SEPTA Transit Police Walk The Picket Line

By Jim Melwert and Anne-Marie Green

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — SEPTA Transit police officers are walking the picket line Thursday morning, and there are no plans for any new talks between the two sides.

The union walked out Wednesday afternoon after SEPTA offered 15-cents an hour for ongoing police certification courses. The union had asked for 50-cents, and called SEPTA”s offer a slap in the face.

Fraternal Order of Transit Police, Local 30 President Richard Neal says they have not heard from SEPTA since they walked out.

”It’s kind of shocking that we didn’t, but it’s the nature of this business. We’re willing to meet anytime, any place, anywhere to resolve these issues,” Neal explained.

Neal says they are talking with Congressman Bob Brady who he hopes can help bring the two sides back to the table.

Without the transit cops, SEPTA says they’ll patrol with a private security firm and non-union supervisors. Philadelphia police will assist along the subway and the El in the afternoons when schools let out and during evening rush hour.

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One Comment

  1. John. H. Walls says:

    Fred, misterlucky and Bob I agree with all of you. Cops aren’t supposed to strike.
    Unfortunately Bob, something that you had and most Cops have is binding arbitration. What that means is when a Police Union wants a $20 an hour raise (I know we all would love to have that kind of raise) for the cops and the people that the police work for want to give the cops 3 cents a week as a raise (about enough to buy an extra cup of coffee a year) both parties agree to have someone come in who is impartial to decide what is fare. That person or persons looks at a lot of factors like how much other cops make in the area and how much the cost of living has risen and makes a decision. Both the Cops and their employers are stuck with that decision even if it is not in their favor.That is binding arbitration in a nutshell.

    You had that Bob as do law enforcement in NJ. SEPTA Police don’t have that. They have tried to get it for years and years but because they don’t have it instead of taking the 3 cents a week raise, they can choose to strike.

    Its kind of funny when you think about it, All those Cops really want is what you guys want. They want to give up the right to strike but SEPTA will not let them give up that right.

  2. Bob says:

    I am a retired police officer and also a former union rep and have NEVER heard of police officers striking. In NJ law enforcemnt officers CANNOT strike. My thoughts, maybe they are not really police officers. If they can be replaced nby security officers, then maybe it’s time for SEPTA to rethink the purpose of their “police department”. Plenty of laid off police officers in NJ that are looking for work.

  3. misterlucky says:

    What??!! this is an outrage. I never. There oughta be a law. of all the……well, that’s all the ones i can think of…

  4. harry says:

    SEPTA drivers being attacked on the job,no help in sight ,too bad you are on your own.Got a gun permit?

  5. Fred says:

    It should be illegal for law enforcement to strike

    1. Anon513 says:

      I agree. They knew what they signed up for when they took the job. Shame on them for putting the SEPTA riders and employees at risk.

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