Study: Sea Levels Rising; Storms Could Wipe Out Jersey Shore

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) — A new report shows sea levels are rapidly rising and the study predicts the Jersey Shore could be underwater in a matter of decades.

The organization “Climate Central” in Princeton, New Jersey released the ocean study Wednesday.

The group found global warming is expanding sea water and causing ice sheets to melt.

Scientists believe by the end of the century, water levels will be three to four feet higher, with bigger storm surges that could wipe out low lying areas.

The study says by 2030, the risk for devastating once-in-a-century type storms will double due to rising sea levels.

“It’s the pounding action of these storms on our coastlines that’s gonna be more amplified with a higher sea level,” said David Robinson, Ph.D. at Rutgers University.

In 1962, a Nor’easter flooded out the shore and damaged 48,000 homes.

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One Comment

  1. FN Cee says:

    Yep, sea levels rise and fall and the earth warms and cools … has done many, many times before and will do many times after humankind has managed to mutate, die-off or be destroyed … might wanna just enjoy the time you have, help one or two people close by … the planet is simply between ice ages … listen to and read what really smart people say and write … people like Michio Kaku and Habibullo I. Abdussamatov would be a good start … eliminate politicians from your lists of credible resources … simple as that

    1. Oscarphone says:

      Now THIS is some good advice.

  2. AmericanIdiotBuster says:

    This is a fraud. Also, the world is not round, I have scientific friends that watch fox news a lot and they told me that the world is flat, and the liberals are trying to create a new “round world order”.

    Science is baloney. Rush Limbaugh knows everything. The church is the way, they gave us our best science and morals, like explaining the flat world and enslaving blacks.

    1. Weasler says:

      Oh, ha, ha, ho,ho! So humorous! I’ll bet you think you’re the most brilliant student in your loser fine farts class, eh?

      Bringing up faulty ideas from 600 years ago is not support for your position. Show us the evidence that the light bulb on your ceiling is causing ice caps to melt in Greenland. Lots of luck, pal.

      Rush is 10X smarter than madman Al Bore and the teleprompter-reading empty suit “president” we have without a doubt. Case closed.

  3. Joe Greenwell says:

    I do not believe that we can calculate the volume of the oceans or what true sea level is with any accuracy. We do not have the computing power, measuring instrumentation Thre are an infinite number of variables. The vast majority are not even defined nor measured. Can’t be done….thus this is fradulent science. The surface of the ocean is never static and is thus unmeasurable because of the veriables. It is like the Heisenberg principle.

  4. stan says:

    Fraud. I paid tens of thousands extra with insurance, and local building codes in order to prevent my sinking home. In the past 25 years of living here, it hasn’t sunk yet..

  5. Greg says:

    I thought this was suppose to happen by 1995! Then it didn’t happen as fast as they predicted so it was suppose to be in 2000.. Then it was moved to 2002.. And after that record hurricane in 2005.. We were told that we didn’t see ANYTHING yet.. Just wait until next hurricane season, the entire east and gulf coast was going to get wiped away in 2006.. 2006 NO Atlantic hurricanes hit the United States.. In 2007 only one hurricane hit the United states.. Yet the Jersey shore is still sinking. Wasn’t this suppose to happen 20 years ago???

  6. steve hilton says:

    What just a minute…we (my climatologist friends and I) just did a study that showed the sea was lowering, more ice was forming, and carbon dioxide didn’t affect anything but for the good of all mankind and the earth! Wow! I guess C B.S. will be interviewing us for this new(er) story. News at 10!

  7. Beachfront property says:

    Whoever wrote this article should be arrested for impersonating a journalist.

  8. Peri W. says:

    “Scientists believe…” What scientists? I personally know climate scientists who say we’re about to go into a cooling period. Who funded this study? What are their motivations? I’ll tell you what their motivations are: GREED!

  9. daniel says:

    Lets see, in the 70’s it was an ice age, then it was acid rain was going to kill all the trees and fish, then it was the ozone, all the air was escaping earth, then it was global warming, then it became climate change. I know what is next, we are responsible for the solar flares……. give me a break

  10. WagTheDog says:

    Climate Central is a well-funded organization of the hardest core of propagandists for the “global warming” canard. Their funds come from foundations, government agencies, and large corporations, all of whom will benefit from the taxation of the people to “stave off” this ghostly nightmare of “climate change.” The biggest lie is the “devastating rise in sea level that will destroy whole coastal areas.”

    The real facts are that the planet has been COOLING for the last eight years, the Antarctic ice is getting THICKER, and the melting glaciers and Arctic ice are merely the result of natural planetary weather and NOT caused by man and his “excessive” release of CO2. The earth is actually LOWER in CO2 than it should be to optimally feed the world’s trees and plants.

    1. Peri W. says:

      I had a look at the Climate Central website. Looks more like Comedy Central to me! Absolutely laughable stuff!

    2. Derek says:

      You are totally wrong. Other clowns here mentioned U Colorado study that supposedly shows that sea levels are not rising. That study is indeed online but shows the exact opposite – look it up. Yes, I know that Calculus was over your head, but a simple graph should not confuse you, I hope. Happy reading!

  11. Bombasitc says:

    How much money did they get this time?

  12. Woody says:

    Jersey under water? No such luck. I’ll take a piece of that action.

  13. Andrew says:

    And the Chicken-Littles once again proclaim that “The sky is falling!”

  14. Cindi says:

    Snooki and the gang better head to higher ground.

    1. Biii says:

      Snooki is higher ground

  15. Hiram Davis says:

    Do we have to wait that long?

  16. GrewUpinShipBottom says:

    As for you, Walnut, this is not an exercise in romanticism. This was supposed to be about science. The study of oceans rising has never produced significant, measurable indications of a rise. It is called Junk Science for a reason. And the probability of another Ice Age is much greater than that of material global warming. You claim that you ‘get it’? Get what, exactly? You are just caught up in the politically correct ‘religion’ of Warmism. I know that it makes you feel good but you are the one who is disconnected. Get over yourself, New Yawker.

    1. Walnut says:

      As the sign used to say between N.C and S.C. ….”you meeeesed it”
      Check my post from 20:41 today…. our opinions differ less than you think.
      -hunkereddown and waiting

  17. Peri W. says:

    Don’t be fooled by this UTTER NONSENSE! The greedy scaremongers are making billions of dollars off of your fear. Don’t let them get away with it. This story is just absolutely laughable.

    1. gatekeeper96740 says:

      That’s why Al Gore built a 25,000 sq ft home not 300 ft from the beach.I suppose.

  18. Weasler says:

    Hey liberals, explain something to me. The amusement park along the shore of Coney Island in Brooklyn has been in existence for well over 100 years. How much closer are the rides there to the waterline than they were 100 years ago?

    Or does the water only rise in NJ, and not NY?

    Folks, please don’t fall for the “global warming” malarky. It is the biggest scam in the world.

    1. Peri W. says:

      Not only is it the biggest scam in the world, it is the biggest scam in the entire HISTORY of the world!!! As Weasler says, don’t fall for it folks!

  19. Same O same O says:

    The global warming crowd has confidence in the rule of humane behavior that says, “if you tell a lie often enough eventually the lie will be considered to be truth”.
    And all the more so when your opposition is intimidated with financial ruin if they dare to put the lie to the test.

    We will eventually be taken in by the totality of this scam, it’s already happening in so many areas of our lives, and we will all pay a dear price. Years later many will look back and wonder why we had to go down that road. The answer is the always the same, we go down the roads that nearly loose our lives, because there’s money to be made by those who demand we hand it over, and that’s just who we are in the world – the serfs and peasants toiling away for the feudal lords, princes and kings.

  20. Pablo Man says:

    Can’t be Al Gore just buildt an ocean front home!!!!!

  21. hisako says:

    Another bunch of wack jobs. Even if the seas are rising there is not a f$%#ing thing we can about it.

  22. Buggsy says:

    I tol ya mugs not to bury Fat Tony so close to the shore, now de jerk is taking Jersy down wit him.

    1. Weasler says:


  23. Robert says:

    No it cannot be. I heard Obama say in a speech that “the seas would cease to rise”

    Could he have be wrong? Impossible? But he promised, he promised!!

  24. Joe E in the IE says:

    Are these the same people who, about 40 years ago, were saying polar bears would be migrating south to Jersey Shore because of the next ice age that would have begun before the end of the previous century?

  25. Walnut says:

    @redneckbob. Bob, Some of us here in the Northeast, we few…who still get it, are the modern Alamo.
    We fight the good fight everyday at work and in social situations…don’t forget us.
    Someday Minstrels will sing of us
    -Outmanned and undergunned

  26. jennifer says:

    YES!!!!! and while were at it can we add san franscico and …no wait make that all of the bay area of california!!!! lol…..this is such bogus BS is laughable!!!! if only it were true :(

  27. lee says:

    LOL! The religion of climate change! The real joke is that these people seem to think that they can actually affect the earth’s climate and conditions to any real degree. It’s VERY amusing that just because the planet happened to be in a certain state when they where born (and it does vary wildly), that that condition is the natural state of affairs, should remain so and that can achieve it! What incredible hubris!

  28. Zombies can learn says:

    “Wipe out Jersey Shore”
    So what’s the down side?

  29. RedneckBob says:

    I cant believe that anyone else in the country cares what happens to the Jersey Shore. After all its just part of the northeast, and who needs that cesspool. Hopefully New York will go too!

    1. jockomofo says:

      Well in 2030 Snookie will be around 45, and her and all those baboons will likely all still be a bunch of tattooed drunks on the boardwalk. So that means we have to hear about them for another 18 years. Blahhh.

  30. Mark says:

    Well, it is nearly unanimous that the posters here think the column and those who try to pass it off as fact are full of it. It gives me confidence in Americans.

  31. Walnut says:

    70 years after a “once in a century” storm levels 48,000 homes the odds of a once in a century storm could double….now that’s science. I grieve for this country’s future.

  32. Arrest The Congress says:

    The government should stick to what it does best – creating and promoting bogus terrorism and blowing up world trade centers as needed. The sheep can see through the fake global warming/carbon taxation scheme.

  33. Howdy...I'm Big Tex says:

    Ahhh jeez ova heeya wit da global woomin pinko crowd ova theres. Edit Get meez a beeeah ova heres dare. Deez heeah pinko flaggy types ova heeah mess up da werks ova dare.

    1. BamBam says:

      Last month, the water level in Key West was the lowest we have ever seen in the past 30 years. In fact, we were able to repair our shoreline for the 1st time with concrete. So tell me, how is the water level so different than the line of bull you are trying to sell us now?
      Seriously, just because Obama was elected President doesn’t mean that every American is stupid.

      1. Howdy...I'm Big Tex says:

        Ocean levels are higher because Al Gore said so. And he doesn’t have any investments in the companies that would would profit by everyone believing it. So you better get on the Al Gore express missy. I wonder if CBS 3 has anyone on the board of directors who might benefit from such a scam…

      2. Nick Shaw says:

        “BamBam- “just because Obama was elected President doesn’t mean that every American is stupid.”
        Yeah but, it does indicate a majority of them are!

  34. Dope and Chains says:

    I wouldn’t mind if the entire eastern seaboard flooded. And California from just north of San Fransicko to the Mexican border. And Hawaii. And Eugene, OR – that’s one sick liberal place too.

  35. David in London says:

    Here’s even more detailed figures from the past and present. None are in dispute and the rise has slowed drastically in the last few years, apparently coincident with a new generation of improved satellites introduced in 2003. The criminal who wrote this article, and CBS who have the gall to pass it on as fact are making themselves look crazy and embarrassing no one else in the long run. I have emailed CBS to request a correction to be added otherwise I will be reporting them to the US press regulator. This is not reporting, it is knowingly misleading innocent people

    1. Pipelayerification says:

      I agree with you but am curious as to who the US press regulator is?

    2. Jackie says:

      James Hansen told everyone the sea would rise 75 feet by the end of the century..that was in 2006. Al Gore bought a house overlooking the ocean. I’m tired of these pompous lying clowns who try to control by threats. Furthermore, I’m tired of these clowns assuming that the public are morons. Its a nonstop slap in the face from these fools and the stupid media who publishes this trash.

      1. ryan says:

        well…the public DID vote in Obama. Who slapped who?

  36. Gunny G says:


    They actually BELIEVE the drivel from these morons? P.T. Barnum was right, “there’s a sucker born every day!”

  37. LWJR says:

    Sky is falling, sky is falling. Expect a million environmental-religionists to email this story. Al gore is their messiah, the Dept of Energy’s new direct, CHU, is their mascot. Bike everywhere and no more T-BONE Steaks from cow-producing methane.

    1. Duh... says:

      Thank God its only Jersey.. I live on the coast in Florida and our sea levels remain (drum roll) unchanged..

      1. Duh... says:

        Florida,…. the real South Jersey

  38. Skippy Doola says:

    The only reason for the rise in sea level around the Joysy Shuaah is because Snookie was in the wuuuaata.

    Sti-yak dat in ya pooyipe and smook it Al Goyorra.

  39. Moderation required in a world where anything goes. says:

    It does not take much to have your post awaiting moderation.

    I’ve read stories published my CBS that are more provocative than what I said. Guess if you are in the media you have a right to say what ever you want without being censored.

  40. cybear says:

    There is no “study” here! What scientist has ever predicted that “by the end of the century, water levels will be three to four feet higher”? NONE. This is journalism? It is not even pandering.

  41. nowheretorun says:

    Ah, I’ve been going to Atlantic City for what seems like forever and the water still looks the same distance away and it doesn’t seem like the new hotel that was built got the memo that it’s lobby may be a wading pool in 18 short years and went ahead a built against the boardwalk. Let’s hope someone is keeping track of these amazingly scientific predictions and have them ready to shove down someone’s throat when it doesn’t happen. Oh wait, right now we’re supposed to be in the middle of another ice age with no food according to the experts of the 70’s.

    1. Nick James says:

      I remember when I was in grade school back in the 1980’s we were shown videos that scared us kids into thinking the great lakes would be small muddy ponds, the midwest desert, and acide rain was gonna destroy 90% of the vegetation in the northeast all by the year 2010. As you know none of it came to pass. This is just fear mongering. I’ll believe it when the politicians and the professors with PhDs start selling their beachfront properties en masse.

    2. steirerbua says:

      nowheretorun – sorry to say that you could not be more wrong!
      According to the tabs I keep we are without fossil fuel since the early 80’s, then at midnight of New Years eve, when the new millenium broke, all data bases and computer systems self destructed resulting in that horrific collapse of the worldwide infrastructure, mass starvation of all nations, etc.
      How can you NOT remember?
      Ahh…almost forgot that all of this was preceded by the Nuclear Winter, which killed almost all of mankind; then the world’s population grew past that absolutely positively non-sustainable 5 billion heads. Remember, this was when mass starvation kicked in again, decimating mankind. Just to be followed by the ozone hole catastrophe which killed off most everything living and breathing in the Southern hemisphere. I am so glad and thankful that I survived these apocalyptic events…..all thanks to wise men like Ehrlich, Club of Rome, Gore and any other of the pseudo-science goons who are/were idiotic enough to make predictions about things we all have Zero-Zilch-Nada control over!
      Ooops, did I mention Gore…..let me get my puke bag….quick…sorry…bye

  42. Vanessa says:

    Don’t worry…call on “The One,” The One the world has been waiting for….obama. He will calm the winds and the seas with but a mere wave of his benevolent hand. He will save us, he will save us all. I am presently on my knees in front of his jug eared, I mean his magnificent image, praying he will find some good in his people and come to our rescue. He will won’t he? He has to, he just has to!

    1. Pensieve says:

      This made me laugh. I’m imagining his big jug-eared, er, magnificent image, hanging on your wall with candles around it. It’s the first thing that came to my mind too: Isn’t Obama president? How can the sea be rising?

    2. steirerbua says:

      Thanks for your soothing words. Reminding me that the ONE will calm the seas….with big jug ears, there is actually a real physical possibility to do just that.
      Your comment makes me feel much safer now.

  43. not legit says:

    ROFLAMO, it the 1990s it was stated we’d all be flooded out by now, they keep moving their BS out 30years every 10 years

    no credibility
    none whatsoever

  44. Sal says:

    I’ll give anyone odds that this doesn’t happen. Unfortunately any sane person wouldn’t take the bet. I remember 20 years ago similar apocalyptic predictions were made by some leftist scientists and some Hollywood idiots. Ted Danson I believe predicted that the world would end by 1995 if we didn’t do something or other he recommed. Too Bad Ted. But I do lilke him as an actor and still enjoy watching him. Stick to acting Ted and give us all a break.

  45. Brian A. says:

    And another dupe discovers high tides!

    1. bikertrash says:

      Great ! and maybe all the Goombas and Goombettes from the cast of “Jersey Shore” will be right on the beach to be the first to be swept away. Jersey could use a good enema

  46. Lucifer says:

    I have been navigating the Anclote River in Tarpon Springs since 2001. I can barely get my boat back to my Marina at Turtle Cove. I welcome a rising sea because I still only have 8 inches of water at low tide. It is 2012 and I still only have 8 inches of water. How can the sea rise in NJ but not in FLA? More Lies.

  47. Dave says:

    It’s progressing much faster than anticipated. . . . .I think I just saw Snookie floating by.

  48. Richard says:

    Obviously, its Bush’s fault…

    1. Jeff says:

      Let’s pick up Hollywood and place it on Jersey Shore!!!!!

  49. FreeManinAmerica says:

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling! What? It’s an acorn?

    Guess all the morons aren’t at Harvard. Princeton has enough to produce this “study.” Wow.

    What will Dartmouth have to offer?

  50. Me says:

    yes that would be an improvement … has to be one of the stupidest shows on the tube

  51. Big D says:

    I grew up at the beach. I am 75 years old. How come the water isn’t any higher today than it was when I was a kid. This is all BS to get government money to study a non existenet problem. BTW hiere is a tst. Put ice cubes in a glass and fill glass to brim. See if glass ocer flows when ice melts.

    1. John says:

      Everyone run for the hills the sky is falling!!!!!

    2. Derek says:

      Except that the ice is not all in the water. Greenland. Antarctica. Good lucknwith your experimenral science though!

  52. AgeofReason says:

    “In 1962, a Nor’easter flooded out the shore and damaged 48,000 homes.”

    I remember the 1962 storm and what happened to Long Beach Island, when the ocean met the bay.

    Get ready folks, if we get something similar again, they will blame global warming.

    These crazy predictions just denigrate real science.

  53. TeaRunner says:

    Debunked two months ago.

  54. BobtheMoron says:

    Maybe it will rise enough to cover the entire state along with the City of New York. That would eliminate a lot of ignorant liberals.

  55. Bob Roberts says:

    Irresponsible reporting, complete nonsense. Sea levels are doing nothing of the sort. Ice sheets are not melting as claimed. I can’t believe anyone is stupid enough to believe this nonsense but, apparently, many are.

  56. PHD man says:

    Those ice caps are a pain in the ass. The sooner we get rid of them the better. Warm is nice. New shorelines will be just fine.

  57. JET99999 says:

    Jersey shore? that would be an improvement.

  58. Barack Obama says:

    Don’t worry, citizens. We’ve looked into the rising sea level problem, a problem we inherited by the way, and have taken the initiative of funding several innovative, forward thinking, sea-level-abatement firms. We’ve given them $2 billion in set aside, guaranteed loans, creating 250 new jobs in the sea-level-abatement industry. I’ve also appointed a new sea-level-abatement czar with the authority to hire up to 1,000 sea level inspectors, creating 1,000 more government jobs. So, as you can see, all is well.

    1. Roman Doroshenko says:

      The crazy thing is, you are probably correct! Have a good one.

  59. zeno2654 says:


    1. BobtheMoron says:

      two Bs in rubbish>

      1. hrk3rd says:

        Some people can afford the second “b” and some can not. Taxes are just too high.

      2. Peri W. says:

        I’ll save my “B”s and just use one then. This report is BS!

  60. Jason Talbott says:

    I think the show will be cancelled long before 2030.

  61. David in London says:

    This is a crime against humanity. Sea level is the easiest parameter of all to measure (albeit extremely complex) and has fallen back to its 2005 level and has never risen more than around 8 inches a century for many centuries. If you extrapolate any of the points for the last 20-30 years it is clearly heading the same way for the next century. The ice contributing 50% of any rise is stable (the majority at the Antarctic is growing at 1% a decade, against all IPCC expectations) while the remaining 50% is from thermal expansion, which is clearly negligible.

    This article is irresponsible scaremongering, frightening innocent readers who trust sources and do not do their own research and I am going to make my own efforts to get it taken down as simply utter rot and has absolutely no business ignoring the data and outright making it up. In case anyone’s interested the University of Colorado’s genuine data is here and quite different from the imaginary paranoia here

    1. Richard Fontaine says:

      David thank you for your helpful comment. We get so much of this stuff from the Progressive/Communist media in the US it is hard to tell what is real and what is totall BS.

    2. jo56 says:

      David, ditto for me too. When right to your highlighted link and sent it to myself for future reference.

    3. Alfred says:

      The Fimbull Expedition in 2009 to the Fimbull Antarctic Ice Shelf proved that the climate moidels were incorrect. The Ice Shelf is not melting away.

      Did CBS run a story about that fact???

      The glaciers in India are also not disappearing. Funny that the IPCC has not made mention of that. Or have they??

      Polar Bear populations are growing. The Cdn Govt wasted money for that finding. Instead they could have asked the Inuit who have to live with the land sharks as their neighbors. The Inuit had always stated that Polar Bear populations were not falling. Heck the whole Polar Bear thing was started because of one photo of a polar bear about which no one had any clue. The nonsense of the poor Polar Bears just ballooned from that one single picture.

      The sad part is that the Taxed Payers are the ones funding this nonsense.

  62. Karalynn says:

    Seriously?!?! I thought if Obama was elected the sea levels would drop! That IS what he promised. And all that taxpayer money that was funneled into green energy projects. That didn’t help either?

    Is there any campaign promise this POTUS will not break?

    1. D. Rake says:

      All the Tax Money is being funneled into the pockets of the WOLVES who own the Fed, IMF, World Bank, etc. by politicians who they own(99%) who are instructed to enslave the People to as much DEBT as possible. Their New World Order is the grand scheme. They think themselves to be God and worship other than God. We owe 15 trillion to them for using their false fiat money lol what a joke. We only owe China 1.5 trillion. Why would we owe anyone anything if our god-like politicians were doing their jobs? They are bought and paid for by the WOLVES.

  63. John van says:

    The fix is solar powered water pumps. Problem solved.

    To heck with caps lock some people find they can see iCAPS better.

    1. Barack Obama says:

      Ridiculous! This won’t work because the solar panels will have no light to draw energy from. If the “flat earth” Republicans succeed in stopping our progressive, environmentalist agenda, there won’t be sunshine by the year 2019.

  64. Joe says:

    If Snooky drowns in the process it’s all worth it.

  65. KC says:

    In 1965, the Warmists used what they knew about the radiative forcing of CO2 to predict that by the year 2000 temps would be 7 degrees hotter, and sea levels would rise by 10 feet, putting NYC and DC underwater.

    Anyone that can find ANY long-term prediction between 1965 and today that accurately predicted temperatures or sea levels wins a cookie.

    1. Nate says:

      In 1965, scientists did not have sophisticated computer models that have allowed to them to analyze data at an exponentially greater rate. Heck, they barely even had computers at all. We hadn’t even landed on the moon yet.

      As science progresses, so to does the knowledge and insight into our own world.

  66. KC says:

    Why is this non-peer reviewed study getting press?

    I thought all climate related studies had to pass peer review in order to “count”, as an excuse to ignore anything contradictory.

  67. jaline says:

    Just saw on the news where even the teenyboppers are starting to see through this fraud. Not good news for the ultra-leftists.

  68. chad says:

    Let’s all burn some trash and speed up the process of cleaning up Jersey

  69. glitchus says:

    “Climate Central” is nothing more than a bunch of left wing media propagandists. I’ll bet even money that Jersey Shore and the fools who inhabit it will still be above water thirty, fifty, a hundred years from now…truly pathetic.

  70. SamIam says:

    Another enviromarxist fraud. I can’t wait for the day these people are held accountable for it.

  71. constant vigil says:

    Anthropogenic global warming is at best bad science and at worst fraud.

    They can’t get the Medieval warmi period (Global temp 1-2 degrees above todays global temp, [2010 Greenland ice core study] where greenland was colonized and had 280 farms without catastrophic flooding) down the “memory hole”. The theory is inept to explain it – CO2 rose 800 years AFTER the warming started. Also, they found that the theory is breaking down further as more heat escapes into space than the theory predicted. Water vapor is 10 X more powerful a greenhouse gas than CO2 and both CO2 and water vapor have negative feedback: water vapor condenses, CO2 is absorbed by plants and the Oceans. Sun spot activity is a better predictor od Global temps than CO2 concentrations.

  72. Tom in NY says:

    If it takes out Snookie and “The Sitch” I’m all for it.

  73. weneedrubio says:

    Surf’s up!!
    These scientists are full of….our money!

  74. denroy3 says:

    The Jersey shore will still be the Jersey shore, just a few feet further (inland).

  75. erikiq0 says:


  76. Steve says:

    Ain’t happening, I happen to live on the water, an open body of water at that. Lived here 25 years and I haven’t seen it rise any, other than the normal tidal cycle that occurs every day. Reminds me of an episode of Gilligan’s Island where the professor thought the island was sinking, he was using a stick to keep track of the water level, but Gilligan was using the same stick to hold a lobster trap and he was moving it.

  77. JP2012 says:

    Rising tides…cool. My house is about 6 block off the beach, I’ll have an ocean view when I retire.

  78. a p garcia says:

    Satilites say that the oceans are rising only millimeters per year and there are 254 millimeters to the inch. nThis is a scar tactic besides Mr. Global Warming himself, al gore, has bought seaside propperty and he is not sweating.

    1. Bill says:

      Your right about only millimeters a year. However there are 25.4 millimeters to an inch. Just a math error.

      1. SeaOfLies says:

        The bs is rising faster than anything after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

    2. ApplegateRanch says:

      Make that 25.4 MM/inch; not 254.

      Also, from Wikipedia: Sea level measurements from 23 long tide gauge records in geologically stable environments show a rise of around 200 millimetres (8 inches) per century, or 2 mm/year.

      That translates to less than 1 inch/decade.

  79. warden1103 says:

    We all have to ask ourselves… if we lose Jersey, have we really lost anything???

  80. Drew says:

    As long as Jersey Shore gets wiped out, it’s worth it…

  81. Calvin says:

    Hey Nate, you durn fool! People weren’t denying “climate change” they were critical about the evidence (or lack thereof) for “global warming”. Climate is always changing which is something the global warming cabal denied. To them the climate only changed because of man.

    This can’t be happening though because Obama specifically said that he would make the oceans fall.

    Does this mean in 20 years Snooki and the rest will have gills.

  82. pomoc says:

    Its all that excrement there pumping out of washington into the sea .

  83. Nate says:

    Some of you are going to be denying climate change right up to the moment that you fall in the ocean. As you’re sinking below the waves, I’m sure we’ll see a few air bubbles pop up, and in cartoon fashion, the last words we will hear as that air bubble pops will be:

    “Stupid liberals, climate change is fake!”

    1. jockomofo says:

      “climate change” has happened throughout the history of the planet. Man-caused climate change is absurd, and is the same thinking that used to think the universe revolved around the earth.

      Leftists are still denying last month’s admission that the whole global-warming thing is a farce, now that is not fake!

    2. Byron says:

      of course it’s a hoax. Only a fool believes this nonsense.

    3. stillunderthecar says:

      …pssst…Nate…. I’m whispering here. I’ve got just what you NEED…a beautiful OCEAN-FRONT lot in Colorado Springs. For a measly $1,000 down and $59 per month we can get you started on that boathouse and have it ready about the time the tide starts to reach Denver. whaddayasay…??

    4. johnnyrh says:

      Hey Nate,

      30 years ago the “Klimate Kooks” were warning of the coming ice age(Time magazine cover), “Global Cooling”. All these alarmists have one thing in common………money. If they don’t keep pumping wild, crazy, doom and gloom theories they lose their funding(grants). Without funding/gramts/money, they’re out of business and they would have to fing a REAL job……………..which they can’t. They are nothing but liberal academics tools who mistakenly think they matter.

    5. denroy3 says:

      Because I’m so dumb I won’t back up a step every 20 years?

    6. Ron Zaks says:

      People like you believe in the tooth, regular fairies and the demoncrat party.

    7. Oscarphone says:

      OK Nate, you seems like a smart guy, can you answer me this:

      At one point in time the Brits were growing wine grapes in Britain. At another point Londoners were ice skating on the Thames. At both of these extremes mankind got along quite well as did animal and plant kind. So, With all of the radical temperature fluctuations through the ages, which climate is the best? what makes this climate so important that it must be preserved at all costs? What makes the climate we have now the right one to be preserving?

    8. Mark says: If you take a honest look at the graph. Sea levels raise an fall with solar cycle. We will always have climate change, its just not man made. Some day the liberals will say “Stupid me, climate change is fake, but I know how to fix it. More taxes”

  84. DEADTIME says:

    Worst case scenario it doesn’t happen best case scenario it does an kills off all the guidos.

    Seriously…just more left wing fear mongering.

  85. JJ1970JJ says:

    Where is the punchline that this sham liberal group needs a few million more in your tax dollars to “study” the problem? After all, this is the new way they make a living off of your money with this phony science and bogus claims.

    1. Peter McLean says:

      You are all not giving this the serious consideration it deserves. Our brave President is doing so much to help us. He’s building green cars (ok, they are expensive, break easily and nobody is buying them), spending BILLION$ on green companies (ok, they are politically connected and going bankrupt with our dollars); and shutting down energy exploration (gas is at $4/gal and rising), BUT THE SEAS ARE RISING!! SOMETHING must be done!

      As Charlie Brown said, “Oh brother”.

  86. Karl says:

    Bring it on!

  87. maddogdean says:

    Hasn’t land on water been eroding sense the beginning of time? And isn’t there something else called evaporation?

  88. 4ft sea level bs says:

    This has got to be a typo, inches not feet… I am skeptical of anything related to this topic, but even Owl Gore would laugh at a 4ft projection.

    1. jaline says:

      Which is why Algore bought property on the coast of CA. He KNOWS it’s all a fraud…and that he’s getting wealthy from it.

  89. Lawrence says:

    Just do a quick and easy Google search for “Misleading claims about sea level rise”

    Check also The Journal of Coastal Research under RESEARCH PAPERS for
    “Sea-Level Acceleration Based on U.S. Tide Gauges and Extensions of Previous Global-Gauge Analyses”
    By: J. R. Houston† and R. G. Dean‡

    You can also do a Google search for “bombshell conclusion whats up with that”

    Sorry but this comments section does not seem to allow posting web links.

  90. Larry says:

    To all that are concerned about the rising tides. Please contact me asap and I will gladly take all your worldly possessions and store them for you for free. I will gladly return them with one stipulation, I will not return them to your current address, but to only a new address with a higher elevation. If you have not relocated due to the harsh effects of the changing weather, then I get to keep them for myself. If you have moved to higher ground I will gladly send you everything you sent. Think of it as an insurance policy for your net worth and protection against the dreaded climate change. BOO!

  91. Philip says:

    what’s one more pack of lies from these jokers

    1. Canaddar says:

      One more sensationalist pack of lies from them equates to one more big fat grant to line their pockets with.

      1. stillunderthecar says:

        THAT’s the PROBLEM….the government grant money is drying up! We’ve gotta keep these struggling climate scientists funded. God forbid they should get an honest job. Check-out the donation button at the bottome of the page…”support our work”

      2. Bob says:

        Can I send them a bill for insulting my intelligence?

  92. Job of the Bible says:

    Hilarious story. Al Gore to the rescue!

  93. senszuri says:

    This must be one of those rare good news articles. Jersery Shore being wiped out in 18 years……heck, I may go throw an extra cup of water in the ocean just to speed things up.

    1. DT says:

      Gravity Causes Climate Change.

      Our position in relation to the sun is constantly being adjusted by several gravitational fields in our solar system. The two largest fields has left the earth caught in an eternal tug of war between the Sun, and Jupiter.

      The effect of this tug of war is the ONLY model that can be accurately reverse engineered mathematically, and it is the ONLY model that describes known climate change patterns deciphered through ice and mud core samples.

      It has been shown that the earth’s orbit is anything but stable, with its path over time resembling a ‘spirograph’. However, unlike the aforementioned child’s toy, this is not a game.

      NEWS FLASH: Human activity does not produce gravity from Jupiter or the Sun.

      Guilt psychology is an old tool of social engineers. We as a species are being dehumanized via associative guilt ops perpetrated by eugenicists — which is the first step towards mass culling, in order to ‘save the earth’. The reality is, these people want the future spoils that this planet, and the rest of the universe has to offer, for themselves and their genetic lineages.

      This is the reality we have to face as individuals, in order to save our species.

      1. Dac says:

        Not to mention earth has been around for more then 4.5 billion years, its been pelted with meteorites, continents dividing and moving 1000+ miles apart, ice ages, earthquakes, super-storms, magnetic poles shifting and on and on.. But the liberals will save it don’t you worry just go plant a tree, hmm hold on a sec, trees help hold in heat were as open land reflects the heat? NEVER MIND!!

  94. III_percenter says:

    I have noticed a trend in all these comments. Everyone here is capable of using logic. You can see that because the consistent argument is that *logically* global warming is either non-existent or a cyclical purely natural phenomenon that we have not control or influence over. It is therefore also abundantly clear that everyone here instinctively understands that sometimes scientists have no idea what they are talking about or that they have personal ulterior motives that color, warp and distort their findings to fit their preconceived notions.

    Please do not misunderstand. This is not intended for debate and I will be *very* unlikely to respond to any arguments. I simply throw this out for the consideration of logical people. If scientists can and do purposefully or unintentionally distort their findings for personal reasons, is it too much of a leap to consider that the same might be true of the theory of evolution? Neither global warming nor evolution has ever been proven true. It is clear that the scientific community can have ulterior motives and arrive at conclusions based solely on their presuppositions. They are also capable of deliberately falsifying information to suit those ends. Does that not throw into question the “scientific” perception of our origins? Maybe they are wrong?

    Again, I’m not going to debate and I’m not going to even offer any alternate suggestions as to where we come from or why we are here. Just think about it. If scienctists can and do start these almost cultic movements, should we not look more closely at other unproven theories with a more logical and unbiased view?

    1. Chad says:

      lol I’m thankful people like you come along and leave such hilarious posts. To claim logic then not use an ounce of it is a refreshing bit of mirth in everyone’s day.

      As to your point, Mr. “Won’t tolerate Debate,” you have no idea what a theory is in science. The criteria for a theory, in terms of evidence, research, data, and resilience to alternative hypothesis, is monumental…and speciation by natural selection (evolution) more than crosses that threshold with tens of thousands of published papers over nearly a century. Global warming, on the other hand, is merely a hypothesis which has no real data threshold within the sciences.

      To compare the two is fraudulent, deceitful, and immoral. If you’re going to use logic (your claim) then a far better comparison is bringing up that if evolution is wrong then gravity must be too. They are both actual theories and have amassed more than enough data to withstand challenge in the field.

      So, Mr. “Won’t Tolerate Debate,” perhaps you’ll take your time to a) learn what theories are (all scientific theories are proven, for example), b) learn that global warming is merely a hypothesis, c) learn that bringing up logic than refusing to use any is hilarious yet hypocritical, and d) perhaps reconsider your putting your opinions ahead of how God actually did it. I know, personally, that the hubris required to tell God how He did the world instead of accepting the data He left kind of goes against religious teachings.

      So, your call, Mr. “Won’t Tolerate Debate.”

      1. 4ft sea level bs says:

        You both need to clarify what level of evolution you are referring to… one of you sounds more reasonable about chemical evolution that supposedly created the FIRST cellular organism… while the other is right on for something like the evolution of a flu virus.

      2. Peter says:

        I’m afraid it’s you who should reconsider the concept of “logic” and perhaps be less condescending since the theory of evolution is just that, a theory, which means it remains unproven, for, as logic dictates, if it was proven, it would be a fact. Also, there is no logic whatsoever in substantiating your argument with “thousands of published papers” since have little to do with transforming the theory of evolution into fact. Indeed, logic would dictate that with so many failures to arrive at fact from theory, your whole premise is lacking, i.e. the theory remains just a theory. Let us suppose another ten thousand papers were written supporting the theory, would that make the theory anything more or less? In spite of the mounting evidence, without conclusion, we would be left with what we had in the beginning, hardly a profitable use of time and energy for again, in the final analysis it would remain a theory, not a fact. By your own statement, “The criteria for a theory, in terms of evidence, research, data (includes)…resilience to alternative hypothesis…” If your logic were in order, it would follow that “intelligent design” is merely another hypothesis against which natural selection would be tested. But you preclude that out of hand as if you are the arbiter of what hypotheticals may be introduced and discussed. Your arrogance and condescension speaks to an egregious ignorance of, or disregard for scientific principals and methods which all begin with, “what if?” If your biases refuse to allow “what if,” it isn’t because this other fellow is scientifically out of bounds for positing the possibility of intelligent design, it’s because your approach to science is narrow, thus ill-defined and unsuited to the argument. You would do well to review your premise, then your methods. Are you shooting from the hip because you think others obtuse, or are you just wrong and unhappy about it?

    2. Moose says:

      The liberals just keep on drinking the ‘kool Aid’ they are entitled to their own opinion but not to their hokey facts.

  95. Pub says:

    This story is completely fact and reference free. No citations, no examples, just pure imagination.

    1. Redpenmaster says:

      Sounds like progressivism

  96. SlyBriFry says:

    ROFL!!! You guys are seriously useless. Nobody buys it anymore, NEXT!!!!!

  97. Nemosnemesis says:


    According to the NOAA, sea level rise in Atlantic City is 3.99mm/+-0.18 mm yr…

    2030 – 2012 = 18 x 4.17mm = 75.06 mm x 0.0393700787 in = 3.96 inches…

    Time to head for the hills!

    1. Nemosnemesis says:

      Note the math!

  98. BR says:

    This story is just another scare tactic by Scientist who want to become famous and at the same tiime vacuum your pockets and control your behavior. They can not prove this. In fact their behavior casts doubt on most modern science because the scientific method has been gamed. Truely searching for the truth in scientific endeavors will someday become a reality. Its make believe for now.

    1. Mike Bucan says:

      Gee. I wonder how much TARP money they got for this great study?

  99. Jeff says:

    Hmm . . . . the last big storm was in ’62, before ‘global warming’ when the cry was ‘global cooling’? And it is a fact that the earth has been cooling since 1995 contrary to all the numerical simulators. Global ice is increasing measruably every year, especially in Antarctica. Do you get the feeling we are being snookered (not Snookied)? And if these hoaxsters were correct there are actually a couple other places in the world beside NY/NJ that might feel a tad of the effect. But then those are the little people who don’t matter so no reason to mention them.

    1. Kilgore Trout says:

      I’d LIKE ta be SNOOKIED!

  100. dee says:


    1. Redpenmaster says:

      Yo. Snooki’s pregnant!

  101. Jeremy says:

    The sky is falling. And in other news….

    1. Chsitopher Early says:

      That would be funnier if the sky wasn’t actually falling. Average cloud elevation has been on the decline. Not that I’m concerned at all, it’s probably just another cyclical weather phenomonon.

  102. kendaddy says:

    Can’t we hurry this up so that whole narcissitic group on the Jersey Shore can drown THIS year? Maybe Algore will come down from the mountain and cast his eyes upon the shore, and it will be done. So sayeth the ignorant global warming tribe.

    1. spoutinghorn says:

      The flat earth warmist wackjobs have gone back to predicting disaster decades into the future, so there is no way to “disprove” them.

      What ever happened to all their dire predictions from earlier this decade that were supposed to come true by now? How come no one calls them out on their predictions fail?

  103. kg4f4d says:

    Any way we can make sure it wipes out that whole toilet of a state.

    1. Reuben says:

      Your sure an angry and ignorant little puke for sure.

      1. SJvet says:

        Anyone who writes “Your sure. . .” is pretty ignorant himself.

    2. Gal Hore says:

      Global bull doo doo is rising faster than we can shovel it away …. global warming is caused by Big Foot pooping … everyone knows that ….

  104. Gregg says:

    Fake global warming, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

  105. Dantes says:

    The global warmer cult never gives up.

    Anyway, so what’s the worst that can happen? NY, Jersey, California coastal cities start to flood. Netherlands figured out how to build seawalls hundreds of years ago.

    1. Empirical says:

      If New Jersey sends its governor inlands it will immediately rise a couple feet.

    2. Locke says:

      The Netherlands has a much smaller coastline than the Eastern Seaboard. But it doesn’t matter, it’s all B.S.

    3. SJvet says:

      Actually, the increased levels on the East Coast have been proven to be caused by La Nina, not fake global warming or climate change, or whatever they decide to call it. The seas are rising about the thickness of a penny per year. Wildwood and Wildwood Crest in NJ have both gained large amounts of beach during the past 40 years.

  106. The Bruce says:

    The so-called scientists need to make up their minds. First it was global warning. Then (just last week) they proclaimed the earth is cooling and we’re heading toward a mini ice age (similar to the 18th century). And now we’re warming again?

    This isn’t actual science, it’s political science. Just follow the government grant money and you’ll get the idea.

    These clowns haven’t been right once in the last 50 years. Why on earth should I start listening to them now.

    Only young, uneducated and uninformed people are buying into this nonsense.

    Even Al Gore knows he’s full of excrement. He just purchased a giant mansion on beach front property recently. Keep buying into the hype, treehuggers. Al Gore needs you to continue scamming his millions.

  107. beelzebub says:

    This just in:

    “We have determined that Reardon Metal Is Dangerous!!!”

  108. John Galt says:

    This is laughable, I’ve lived on the eastern seaboards intercoastal waterway my entire live of over 55 years it is a tidal river so it averages the same height as the ocean to which it is connected. I also live less than 1/4 mile from the ocean. The sea level is not rising. If it were the beach would be shrinking as would my back yard, neither of which is happening. They have been spouting this nonsense for years. I believe there was a huge worry about atolls in the Pacific disappearing, turned out they were sinking, the ocean was not rising. Anything to keep our minds off the national debt, Iran, unemployment, home foreclosures, etc. Just make up a new boogeyman and point at it. Please. Besides, it’s New Jersey.

    1. jas says:

      Don’t raise the bridge, lower the water. LOL!!!

  109. B says:

    Jersey Shore to be wiped out huh? I’m not so sure I’m upset about this.

  110. Bilbo says:

    Another Obama election year promise broken!

  111. OvaHeah says:

    So if we lose the Jersey shore will we lose the show too—-Jersey shore Snooki took a pounding and all she didn’t disappear

  112. wilbur longshanks says:

    No big deal it’s the jersey shore. By Snookie.

  113. Max says:

    Whatever gets rid of Snooki.

  114. steve5150 says:

    Another fake study by another bunch of hysterical leftists. I have lived on the sea coast my entire life. NEWS FLASH!! The sea level is not rising!

  115. George says:

    Better check your data. The global sea level rise had practically stopped since 2005. It actually dropped in 2011. University of Colorado has the data on the web.

    Now the land in Jersey might be subsiding, possibly due to such things as pumping water. But sea levels are not rising any faster than they have for the past 100 years. In fact the rise has slowed.

  116. Ranger01 says:

    The sky is falling! Another over paid PHD, probably with tenure, that makes another prediction. Where are the facts to back up all this hot air? Does David Robinson, Ph.D need to get more funding to validate his job?

  117. Waldo says:

    When ice turns to water, the displaced volume diminish by almost 30%. Therefore, as polar ice melts, the ocean should have less volume. Don’t believe me? Put a full, sealed, jar of water in your freezer and freeze it. Now, clean up the glass and notice how the ice has expanded.

    What a bunch of hooey.

    1. Waldo says:

      Or , if you prefer, do this: Freeze an open jar of water solid. It will overflow, but, who cares. Take the jar out of the freezer and shave the solid ice contents absolutely level with the top of the jar. Leave the jar of ice on the counter and, after it melts, notice that the water level is greatly reduced.

      Common sense trumps ideology.

      1. Fuzzy says:

        Waldo, you need to learn some basic physics.

        First, water expands approximately 9% when it freezes.

        Second, ice floating in water displaces exactly the same amount of water as it would if it was not frozen. Therefore, from the frozen water expansion perspective, the melting of floating polar ice has a zero net effect on raising or lowering of the sea level.

        Third, it is the melting of land based glaciers, i.e. Greenland, & Antarctica, that would raise the sea level because that frozen water does not currently reside in the ocean.

        BTW, I’m a skeptic of anthropogenic global warming, but for legitimate reasons, not for bogus claims such as you’ve just made.

      2. Common Sense says:

        Scenario #1 – the theory is that the earth is warming & ice falls into the ocean. Do these scientists take into account for the warmer waters resulting in more moisture into the air thereby causing the sea levels to fall? How much ice is expected to fall into the water compared to the amount of vapor that will cycle back to the atmsosphere? Also, if the earth warms, would that not create more plant-life globally which would consume the excess CO2 and release oxygen?

        Scenario #2: The earth is cooling causing a new ice age. What about the point that Waldo is raising, if water turns to ice at the poles, wouldn’t that naturally lower sea levels as well since the volume of ice is larger than the water that produced it?

        It seems to me that the earth in all its complexities has a fairly well designed self-regulating system and despite humanity’s best efforts could not do very much to the sea levels.

    2. purist says:

      the displaced volume of water and ice is almost the same, water does expand when frozen but this does not change the displacement, a better test is to fill a glass with ice and water and let the ice melt, the water level remains almost the same. Man made globel warming is vodoo science

      the water level,

  118. Winkycat says:

    There was a cold period or “ice age” from the 13th century to the 18th century then another mini cold period during world war 2 where the Russian winters were the main cause for the defeat of the German forces. Taking this into consideration and that climatology including all the fields that go into the study of global weather and environment is still at its nascent stage. This warming period could be just as natural as the cold period that was in the past.

    1. James says:

      Quit confusing the subject with inconvenient facts Al Gore doesn’t like. My question to people screaming about global warming is. “Before the last ice age ended and we entered our current interglacial half of North America was covered in a mile thick ice sheet that covered most of Canada and half of the lower 48 states. Then without so much as one SUV it all melted and our current interglacial started. Now how is that possible? They never have an answer for me.

  119. BarrysHypocrisy says:

    I’ll bet they need more funding to further “study” this issue……

  120. Paul Pinkerton says:

    Another story to persuade Democrats to fund/grant researchers at Princeton… How about you academics go out and make money the real way “Work for it”

  121. brodave says:

    One, this is trash “news’.

    Two, losing part of Jersey would be a good thing, not a bad thing.

  122. Robert Ellison says:

    Total garbage…

    There is NO SUCH THING as global warming.

    The ocean water levels are not rising…

    However, by whatever means possible, anything that succeeds is washing New Jersey into the sea is all right with me…

    1. Waldo says:

      I agree completely. I used to live in New Jersey.

  123. steve says:

    It’s the pounding action of these storms on our coastlines that’s gonna be more amplified with a higher sea level,” said David Robinson, Ph.D. at Rutgers University.

    Is it just me, or does it seem strange that a Ph.D would use the word ‘gonna’?

    1. Jack says:

      Steve, I almost spilled my coffee on my laptop after reading that. LOL!

    2. Frankie D says:

      Totally, fur sure!

    3. g says:

      I wannade to say that!

    4. Bob says:

      At least he didn’t say “word up.”

  124. Shane says:

    9.11061E+21 Total number of gallons of water required to cover the 138.67 million miles of ocean surface 3 feet. I defy you to find that much in all of the land based glaciers. By the way, plate techtonics split up the continents. Erosion and sea floor creation have been going on for a long time.

  125. steve says:

    This ‘report’ coming from a belief system that has given us Al Gore. You know, the Al Gore that told us for years that California was going to be under water by 2015 or so, but then the very same Al Gore went an bought an 8 million dollar mansion on the very coast he said only a few years earlier was going to disappear.

    nuff said.

  126. Ratt says:

    The seawater isn’t rising, the landmass is sinking.

  127. Foggy World says:

    I live in one of those Bayfront homes and am here to tell you if anything the water levels have gone down this year.

    We cannot and should not control nature and it’s time to accept that. Yes, there are bad storms but for some reason every winter most of the beaches seem to heal because the overuse of high speed boats that create unnaturally large waves stops.

    The money that has been wasted on the studies of this environment could feed all of llthe homeless of Philadelphia and Southern NJ for fifty years. None of the people doing the studies (all of whom are paid to do so) seem to have any common sense whatsoever.

  128. Sid Feinberg says:

    All waterfront owners, please take note of the above data, it is very factual.

    I will now offer you $5 per sq ft on your oceanfront properties. I will pay cash immediately. You must leave the coast now, we can close in days. Think of your children and their safety

    1. settler says:

      I’ll offer $6!

    2. RealEstate Hustler says:

      I will offer you $6 per square foot don’t sell for $5 when you can make more at $6.

    3. Bunko Artist says:

      Will buy your property at $10 a square foot.!!! Sell Now

    4. The Bruce says:

      Sid, that was hilarious.

  129. Bob says:

    We to get the liberals to start to think of global warming as property value redistribution they will embrace it. In a few years when the waterfront moves inland one row of houses the less rich will get richer.

  130. Empirical says:

    If the sea rises that much Drudge will send millions of GOP suckers who will suck the excess sea water back to pre warming levels.

    1. AtlasObjectivist says:

      What’s the problem, didn’t we give enough money to Al Gore?

    2. Jack says:

      The problem, Empirical, is that there is plenty of evidence for climate change though less for humans as a major factor but, more to the point, there is absolutely no (zero) evidence that if human society does X or stops doing Y that climate change will either (1) stop [it won’t]; (2) reverse itself; or (3) take any one specific path towards warming or cooling, greenhouse or ice age. That is forever going to be the problem and people may as well stop worrying about what to do to stop it because they can’t but they can and will learn to live with it.

      1. Empirical says:

        Learn to live like learn to swim or breath underwater.
        At least you accept that temperatures are rising. Human activity looks like the most likely culprit with the use of fossil fuels. We do not have any evidence because we have not changed our behavior to see what happens. It is like a overweight person who says that I do not go on a diet because I have no proof that if I eat less I will lose any weight. Self fulfilling prophecy.

      2. Jack says:

        Tried to reply below, Empirical, but couldn’t. I accept that temperatures are changing but I do not accept that they are or ever were static for any period of time that would permit us to determine, in such short span, that human activity is a major cause. It is being sold (don’t mean by you) that if we stop burning fossil fuels, etc. the climate will stop warming. There is simply no evidence to support that and lots of evidence to show that it is likely wrong. What I mean to say is that there is an idea that global temperatures are directly proportional or corollary to human activity and that is patently false and is sold every single day by the likes of people like Al Gore. That is NOT to say that we shouldn’t try and develop alternative fuels for pollutions sake (health, not climate). The example of the overeating isn’t a good one, if you don’t mind me saying. Be well!

    3. Robert Ellison says:

      You are backwards…

      By definition, all DEMOCRATS are suckers….

      Their election of Obama is proof of that….

      You are right about Drudge though…

      Drudge is a sucker to spend so much effort trying to get Romney elected…

      Romney is a weak fool.

      Gingrich is the only Republican worth voting for this time…

      Unless Jeb Bush is drafted by the convention…

      1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        Huh? If anything, Jeb has drifted even further left than Romney.

      2. BloominIdiiots says:

        “Gingrich is the only Republican worth voting for this time…”

        Spoken like a true pro-status quo, pro-establishment goon.

  131. LT says:

    Ask me if I care about New Jersey. Or anyone else for that matter. Now I can see why the “author” of this tripe didn’t identify “itself.” Must have forgotten while watching Rachel Madcow.

  132. Dr. Simon Atkins says:

    Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of you out there know this brown crud of a study stinks all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue. Do know that there are still atmospheric scientists out there like myself that will not stand for this lying that is tied to taxing us on CO2 in the future. I will stand up for getting out the truth (see earlier comment down the page) — that NATURAL CYCLES in climate have always occurred, and less than 1% of climate change is due to human activities. If you really want to go digging on how governments are causing climate change, look up geoengineering, HAARP, electromagnetic pulse weaponry, radiation, and more. It’s a deep and dark tunnel to go down. — Dr. Simon Atkins, Ph.D., D.Sc., Climate Economist and CEO of Advanced Forecasting Corporation.

  133. buckets says:

    Mr.”This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow…..” Obama isn’t doing his job. Another promise broken.

    1. Let's Be Real says:

      But wait! Here is a NASA report about seal levels declining the past 2 years!

      NASA Satellites Detect Pothole on Road to Higher Seas

      It is explained away by there being more rainfall over the continents than over the oceans last year!

      Really! You can’t make this stuff up!

      Also please note that the “mean sea level” rose a whopping 5 CENTIMETERS over the 20 years shown on the graph in the article, and these guys are predicting a 3 or 4 FOOT rise? Brilliant!

  134. Matman says:

    “Scientists believe by the end of the century, water levels will be three to four feet higher,”….what scientists?…where’s the data?….Let me make a scientific statement “Scientists say other scientists make up data to support their cause.”

  135. Johnny Tremain says:

    Oh stop it!

  136. Lone Gunman says:

    The sea has ALWAYS moved the coasts around! Sand has a way of doing that so you can’t say that sea level is rising simply because the shoreline is moving as it has for eons!

  137. Ali3nation says:

    Duh, your cyber correct nonsense is more annoying than reading caps. The only yelling going on is in your mind. Address the issue NOT THE FORMAT!

    1. Ali3nation says:

      Prior post was for Walljasper , sorry

  138. Lone Gunman says:

    Looks like someone didn’t get the message? It wasn’t published here by any of the USA lamestream media but our friends over in the UK did publish it on their website. Here’s a link to that story which says that East Anglia University’s Climate Research Center says that the data shows NO WARMING OF THE EARTH SINCE 1997!! In case you can’t do the math, that was 15 years ago!!

  139. ounceoflogic says:

    Algore? Is that you?
    Not only is this ridiculous claim laughable… but jeez… you not going to generate much enthusiasm by threatening the Jersey Shore.

  140. Carl Hackert says:

    No proof, just another scary theory about Thermal expansion that fails to take into account the enormous volume of the deep ocean water that would mitigate any surface level rise in water temps. How come water levels rise in a swimming pool when the ice forms?

  141. Kelvin says:

    I thought Obama was going to lower the seas.

    1. fogey0 says:

      No, in his mind he believes he can part them.

  142. Fiftycal says:

    More alarmist BS. Serious lack of FACTS.

  143. Lazlo says:

    Read the abstracts – based on models and “semi-empirical” data. How can data be semi-empirical? Have they taken observed data, and “enhanced it? Same alarmist clap-trap we always see.

  144. VinceDC says:

    Snookie is the only person on this planet who can make people cheer for global warming

  145. Daniel says:

    As a NJ resident, I can attest that the beaches have been eroding for years now…the trucks that are there “replenishing” the beach are wasting their time. But hey, the walk to the water in Wildwood will be very short soon!

    1. Mark says:

      A lot of the damage to beaches is to to man made breaks and piers which were built because t was once thought to help keep the sand. What happens is a small sand eddy forms on one did of the breaker, and for miles going north (on the east coast – south in the west) the sand actually will disappear and you will have less sand.

      Yes, it is due to man made meddling, no it is not climate change – and is a problem known about for years – but now instead of blaming the Army Corps as we should, we blame Global warming

  146. LBI Resident says:

    Wow, KYW… Way to cover both sides of the story. You mean to tell me there was nobody from a local university or scientific organization to refute what was obviously a wacky press release from some obscure environmental group? They dangled the bait and you guys took it hook, line and sinker. Journalism fail.

  147. Ray says:

    People on the Jersey shore can move to Long Island and north, or to the Virginia coast and south. Along Florida marsh and inlets where one can accurately check ocean levels, there has been no detectable change in levels for the last 42 years. My conclusion is that these people on the Jersey shore are trying to buy something, sell something, or else they’re all wet.

  148. Steve Roberts says:

    Sometimes I think there is a computer somewhere, endlessly looping , making random catastrophic predictions and sending them to news outlets who never bother looking into them to see if there is any possibility it is true or contradicts past predictions. We have been hearing this nonsense for almost 30 years now and none of the predictions have panned out. Is there a single journalist anywhere that has noticed this, or even cares?

  149. DanHo says:

    Save the Snooky’s!!!

  150. walljasper says:

    There’s a strong smell of the richest brown stuff in this “news story”.

  151. Benjamin Napier says:

    Might I ask to see their data. Before it is massaged? I see no inforamtion except a statement. What might the statement be based on. All of the real data I have seen shows NO to very little sea level rise. With the sun cooling off and global temeratures steady or dropping over the last 14 years, on what do this group base their assumptions?

    Now that I have been nice, I will say what I know to be true about this articel. It is bovine dung. Pure and simple.

  152. Jersey Snore says:

    It’s a good start.

  153. GREG GOWEN says:


    1. walljasper says:

      Turn off your caps lock or buy a working keyboard – no one wants to be yelled at via your keyboard.


      1. ExposingFraud says:

        The biggest thing rising is the amount of disinformation being posted online. Much of the news is made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

    2. stop shouting says:

      youre mostly right but due to your caps lock all i can imagine is you shouting at your computer screen like a mental patient.

    3. Daniel says:

      follow the conservative money, follow the liberal money….guess where it goes? to the people with the money. system is done. go ahead, follow the money, and get disgusted. I am.

  154. Frank says:

    I guess these guys didn’t get the memo. The earth has not heated up in over 15 years. And water doesn’t expand when you heat it. It expands when you freeze it so melting the ice actually decreases the volume.

    1. Andrew says:

      Come on Frank, get it right. Water above 4 degrees expands when heated. Water below 4 degress expands when cooled.
      But the article is still alarmist clap trap.

  155. Dr. Simon Atkins says:

    This is nothing more than typical global warming paranoia. Upon scientific research incorporating ‘big-picture’ solar cylces, contrary to this nonsense, most of the world is actually seeing sea levels SINKING due to cooling oceans, more volcanic activity, increasing tectonic activity, and drying-up aquifers (all which take water from oceans). With all due respect, this reporting is mainly government-driven fear-mongering at best, and outright lying to the general public. — Dr. Simon Atkins, Ph.D., D.Sc., Climate Economist and CEO of Advanced Forecasting Corporation.

  156. Robert Slaughter says:

    oh yeah, the polar bear scare was a load of bull as well. Never mind

  157. Tired of the Hype says:

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling! We will probably be in a mini ice age by then. The warming alarmists never stop finding a new crisis for the “future” that they somehow magically know is going to happen, without the ability to prove it. Cycles happen in our climate. CO2 levels were higher in the past. Chill out people.

  158. Robert Slaughter says:

    Ah yes…..and the polar bears are dieing out as well…..

    1. Larry says:

      If we eat them farmers will raise them problem solved

  159. gatorbelly says:

    Tonight is The Jersey Shore’s last episode. Hopefully it will be gone long before 2030!

    1. Tonda Prince says:

      LMAO , trying to understand the downside to this prediction.

  160. Field Med Tech says:

    Gee, if thats true then that Island Country in the South Pacific that was an inch or two above sea level, and suffered from waves washing stuff away during storms as its like a small craft with no wave protection-why, it must be underwater by now. Yup! If this scare headline is true, then the other must be as well.
    Or-if the island hasnt “sunk”, then this is one of many-in-a-row of untre glabal warming supporting stories.

    1. Tom says:

      Actually a few island populations have been completely wiped out. It happens ever now and then when they get a 6′ surge

      1. Osamas Pajamas says:


  161. Mark Andersen says:

    Does snookie know how to swim?

    1. Daryn says:

      She’s pretty greasy, I’m sure she will float

  162. Arjay says:

    Is this report going to be like all the other alarmist ones that haven’t panned out, like the one about the new ice age and no polar ice caps?

  163. Francis Graff says:

    Buy my home now and have a beach front property soon. In 18 years I won’t need it anyway.

    1. GREG GOWEN says:


      1. The Sage Waitress says:

        Careful with the caps lock, Greg: You might invite more responses from the Sarah Palin Bus Tour Troll.

      2. db_cooper says:

        because no one will buy them… duh.

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