Philly Holds ‘Million Hoodie March’ Rally In Response To Trayvon Martin Case

By Jericka Duncan, Natasha Brown and Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An entire nation is speaking up for Trayvon Martin, from his parents to the President of the United States.

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” said the President.

Today, Philadelphia will join the movement to find out why an unarmed teenaged boy was gunned down.

“This was virtually an assassination,” said Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. “There was no reason for something like this to happen.”

Mayor Nutter supports the protests taking place across the country, in memory of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin of Sanford, Florida. On February 26th at 7:17pm, police say Martin was shot dead by George Zimmerman, a member of a neighborhood watch group, who called authorities moments before the shooting to report a suspicious looking teen, wearing a black hoodie.

Zimmerman has not been charged with Martin’s death. He told police Martin attacked him so he shot the teen in self-defense.

“My town watch group wouldn’t have that predicament just based on our guidelines and structure,” said Mayfair Town Watch president Milt Martelack.

Martelack says his team of volunteers carries cell phones, not guns. He says his eyes are his weapons to fight crime. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says town watch groups are expected to report concerns and let police do the rest.

“Police officers go through hundreds of hours of training that involves the use of force,” said Commissioner Ramsey. “Much of it involves knowing when it’s appropriate to use that level of force.”

The large crowd here began their march to Love Park at 7:17 p.m., the time Trayvon was shot by a man working neighborhood watch.

seth williams Philly Holds Million Hoodie March Rally In Response To Trayvon Martin Case

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams tweeted this photo of himself in a hoodie Friday night (credit: @Seth4DA)

People here are outraged that gunman George Zimmerman walks free.

“I do not even know this 17-year-old but when I heard the story, it touched my heart, and I’ve never walked in a march. I never felt so strongly.”

The ‘Philly Hoodie March’ grew legs on social media sites, but people here say actions speak louder than words.

“I felt as though I needed to get out and do something. ‘Cause, like, tweeting about it, re-tweeting, (updating your) Facebook status… it really isn’t going to do nothing.”

While nothing can bring back Trayvon, people say hopefully this march and others like it eventually lead to jail time for Zimmerman.

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One Comment

  1. Spookiest spook says:

    Let’s see, wearing a hoodie – check. Being colored – check. Walking through a gated community – check. Pot-smoking teenager – check. Sorry, but you are guilty. Now let’s move on to the white on black crime situation.

  2. Tray says:

    I’ll never vote for another black politician after hearing the comments from the Mayor and the DA over this. Instead of quelling the fury, they are adding to it. I wonder where they were when the innocent WHITE check cashing owner was ASSISNATED! Oh, that wasn’t an assisnation because the perps were black. I’m sick of hearing about racism. Check out the high ranking jobs in the city…don’t most of the belong to blacks. Mayor, DA, Police Commissioner, Fire Commissioner, etc. Don’t you get extra points on a civil service test because of your skin color. If that’s not BIAS then I don’t know what is. My white boys will never have a chance to land a city job!

  3. Whatsup says:

    remember when we had a rash of White cops being murdered, one after the other, and most of the murderers were black, yet never did anyone make it a racist issue, but look how fast they play the racie card when it is the other way around.

  4. Whatsup says:

    The New Black Panthers are now involved, they’re the ones that were carrying billy clubs on election day intimidating voters at pollling places and the DOJ had a strong case but Eric “incompetent” Holder dropped the case.

    1. brandon says:

      there will be a candle light service for trayvon martin Rowan University today starting @ 8 pm

  5. PCOX says:
    Also why NO coverage of the WHITE BOY attacked by 3 BLACKS in nyc by pouring gasoline on him and lighting him on FIRE!Iknow why because the main stream media could care less.IF YOU COVER ONE YOU SHOULD COVER ALL THE RACIAL ATTACKS.SHAME ON THE MEDIA.But I don’t expect honesty from the LIBERAL media.RON PAUL 2012

    1. Wise One says:

      The white kid lives in Kansis City and that’s where the atrocity took place. They followed the 13-year-old home from schooll, doused him with kerosene on his own porch and ignited the kerosene, causing extensive burns to his face, head and body. Then they taunted him by saying, “You got what you deserve, white boy!”

      A FL black teen just received a life sentence for shooting two British tourists dead, when, after getting lost and entering a ghetto area, the two told the teen they had no money, so the monster instantly killed them.

      1. Mom6 says:

        Yes, and I betcha whoever is responsible for that Kansas (spelled correctly) situation is going to be brought immediately to justice. Again I say that teen “monster” receive a lengthy sentence for his acts. Yet, whenever someone white does something they should be allowed some excuse. Get OVER IT !! Zimmernut must do time for his crime too.

    2. Whatsup says:

      and if obama calls that Fluke girl who is crying about her birth control. obama needs to call Sarah Palins daughter who was treated horribly by the liberals. Bill Maher is a filthy mouthed woman hater, yet obama looks the other way because Maher donated a million dollars. Obama’s message to Malie and Sachia, is look the other way when a man calls you names as long as he gives you lots of money!!!!

  6. philly says:

    worry about the 85 people killed in Philly

    1. PCOX says:

      This is very true!

  7. Lonnie Fester says:

    Trayvon Martin may not be so innocent, there is more to the story we have not heard. Typically people don’t get shot without any reason. This is NOT a race issue as the media portrays. Zimmerman, a Hispanic guy, may have actually been defending himself. But of course it’s a field day when someone kills an African American. If you want to look like a “gangsta” that rapes, robs, and murders innocent people, then you have to accept peoples (well considered) assumptions of, “this is what trouble looks like”. It would be the no different than a Caucasian dressed as “trouble”. I would be on my guard and be ready to deal with the perceived threat – no matter the skin color. Call it human nature or animal instinct – either way it is survival skills. I am so
sick of the race card being pulled. Simply stated: act like good people and people will treat you good.

    It’s unfortunate that we racial profile. But, if you look at the crime in the U.S. you will see the majority of it is done by African Americans. Black
on white murder is 18 times greater than white on black. Same with the prison populations – they are full of African Americans. This is life. African Americans never take responsibility for anything. It is because of their high crime rate that people, like Zimmerman, are created. And look at all of the black on black crime. That is how most young black men are killed. And yet we have outrage over Trayvon because the shooter is non-black and it allows the media to exploit this and get people all excited.

    It leaves me to wonder why we never here of such outrage (with organized demonstrations leading to presidential comments) over the constant drive by shootings and random murders of black teenagers. Granted most of these shootings are done by blacks against other blacks. But there are plenty of times that innocent whites get killed by blacks – whether by mistake, under false suspicion, or at the wrong place at the wrong time. Where are President Obama’s comments about how this could be “his son” with the immediate Justice Department investigation and the organized “million hoodie marches” springing up in cities? Can you imagine the media outrage if a white teenager had been shot by a black vigilante and President Bush said, “That young man could be my son.” The double standard and constant play of the race card is getting really old and people are seeing through it.

    1. Mom6 says:

      Woooo!! I’m not so long winded, but I will simply say, WHY? Because in a world where a kid cannot simply go to the store for some candy and a drink without being seen as dangerous, well, it’s jiust worth fighting for.

      1. Laura says:

        You do not have all the facts. Why are they using an old picture of him as an innocent kid for starters? He did not look like that when he was killed. Why not wait for the due process? Why convict this man without knowing what happened?

  8. athonia smith says:

    we are headed for race war in this country if we dont come together as one, and start making a stand againist the racsist in this country thats what killing us……

    1. Whatsup says:

      it got worse under this obama, i thought he was supposed to bring us together, hope and change, he stirs the pot whenever he can and makes matters worse.

      1. Mom6 says:

        It’s not Obama’s fault that his presidency is bring out the resentments of the racists in this country. They are soooo angered that a black man is their president that they troll the web looking for opportunities to have racist arguments. Unite we can stand or divided we can fall. Regardless we are all Americans now and should work together to end all injustice. It looks like we are going to fall. Race War.

  9. SILII says:

    I think there is more to this story than is being released. I do believe Mr. Zimmerman should not have pursued. But he may also have been defending himself. Let the authorities investigate. Lets not turn this into another Paterno situation where the press convicts someone without due process.

    1. Mom6 says:

      There are people in this world that always judge a book by it’s cover. Those types may see the flip side of trayvon, example, a long haired or bald headed white guy with tattoos, wearing a hoodie as a thug and stalk him, then shoot him . He will be someone’s son also, will you see him in such a light as he must have deserved it? If this is not stopped now, it will happen, I’ve seen it before. Situations that seemed ok as long as it happened to people of color, then it starts happening to the rest. When that happens, I sit back and observe the irony.

  10. Wise One says:

    Now that the facts and corroborating witnesses are beginning to emerge it looks a lot like the blacks won’t have another Rodney King to cite for the next decade to cover and justify their horrendous crimes against nonblacks.

    Similarly, don’t expect apologies from the likes of Obana, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder on down to the local sycophants Nutter and Williams, et al. The lib press will have to revert to the Duke Dancer hoax to come up with strategies and explanations as to how they can weasel-out of justifying their jumping the gun and crucifying via prejudging yet another American, solely to suck up with the Obama voters.

  11. Common says:

    Imagine a sick awful person writing a poem in honor of Trayvon’s k i l l e r, and getting invited to the white house as an honored guest.

    That’s exactly what BO and Michelle did:

    A jury convicted Assata Shakur, once known as Joanne Chesimard, of slaying a w h i t e trooper in 1973 on the New Jersey Turnpike; she escaped prison in 1979 and is living in asylum in Cuba.

    The poet named “Common” wrote a song called “A Song for Assata”.

    Michelle and BO invited him to the white house as an honored guest.


  12. Alex says:

    If I had a daughter, she would look just like the lovely ballerina run down this week.

    If I had an Uncle, he would look just like the Veteran than was beaten by a pack of teens in Olney.

    1. dmac says:

      what about the Asian chick that the white girl ran over and killed then went home and hid the car did your daughter look like her

    2. Mom6 says:

      LOL and why would anyone care who your daughter or son looks like, or mine either for that matter.

  13. Bo says:

    We avoid coming to Philly at all costs. My family has been a crime victim there too many times. A friend of mine sadly lost a daughter in Philly. The shame of the shooter in Florida is all over this city.

  14. Wise One says: also reported that the police reported the 6’3″ footballer’s weight at time of death at 160 pounds.

    1. Mom6 says:

      So your point is that a tall, 160 pound kid coming home from the store should be stalked and killed? I just don’t get it. And that same kid if followed then approached should simply obey some stranger. Or should he feel danger from a stalker that suddenly leaves his vehicle and approaches him with an attitude, and fight back. I guess I’m a goner myself, because if some guy drives behind me a while, watching me, then exits his vehicle and approaches me, well , I’m not gonna wait to see what he wants, It’s ON. LOL.

      1. Laura says:

        Not at all. It is just not all the facts are being reported. People are skewing things to inflame the racial tensions to their purposes.

  15. CC says:

    CBS – Please also cover story that a former Governor, Senator, and Obama’s pick to be treasury secretary Jon Corzine’s stole $200 Million and perjured himself in Congressional testimony. Also report Obama decision to keep the $500,000.00+- Corzine bundled for him.

    Media bias is mainly accomplished by what’s not covered. Prove me wrong on this one please.

    1. PCOX says:
      Guess they FORGOT to cover they’re media darling on this one to.Couldn’t get enough when he was out talking about taking money from my pocket and giving it to some one else (wealth distrabution).THE LIBERAL MEDIA NEEDS TO COVER THIS STORY ALSO.Cause it’s ok for him to use CAPITALISM for his gain but not for every one else.MAIN STREAM MEDIA IS A JOKE!Why no coverage of CONGRESS talking about IMPEACHING OBAMA.LIBERAL MEDIA IS A FRAUD!WAKE UP PEOPLE.WHITES AND BLACKS.

  16. John says:

    Did the march make to the 1400 block of Mckinley St.? How about 4th & Chestnut where Kevin Kless was beaten to death? And let’s not forget where the retired firmen/Vietnam vet was almost beaten to death (Olney, I think?).

    1. Big Poppy says:

      Now we’ll see Jessie and Al come out. They hide when an Asian or White person is senselessly killed by the blacks.

      1. Slick says:

        The difference is their attackers is being brought up on charges when Zimmerman was let go at the seen…he walked to his home with bloody clothes on…what cop do you know of just takes the word of the person who shoots someone….evidence my behind..what a crock of bull!

  17. Veronica says:

    total BS… my son isnt black but wears a hoodie every day, why should he not be allowed to wear what he wants bcuz someone is going to finger him as a gangster and suspect bcuz how he dresses, i hope this guy is prosecutued to the fullest. your all a bunch of morons, one day something will happen to your family and you will be on here blaming the person,saying theres injustice, this was a innocent child,minding his own business coming from the store, does it say he just robbed that store? no…does it say he was being a nuisance? no, listen to the facts,stop being so racial and seeing as he was a black kids, so what! the point is he was a child. Clearly on the recorded phone call the dispatcher tells Zimmerman not to follow him, so why did he pursue it and continue to shoot this innocent child? as far as im concerned Trayvon was INNOCENT until someone proves otherwise.

    1. Tray says:

      I totally agree with you that Zimmerman should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What I don’t agree with is the fact that there are countless innocent people being killed everyday in this city and no one speaks out for them. I’m not AA but I have to tell you that if I was an AA mother whose child was killedin these streets and there was no outcry for him/her, I’d be pretty upset that one case is getting so much attention in the media while my child got none.

      1. Mom6 says:

        If there was a rally for every person killed in America, we wouldn’t have time to work or even live for that matter. So we pick the most outrageous crimes to fight for. Besides, why is there always some excuse or complaint when it pertains to fighting for the rights of people of color? when OTHERS are victimized THEY automatically get Justice of some sort, hell they get laws changed and name after them. We have to fight just to get someone arrested, and even then, they may not do any time. There’s always some excuse.

      2. Slick says:

        Again, these countless victim’s who were attacked by someone can get a trial if the perps where caught where Trayvon’s attacker was free to walk home just because he said it was self defense.

  18. sempis says:

    it is a tragedy that a young man lost his life……..but young men seem to by dying on the streets(Philadelphia) by the dozens …..usually at the hands of each other…….where’s the uproar?……and for Mayor Nutter to call it an assassination??……yeah, just add more fuel to an already volatile situation…….Mayor, how about focusing a little more energy on the drug infestation and gun crimes that run rampant on the streets of Philadelphia??

    1. Slick says:

      People are losing site of the fact that Zimmerman stated to the police that I killed this person in self defense and the cops said ok you can go home without taking his bloody clothes for evidence, testing Zimmerman’s blood for alcohol or drugs…really what cop do you know doesn’t do any of this when shooting someone?

  19. DrumNBassWise says:

    I support the quest for justice and truth! I do not, however, condone Sharpton’s actions or comments that could potentially cause rioting in the streets (which will likely happen if that bigot doesnt choose his words more wisely). Everyone is saying Trevon is 100% innocent. He very well might be. But there’s always more to the story than meets the eye. Hopefully we get the full truth.

    And not for nothing, but why is no one aiming their frustration at Florida legislators for passing such a ridiculous and wreckless law?! “Stand your Ground”, really? How could any sane person allow this law to go into effect?

    1. Mom6 says:

      LOL, I love Al. Al will fight a brick wall. If he even thinks there is an injustice he will step out on it, He has been wrong, and he doesn’t let one mistake stop him from going out against the next suspected injustice. He may not say or do what pleases everyone, but he will not simply sit and watch injustice take place. Sadly though his type is going to get some resentment. I agree that that ridiculous law, “stand your ground” is an open invitation to murder, and should be changed. And as in this case can be used for the wrong party, Trayvon was actually the one “standing his ground” and he was murdered.

    2. Laura says:

      Did he ever apologize to the Duke LAX players he was ready to lynch when they were accused of rape (and it turned out to be a lie)?? That is why you have to wait for the facts to come out.

  20. Think First says:

    Wait, so being a black kid, 6’3″ and 140 (which is incredibly skinny for that size) means that he should’ve been shot dead for walking in his neighborhood… You stupid ass vigilante-minded fools are the reason things like this happen. Think before you act, write, speak or anything other form of hateful behavior you choose to involve yourself in

  21. Wise One says: finally published the facts yesterday that Martin was a 6’3″ football player who had been suspended from school the same day he was killed for being in “an unauthorized area.” The principal of his H.S. refused to go into further details about the suspension.

  22. Mike in Philly says:

    Hopefully justice will prevail for all… while out and “marching” – how about picking up the trash in this filthy city while you are at it???

    1. Mom6 says:

      LOL, How about you coming out and picking it up !! Why is it that when we fight for injustice, there is always something else we should be doing. That’s like saying to Amber Hagerman’s family and supporters, while your fighting for justice for your child and changing laws (amber alert) , you should be cleaning up those nasty courtrooms.

  23. Layton says:

    I’m not sure why we need to give people one more opportunity to protest in philly. What a dumb town. Something happens in Florida and they run around protesting in downtown philly. The whole thing in philly is stupid. Go down to florida and protest

  24. kim brewington says:

    So you are saying that every black man that is 6’3″ and 140 or more pounds should be killed?????????????

  25. Wise One says: seems to be the only commenter outlet where nonblacks can truthfully speak their minds without being ignored or deleted.

    I wish more folks would take advantage.

    Thank you,

    1. Who need s them? says:

      Funny. They usually are the worst. They c ensor and I P blo ck me on a regular basis for pro-White comments.

      1. Wise One says:

        My pro-nnblack comments have also at times been deleted or I’ve been messagedthat I’ve “said that before.” It my not be always be the fault of the cbsphilly moderators. It could be the usual complaining (as they are want to do) that the comments are racial.

        Having said that, they usually print my comments and my comments usually stay up – unlike the other local news outlets where blacks get to say anything and whites are routinely banned or deleted.

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