieux-led Penguins during his tenure.

    • Pittsburgh SUCKS

      You have the biggest crybaby in professional hockey on your team – and after he got a tap on the back from Schenn, he DOVE to the ice and looked around to see if the refs noticed the hit. He’s ridiculous. Someone with his talent should just play the game and let his ability show, instead he resorts to kindergarten antics and gets the calls to go his way….it’s a shame Pittsburgh sucks the way it does!

      • qongo

        Okay. I was at this game, directly behind the Philly bench. This is what I saw happen. Correct me if someone saw something different. Crosby checked Schenn during the play, and skated away. A whistle was blown a few seconds later. Schenn approached Crosby from behind, and cross checks him. Crosby got up, went back to the bench, and the refs decided it should be a penalty. Everyone acts like Crosby got on the PA system and formally requested a penalty, or writhed around in pain, he got up, looked at him for a second, maybe wondering why he was randomly crosschecked after the play, and skated away. I guess I’m just missing something

      • Jeff Smythe

        I know, right? I know I’d much rather pay to see knuckledraggers as opposed to players like Crosby, Malkin, Stamkos, Giroux………..old time hockey!

  • PhillyHockey

    Milbury is a crzy guy but these penguin fans are just as bad. They remind me of new jersey devil fans. Crying about crosby and running the most boring hockey I’ve ever seen. Get some guts girls, in the broad street days these penguin fans would be cowering under their steel city bleachers.

    Eskin is trying to incite flyers fans with the article, I believe at his core he loves the penguins and is probably a closet crosby fan.

    • CindyisaFairy

      The Penguins have fans? Oh, they are making the playoffs now so of course they do. Guess all these kids were fans when they almost had to move the team to Boise or wherever it was going to end up.

      Pittsburgh is just the same as Florida. I mean as fairyweather fans go, not as if Pittsburgh had any night life, anything worthwhile to see, anything even to do, anybody even remotely attractive living within the city limits, or any jobs.

      • Franchise

        You seem to have quite an obsession with Pittsburgh- what’s your deal?

      • lindsay

        Lol, you are just embarrassing yourself with your lack of knowledge. The team almost left because they were poorly managed before Mario and they couldn’t getvfunding for a new arena. If you’re, your filthy Philly game was the 249 consecutive sellout.

    • Tayler W

      boring brand of hockey? i mean they lead the league in goals per game, but yeah thats pretty boring. moron

  • Pens4Life

    Im a pens fan and i will admit till no end crosby and malkin get away with almost everything. good for us but really bad for the league overall. letting people get away with stuff cause the name on thier jersey doesnt make the game fun to watch and i can see why its not so popular cause of it.

  • whocares

    Yes Milbury maybe Crosby isn’t perfect but Flyers were also cross checking Crosby and there were no calls throughout the game and Crosby had his helmet ripped off of him during the game its over so what move on and if there was a fight between the two coaches Milbury would of been calling for Penguins coach to be suspended for the rest of season and playoffs

  • Don Cherry

    I’d rather see skill players on the ice like Crosby, Ov, Stamkos, St. Louis, Sedeens, etc etc than thugs of average talent like the Milbury’s of the NHL. Guys like Milbury are a dime a dozen in the NHL. The special players are the one’s who sell the game and will help it become more popular. Can you imagine if Michael Jordan, Magic, Larry Byrd were taken out of the game by cheap shot artists in the NBA like a Bill Lambeer type thug ? The NBA would be a meaningless league without those guys. The NHL needs its skill superstars too.

    • CantWait

      Not really sure how Milbury’s talent as a hockey player has anything to do with… well, anything? You’re commenting on this and you don’t even know how to spell the Sedin’s last name. You’re talking about HOCKEY, it’s a tough sport, and here’s a new flash for you, they all take their cheap shots. Pretty much what you’re saying is that it’s okay for Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, and Stamkos to take their shots but since they are superstars no one should be able to touch them. I’m a Flyers fan, and I’m not going to give my take on who wins this series, because honestly it’s going to be a tough one, but I hope that every time Crosby’s and Malkin’s skates touch the ice someone is taking their shots at them. If they can’t handle, then that’s a valuable point for the Flyers.

  • Bob

    Crosby and Malkin are dirty players. The Refs let them get away with a lot. Malkin hits Girouix in the back of the head a couple times when he’s laying face down on the ice. Crosby slashes throughout the game. No calls. They sure know how to cry though.

    • whocares

      Flyers were slashing Crosby throughout the game move on already

      • ksk

        you have that backwards. Even the NBC commentators showed the numerous times Crosby slashed. And the two sticks he broke doing it.

    • jeff smythe

      Yeah, when I looked up fair play, respect for your opponent, and sportsmanship on wikipedia….there was a pic of the Flyers.

  • Dennie-O

    I think the last time Mike Milbury was relevant was in the 1990’s. Who cares what this guy says, really.

    • Joe Conroy

      He was awful as a coach & stinks at announcing. HE’S the punk!

  • James

    The fact of the matter is the media chose not to show Crosby take liberties on Schenn that led to Schenn retaliating with a harmless crosscheck that players get throughout the game. Crosby started the whole thing. And you know what, I give him credit for it. As a captain he spurred up emotions in his time and getting them into it etc . . . but I don’t respect the fact he didn’t mention that he instigated it with Schenn…and i didn’t expect him to but he should have at least had enough class to say it was just part of the game instead of playing the victim.

    • James

      meant in his “team”| not “time”

      • Amanda

        Ummmm, he did. See his post practice interview today.

  • GodHand

    Milbury beats kids and punches players. Anything he says about “punks” or fighting should be disregarded.

  • Alan

    Wow, where did all these Penguin apologists come from? I thought this was a Philly news site and these closet Pittsburg girls are coming out all over.

    Of course leave it to an Eskin to try a fuel a fire even more. Come on Spike, this is a classless article!

    • Jac

      “Penguin apologists”, did you mean knowledgeable hockey fans?

      • CindyisaFairy

        Hahaha if you show me a Penguin fan that knows what they are talking about, I’ll find you a Tampa Bay Lightning fan that has watched any game that wasn’t a Cup final.

        Then again I can’t really tell the difference between Florida fairweather fans and Pittsburgh fairweather fans anyway. At least not until you can get close enough to smell the cheap Keystone Light they use to try and forget that they live in Pittsburgh.

    • Spike

      Hold up, what did I do?

      Classless how? I wrote what the guy said on our radio station. The guy was an NHL head coach and currently a national NHL broadcaster.

      I didn’t say it Alan, I just wrote what was said. Not taken out of context in the least.

      Maybe you think what he said was classless, but I didn’t write anything either than what happened. Don’t take your Penguin fan hate out on me!

  • Kevin

    Milbury has “NOTHING” to offer anymore except saying something outrageous and stupid. Head back to rec league rink Mike and go after little kids. Idiot. These two teams hate each other, both are great teams and they play it anyway they can to win. That is something Milbury could not pull off as a player, coach or GM.

  • metcarfre

    Casual sexism from Milbury!?

    That’s unpossible!

  • JC

    Milbury is bitter Kevin Stevens told him basically he was a punk and the Pens were going to come back and win the series back in the 90’s…….remember the punk that was charged for beating a 12 year old up?

  • Dustin S...

    They Don’t Want Crosby To Fight, Crosby Would Tear Him Up. When Ever Crosby Does Fight, He Kicks Some Ones Ass..

    • Matt

      Croby doesnt have the guts to fight anyone that knows what theyre doing. He just takes cheap shots and haves his other players finish it. Thats why i respect players like Ovechkin and Gaborik. They have the balls to fight real fighters and make the big hits without anyone else stepping in. You Pittsburg fans are just looking to complain like you always do

      • Matt


    • CantWait

      Really? Since when? When has ever fought anyone legit? Not that I’m saying I expect him too, that’s not his game, but seriously? Maybe Crosby vs Semin would be a good fight. Crosby is a great hockey player, but a great fighter? Not so much.

  • Jac

    Who cares what Milbury has to say? He’s one of the worst analysts in hockey and he was a below average coach. He’s always been bitter towards the Penguins so hearing him say these comments don’t surprise me in the least. I’m just wondering if he’s gonna go beat up another 12 year old.

  • Amidall

    Completely classless!

  • Shane Thompson

    Milbury should worry a little more about not assaulting 12 year old kids and a little less abut Sidney Crosby and Dan Bylsman. see you in the playoffs.

  • Matt p

    What a class act encouraging coaches to fight. That quote alonenullifys his entire point. Get a clue!!!!

    • lindsay

      Thank you. People are trying to apply the principle of players fighting to coaches fighting, and its totally different. Yeah when two guys decide they are going to drop the gloves, take off their helmets, and settle a score, I think there’s something to be said for that as far as honor goes. The same doesn’t apply to coaches. What does Milbury think should have happened? They meet at center ice and take off their suit jackets and duel? I cant even comprehend what he is possibly thinking.

  • Bell

    Milbury is what is wrong with the NHL…..Rooting for fights instead of enjoying the game and skill of the athletes. What a jerk!

  • Hockey Knight

    Milbury was a goon as a player a medocre coach and GM and lousy analyst. Don’t expect anything more from him on that.

  • Sid

    Yeah, Milbury would have beaten some little kid with his shoe… Only “punks” in the house were wearing black and orange.

  • tim heidecker

    he said it not totally ‘common’ not uncommon, idiots

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