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Boy, 14, Struck, Killed While Riding Dirt Bike In Port Richmond

By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police are investigating a fatal accident in the city’s Port Richmond section, not a hit-run as earlier reported.

According to police, Jermaine Alexander, 14, was riding his dirt bike along Frankford Avenue and Butler Street when he collided with a black Kia Sportage.

The 46-year-old driver remained at the scene.

The teenager was pronounced dead at the scene just before 3:30 p.m.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Philadelphia Police Department by dialing 9-1-1.

Police say their investigation is ongoing.

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One Comment

  1. Christopher says:

    Maine Was A Smart Kid i love him we did alot togethr love u maine RIP MAINE

  2. fred warren says:

    thank you people for your comments about he should not have been on the road at all. where was the parents, who brought the bike for him? what level of smarts do they have? where do they think he was going to ride? this kid would still be alive if the parents would have used common sense and said NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to him having the bike bunch of dummies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. More BS says:

    Flattened s progs are a good thing. Let’s hope for more.

  4. KxG says:

    While these bike may be fun to ride. They are more powerful than these kids realize. Its time to stop and seize them Mayor Nutter and Comissioner Ramsey.
    One death is too many.

  5. Zzbar says:

    Will this one accident of a minor, unsupervised by parents, on a unregistered dirt bike, in city streets, keep this (death) from happening. (NO). There will be many such deaths caused like this as the days go on.

  6. Able24 says:

    Yes it’s sad that a 14 year old boy lost his life. I do feel for his family. But. . .
    There are a few questions here. There is no place to ride such a bike in the city. Why was the bike not locked up. Where were his parents? How come a 14 year old had access to it anytime he wanted. Why was he driving it on a public road? I’ll bet he was going in and out of traffic going much to fast, as I have seen many minors doing. The news reports ends with saying the SUV driver is responsible. I don’t think so. A minor is Illegally driving an unregistered motorcycle on a public road without a helmet. He has an accident and is killed.
    The mother says they killed here baby. Again nope. People need to see the facts here and not blame the wrong people. I say to the parents you allowed this to happen, don’t blame others for your lack of parenting skills. I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way. As for the boy he knew what he was doing was wrong, again sorry he die for his mistake. The driver of the car had every right to be on the road and should not be blamed for anything.

  7. JudeThom says:

    I really wish these broadcast media talking heads would get these neighborhoods straight. They call Fishtown Kensington and they call Kensington Port Richmond. They don’t have a clue. A good reporter would get his/her facts.

  8. JudeThom says:

    There are blacks in Port Richmond?

    This did not happen in Port Richmond but Kensington.

  9. JudeThom says:

    There are black people in Port Richmond?

  10. Joe says:

    It is a shame that the child was killed and I feel just as bad for the person that hit the boy. The boy had no business on the road Playgrounds or no playgrounds the use of unregistered dirt bikes on the streets is illegal for several reasons and this is one of them. I hope that this tragedy leads to getting them off the roads.

  11. phillyteacher says:

    @petluvr-I have to agree with you. I’m a concerned citizen and teacher and it really, really bothers me when I drive home from work and see these young kids racing down the streets on ATVs and dirt bikes, swerving in and out of traffic without helmets. It’s unfortunate that these young kids don’t have the opportunity or desire to go to places where dirt bikes and ATVs can be operated legally. @zola-Yes, this was a horrific event and I send my condolences to the Alexander family. But let’s be real- this could have been avoided. This happened right after school. Why was this young kid on the street with a motorized vehicle by himself? So many questions that may not matter to you at the moment but there’s a bigger issue at hand: What is the city, what are communities, what are parents going to do to ensure that children, teenagers and young adults have access to fun, safe and legal activities?



      1. riverw says:

        Of course there are playgrounds! There is a playground not far from that area. Don’t you think the BIGGER PICTURE than the child getting killed is the fact that he was on this illegal bike to begin with? With NO helmut. I live here and I see this stuff every single day! All the kids in this neighborhood think Frankford Avenue is an extension of the street. They ride these ridiculous bikes all day long everyday. And on the WRONG side of the street! They are illegal. I don’t even know how they get them! No, this isn’t the city’s fault. There is parental blame here. No, the parents did not mean for their child to die, but they should have thought harder on allowing him to drive an illegal vehicle in rush hour traffic, in the city, without a helmut. Damn shame.

      2. riverw says:


        Think Frankford avenue is an extension of the pavement.

  12. c says:

    It’s in one of those “crossover” sections – not quite Frankford, not quite Port Richmond. Borders on the edge of both ….. and it’s early in the season yet, but with the sudden warm weather – bikes and ATVs are out and the kids are out and already the kids are getting hit. No one is ready to be watching for them. Frankford has tons of one-way streets and people drive fast and aren’t looking for the kids yet. I’m sure Port Richmond is the same. The kids are gonna be out in the streets no matter what (where else are they gonna go?). It’s sad that this boy got hit – it’s horrible that the driver left. I grieve for his family. Drivers – SLOW DOWN – spring is here early – kids will be out in the street whether you like it or not!!

  13. steve. p says:

    I’m not defending the coward who left the scene after hitting the kid, but there is an important part of this story missing. Why is there no mention of the fact that these dirtbikes and atvs have to be gotten off the streets? It is not legal for a 14 year old to be driving any vehicle, and these vehicles are not street legal for anyone of any age. If you live in an urban neighborhood like I do, you know that the bicycles and pedestrians are difficult enough to avoid. They show no regard for lights or laws of right of way, but when you add illegal motorized vehicles driven by minors, you are almost certain to have a death or two. This tradgedy would have been avoided if someone had prevented this kid from breaking the law for fun.



    2. Bill McG says:

      Steve, you should not believe everything reported so quickly. The driver remained at the scene of the accident.

  14. petluvr says:

    @ zola – Why is that even important when this beautiful young boy is dead and his family grieving! You should be outraged at this terrible waste of a young life left to die not that KYW has the map wrong. Jeez …..

    1. riverw says:

      Outraged at what? It was an accident and the boy was somewhere doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. It’s sad, yes. But not outrage.

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