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Legislative Feud Could Shutter Philadelphia’s Red Light Camera Program

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – The future of Philadelphia’s red light camera program is in jeopardy as lawmakers remain divided over whether to expand the program to other cities.

Philadelphia’s red light camera program was due to expire at the end of last year, but lawmakers voted to extend it by six months.

Erik Arneson, spokesman for Chester Republican Dominic Pileggi, the Senate majority leader, says one reason for only granting a temporary extension has to do with another bill passed by the Senate last year that would extend the program to Pittsburgh, Chester and 17 other cities.

“One of the reasons for that was to ensure that we would come back and at least have more discussion about this.”

That bill remains stalled in the House. But, Arneson says without an expansion of the red light camera program to other cities, the Senate would be reluctant to grant another extension for Philadelphia only.  “We would be very reluctant to extend it without also expanding the program at this point.”

And, in the House, Stephen Miskin – the spokesman for the majority leader – says the issue remains up in the air. “It is a possibility that the program may end.”

Miskin says action before the end of June is uncertain.

Miskin: “There’s still some issues that a lot of members want worked out.”
Reporter: “Like?”
Miskin: “For instance, how it works. There’s still members who, in other parts of the state – their constituents are still getting tickets from Philadelphia when they’ve never gone to Philadelphia.”

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One Comment

  1. waltv says:

    Leave it to DO NOTHING politicians to end a program that brings in millions of dollars that we otherwise wouldn’t have. This is an absolute and total disgrace if this is ended with tough economic times for state and local governments!!! By the way, pictures are taken of license plates, so people saying their car wasn’t in Philadelphia is literally IMPOSSIBLE. Mr. Miskin……….that was one of the most ridiculous answers to a question ever. Just pathetic and sad really.

    1. James C. Walker says:

      For waltv
      If the traffic lights were timed for safety, maybe the program would be OK. But they are NOT timed for safety, they are timed for revenue.
      Is it really OK with you to time the yellows too short in a deliberately predatory way so that thousands of safe drivers can be tricked into making split second violations in the first few tenths of a second of red because the yellow was timed too short to increase ticket revenue? That is what is happening.
      James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

  2. coz says:

    Doesn’t the Tickets come with a letter and a picture of your car with your licence plate showing you violating the law? I would either check the plate or report the plate stolen

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