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Valley Forge Casino Opens For Business

By Molly Daly

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. (CBS) — There’s a new casino in the Delaware Valley. The Valley Forge Casino Resort held a ceremonial ribbon-cutting Saturday morning.

The dice started rolling at a minute past midnight, a little early to stage a news conference and photo op. So, the dignitaries and the press assembled at 11 a.m.

“You’re talking about 600 slot machines, 50 tables. We have ten other casinos, Category 1 and 2, [they] have no less than 1800 machines,” says Gaming Control Board Chairman William Ryan, who adds that Valley Forge is on a smaller scale.

Since Valley Forge is a Category 3 casino, you can’t just walk in and gamble. You need to be a guest at the hotel, buy a membership, or spend at least $10 in one of its retail outlets to be allowed onto the gambling floor. That, says Ryan, sets it apart:

“This is definitely a different type of casino from the first ten we’ve opened here in Pennsylvania.”

And that, it’s hoped, will lure people who’ve come to bask in the history to stay and try their luck.

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One Comment

  1. bill nicholson says:

    terrible place i had a major problem there with a machiace , nad place

    Hello my name is Bill Nicholson and on 3/31/12 I wanted to send this to you guys for a problem I had at the new valley forge casino, here is what happen, So here is what happen a lady was playing a machine before me for $5.00 she hit cash out it paid her $4.00 instead of $440 was her credit, I sat Down and I didn’t see that the Machine had a credit of $440 so I put my money in and played, well a guy next to me hit for $2000 jackpot so as I was hitting my button not paying attention to my machine looking at the spin, I won and I lost up and down in my play. So I cashed out $300 well so an 1 hour in a half later as I was leaving security finds me and ask me to come with them me saying I stole this ladies credits on a machine, but I not clue what happened and they publicly humiliated and embarrassed in front of the whole casino and treated me like I was a criminal and made all these bad threats. The one threat was to call the stated police so I said call them ,the state police and the casino were trying to figure it out, but no one could bring the cameras up for a while because they couldn’t find the details or how to do it nor, I asked to see the footage they said no I really flet I was being scammed, I asked them to tell me how much I put in the machine they couldn’t tell me said they didn’t know, so I asked how do they know how much this lady put in. They said they just did with no explanation, nor did they really know, so a faulty machine not paying out the right amount to the other person and me not seeing a credit in the machine they said I was a theft and if I didn’t pay this money to this lady or casino I was going to be arrested for theft. So I asked the supervisors and people in charge I got nowhere, The state police were very helpful but the casino was very rude, ignored and thought this was a total joke , so then I put a report into the pa game commission, said they would look into to it, so I had to pay back the casinos problem, made Me paid 440 back now I’m still here Waiting to hear back from managent, please do your own invesgstion because I got no where and this could happen to many people this big casinos stealing from people or threating people to do things they are scared and they do. Please feel free to contact me 267-228-7191

  2. jim bomd says:

    Watch the video that casino lawyers had banned from YouTube. Please click the link below. Feel free to re-post.

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