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College Students: Voter ID Law Won’t Prevent Easy-To-Acquire Fake IDs

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Pennsylvania’s new voter identification law is designed to add a layer of protection against fraud at the polls (see related story), but how easy is it to get a fake ID? There’s one group of experts who know all about it: college students.

Many college students who are under 21 say they use the bogus cards to get into bars (not to vote) and it’s almost commonplace to know where to get them.

“I know a lot of people who have them. And, a lot of people who don’t have them — they want them at least, and they know they are easy to get. It’s just a matter having the money.”

And prices vary, many say, from $25-$100. Students say there are photo trucks in the city that, for about $50, produce the fraudulent ID while you wait. But, since many bars use black light and scan the magnetic strip, there are websites that offer high tech IDs.

“Yeah, I know someone who just ordered one. I think it was through China. You know, there are websites — I know somebody, they got like 20 or 25 in an order. You know, everyone put in $100 or something like that and everyone had their fake ID.”

And some who got the ID through the site from China say, if for some reason the card is confiscated within three months of purchase, you get a new one for free.

Plus, students who go in on group orders get a discount. “If it becomes a bulk order, a group order of 10 or 11, then it lowers to $75. You have to fill out a form, you give them a photo and they tell you instructions on how to take the photo. You give them a signature and everything else. You can use your own address or they can actually make one up.”

One student says the cards were sent to her in an unusual way. “They come in very discreet packages and you can’t see the IDs when you open it up. You have to sometimes dig through them. Sometimes it’s like a shoe box or a game. The IDs are in it. My IDs came in a calculator. You had to take apart the calculator and find the IDs in it.”

But, there are other ways you can get a fake ID.

“Yeah, sibling’s IDs. People, they can find ID duplicates, people get duplicates made.”

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One Comment

  1. Francis Graff says:

    Firstly, the I.D’s they get on line are easily identified. Just go down to the LaCosta in Sea Isle City and one of their bouncers will give you an education. Now if a bouncer can pick them out at the door and under a night light, I am sure those who sit at the table to sign you in to vote, are smart enough to spot a fake driver’s license. By the way, in the LaCosta liquor store they have over fifty posted for you to see. I was also told next year the bar will have those who attempt to use them arrested for fraud, and the charges are serious stuff. So all you college students beware, your not as smart as you think. Really! A bouncer can expose you and if those election officers do their duty, they will catch you too.

  2. PhillyRN says:

    Well if people do that while voting, it will likely be a federal crime. Can some attorneys comment on this?

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