By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – How are your hoses? If you rushed to put your hoses away in the cold last fall, try to check them now before you start the gardening season.

Are they clean? It may sound funny, but if you don’t want your hands to get filthy and smelly every time you touch a hose, why not scrub off the mildew now? Smooth out kinks, and check for leaks – some can be repaired with patching kits. And see if the washers are still good. Old washers can dry out and make your hoses dribble, which not only wastes water but also creates puddles in unwelcome places; such as right next to your back door so you and your pets get wet feet every time you step outside. Or you might need to replace the coupler that attaches to the faucet.

By giving your hoses a once-over now, they’ll be less frustrating to use all year. Then, every time you want to water in a new tree, sprinkle some lawnseed, or give your flowers or vegetables a drink, you won’t have to fight the kinks and leaks, you can just turn on the spigot.

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