Christie: No Regret For ‘Idiot’ Remark

BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) — “Just because he was a Navy SEAL doesn’t give him the right to be a jerk,” said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Christie said he does not regret his response to Rutgers-Camden law student William Brown at a town hall meeting in Florence Thursday. Brown peppered the governor with questions and comments about the Rutgers-Camden and Rowan University merger that Brown opposes. Christie fired back as Brown was escorted out by police

“Let me tell you something, after you graduate from law school, you conduct yourself like that in a courtroom, your rear end’s going to be thrown in jail, idiot.” Christie said then.

“Every time I tried to answer, he yelled or started to interrupt, he did it four times,” Christie said Monday during a press conference at Bordentown Regional High School where the governor talked about his education reform initiatives. Christie talked with students in a financial literacy class then addressed invited guests and the media in the school’s gym.

Brown is a former navy seal and Iraq war veteran who has protested the merger alongside hundreds of fellow students at Rutgers-Camden.

“I honor his service,” said Christie.

Christie also pointed out Brown was previously a democratic candidate for an 8th district assembly seat.

“This is a guy with a political agenda who came in and wanted to try and make me look bad. I’m not a heavy bag, I have arms too. You want to punch me, I’ll punch you back,” said Christie.

The governor’s comments Thursday though are still garnering attention. Christie should apologize to Brown, said democratic assembly majority leader Lou Greenwald via Skype Monday afternoon.

“Unfortunately this is not the first time the governor has resorted to name calling. We have passed and he has signed legislation on bullying. The reality is we should not use our positions to bully our point of view,” said Greenwald.

Greenwald says elected officials work for the “Mr. Browns” of the world.

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One Comment

  1. RG says:

    One idiot calling other idiot… no shame in that

  2. Bill says:

    Isn’t he the guy they think was presidential! Can you imagine him sitting at the table with world leaders and negotiating on our behalf! Wow! What a disaster! i just hope voters would think character before party!

    1. JOSE0311USMC says:


  3. ARMYCSM says:

    Crispy is nasty like the party he represents. Come Nov we will be…Nicety!

    1. backside says:

      he is a fat yellow belly chicken who does not have the nerve to have serve in the army

      1. JOSE0311USMC says:


  4. Bob says:

    Sociopaths like Christie rarely feel regret about anything.

  5. Ramana7 says:

    George Bush School of Politics Graduate. Republicans admire people who never apologize for some reason, though it flies in the face of about 3000 years of their own supposed religious underpinnings. They rip Obama for being apologetic, though apologizing for things generally means taking ownership and responsibility and being self-aware and as the old adage says, “it’s takes a big man to apologize.”

    Come to think of it, big as Christy is in girth, in heart he’s just a small man.

  6. Mary says:

    If Christie replied to the vet’s questions the way most politicians do…talk round and round the subject, get the sound bites in, but in no way answer the actual question…then I assume that the vet was holding Christie’s feet to fire trying to get an actual answer to his question. The fact that Christie had him removed from the room because of this would make Christie the idiot and a bully. When are Republicans going to learn that not everyone believes all there BS and yes we recognize when you avoid answering the question that is asked.

  7. vgb says:

    I think Christi is an idiot..because he eats too much..LOL>

    1. Rob says:

      wow, you are so intelligent. not

  8. rhumba says:

    Governor Sandwiches is rude and nasty.

  9. Michael says:

    Christie’s a bully it’s his way or shut up.

  10. clubbable says:

    This video makes me sick. How unprofessional and arrogant of Christie. I think he should apologize to everyone.

    1. Rob says:

      no, you are wrong. It’s this idiot who is trying to grandstand that should apologize. Christie for president in 2016!!! God, I LOVE this guy.

      1. TxPharm says:

        Me too. Love it that he stands his ground against a guy who was acting like a total jerk. I’m amazed though at all the fat comments. I couldn’t care less how much he weighs. Obama was until very recently a SMOKER, remember? Which is worse? I just want a candidate willing to his/her EGO aside, risk being a One Termer, to get the deficit under control before it destroys our economy. Since obama ignored his own deficit commission, he’s obviously not the one.

      2. Jami says:

        I have never written a reply on the internet before. Reading your simple blog moved me to act. We are all entitled to our opions and I respect yours. I just beg of everyone to get the facts before voting in the next election. Do not waste your vote because you heard one liners from Fox News or The Daily Show. Here are a few facts: 1. 3.5 million jobs were lost in the 6 months BEFORE Obama took office. 2. The economic industry was frozen and it was the biggest personal household income crash ever on record in Jan 2009. 3. The auto industry was days from collapse 4. Health care was taking 17 1/2% of out personal income. Obama has in just two years: 1. we added 3.5 million private sector jobs 2. Auto industry paid back and is hiring 3. 17 million kids are covered in health care. 3. Bid Ladin was killed 4. Fuel standards doubled. 5. wall street reform act. 6: Fair pay act. 7. Don’t Ask Don’t tell replealed. GIVE MORE 4 MORE YEARS MR. PRESIDENT. WE ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK

  11. Be Sain says:

    Christie is the jerk. Let’s see if he has any regrets for his behavior when he, like the other arrogant republican office holders are one termers.

    1. Rob says:

      LOL. Too bad the facts don’t bother you. obama is at an all-time low and republican policies are extremely popular. Christie alone is the most popular governmor in the country. Christie for President. 2016

      1. arduck says:

        Rob. Can you show me evidence supporting your statements…”POTUS is all time low”; “republican policies are extremely popular”. Your comments fly into the headwind of facts even recognized by Fox.

  12. Carl says:

    Awesome! Love it when hecklers get slammed. The idiot jerk deserved it. And yes, he was a heckler, not a questioner.

  13. Jay D says:

    I am so sick of politicians who never served a day in their life and who’s kid wont serve one either, insulting Vets, not funding us, and then saying “I honor you service!” NO YOU DON”T!. If you did, you would respect us. You would understand that we are angry, and have good reason. Instead you call us idiots and follow with “I honor you service.” Well you know what, I don’t honor yours because you forgot you are a servant to the people. I served to keep you safe, you insult me and my fellow Vets. Who is the idiot?

    1. TxPharm says:

      Respecting Vets does not entail taking abuse from them. This guy was totally inappropriate, and Christie was 100% right in saying that Brown would go to jail (for contempt of court) if he conducted himself that way as an attorney. No judge would put up with that behavior for more than 5 seconds.

      1. arduck says:

        But the governor, dodging the question, as is his MO, bullies back with name calling. And that is okay.

  14. dontbow says:

    Yea you gotta talk softly to these simple minded and fragile demorats Christie. lol

    1. Joe Sullivan says:

      @dontbow – If a person in a leadership position disagrees with another’s opinion, it’s their responsibility to reply with respect and not lose their temper. All the Vet did was disagree with how Fat Boy avoided answering the question. To put it in terms that a great mind like would understand, the Vet called Fat Boy on his BullS–T answer and Fat Boy lost his cool. For a lawyer, Fat Boy seems to have poor self control when dealing with anyone who doesn’t swallow his horses__t sound bytes. Do you understand that and are YOU too fragile… LoL

    2. ARMYCSM says:

      Your mother is a simpleton Idiot. I, too am an Iraqi vet and you would not Dare say that to my face. Moron

  15. Scott F says:

    A so called political leader should not refer to a voter as an idiot because he doesn’t agree with him. Especially a politician who looks like a home plate backstop. Talk,about the pot calling the kettle black. The only idiot here is bully boy Christie..

  16. PJ says:

    I wouldn’t apologize either. Sometime you have to call it the way it is. In this case, Brown is an idiot. The same aught to be said about that Sandra Fluke. Not because she got called bad names but because she goes around enjoying the lime light because of it. On top of that, you get Obama using it to take attention away from his failed policies. God know we don’t need to worry about a 15 trillion dollar debt, Obama Care and high unemployment.

    1. arduck says:

      You, PJ, are a failed apologist for a failed party of no ideas.

      “The first to apologize is the bravest.
      The first to forgive is the strongest.
      The first to forget is the happiest….”

      Just saying

  17. Dan says:

    Too bad the Mob is not looking for another HEAVY.Just because he is from New Jersey he thinks he is a mobster.Vice Pres. material Sarah was as good a choice for 2008.GOP is either you agree or you are ( just put any insult you want the option is yours just so long as it is nasty) have a nice day.

    1. Ustaxpayer says:

      No they got Rahman who send out DEAD fish.

      1. Ustaxpayer says:

        Should read Rahm Emanuel

  18. Seamus the roofdog says:

    Krispy could have told the guy to shut his hole without calling a vet an idiot

  19. E-Dizzle says:

    Citizens can ask any politician any “relevant” question. Christie has every right to say what he wants, and accept the consequences. The student has nothing to lose by being an “idiot”. “Idiots” put politicians in a difficult position to either defend themselves or look weak. The student asked for it and got less then he deserved.

    Political parties are not the issue here as some “geniuses” here seem to think. Busch II was not a “fluent” speaker but from all accounts he respected his wife and their marriage. Clinton was/is a fluent speaker but we know how that worked for him. I would rather have a deaf mute with morals be in any office then many of our smooth talking politicians.

  20. HeelFiend says:

    I’m usually on the Democrat side of the fence, but I don’t blame Christie for his reaction. Mr. Brown was being rude, and thought the Governor would lie down and play dead. Not so! Respect is due, and it should be mutual.

  21. Church says:

    Christie is a great example of the typical GOP THUG.
    My way or the highway.

    1. Ustaxpayer says:

      Just like President Obama

      1. Joe Sullivan says:

        @Ustaxpayer Obama’s a THUG? You must have ADD. This “thread” is talking about Christie aka Fat Boy, a “heavy bag with arms,” as he describes himself… switch your radio to another station besides Rush, or or you unable to figure out HOW to change the Station?

  22. greta518 says:

    And this was supposed to be the savoior of the Republican party? You can’t speak this way and be on the world stage. Every day I thank God for President Obama. A well spoken, elegant man, who represents the US in a very positive light.

    1. erik says:

      thank you for the laugh, best one I had tonight. well spoken, positive, ha ha. when he isn’t saying I’m sorry for everything that has ever happened in the world, and writing mandates demanding his way or the highway. positive, have to be kidding.

    2. Brian says:

      Have you ever heard him speak without a teleprompter? Total empty suit. You thank God for him? God is punishing us with him.

  23. mala sangre says:

    names are fine as long as it’s him yelling. would he say i was wrong to call him 400lbs of road apples in a 300 lb sack. i swear he’s getting bigger by the week. State police better get a bigger chopper.

  24. Kareen says:

    It takes an IDIOT to recognize another IDIOT.

  25. phillymom67 says:

    You act rude you get what you deserve. Mr. Brown got what he deserved,

    1. Seamus the roofdog says:

      Why do you hate veterans?

      1. Ann says:

        Why do you think veterens should not be expected to show courtesy like everyone else?

      2. Ustaxpayer says:

        So veterans can be rude obnoxious and it’s ok.

    2. Joe Sullivan says:

      @Phillymom67 Did you actually listen to what went on? Fat Boy has been behaving this way since he started having these “fake town hall” PR events. He tries to intimidate anyone who ask a question that’s not “on message” with arrogant behavior and name calling. The Vet wasn’t scared of him. After serving his country in Iraq, while Fat Boy was chowing down at Five Guys, he wouldn’t let Fat Boy get away with avoiding the question. So, being the courageous leader that he is, Fat Boy had the cops throw the Vet out… and later after “thanking him for his service,” attacked the Vet’s character with more name calling and slurs on his character. Didn’t you mean to say, “You act rude you get what you deserve. Fat Boy got what he deserved?”

  26. Joe Sullivan says:

    Christie is arrogant fat guy… sort of like Ralph Kramden, but without any good intensions. He is a typical loudmouth know-it-all who is self conscious of his huge weight and thinks that if he yells louder and longer, he can defect any criticism, by intimidating anyone who disagrees with whatever sound byte he’s spinning at any particular time. He has no morals, but as a former lawyer and lobbyist, that’s who he is. The Navy Seal guy wanted answers, not more sound bytes. This type of boorish behavior is fine if you’re in a bar or at a frat party, but as a so-called leader, it is simply inappropriate.

    1. Ustaxpayer says:

      Calling Gov.Christe names does NOT advance your agenda, just makes you look like someone who has no manners.

      1. Joe Sullivan says:

        Defending Fat Boy’s arrogance doesn’t advance your agenda either. Manners? Were your feelings hurt when the Veteran expressed his disapproval of Fat Boy’s non answer? You ought to look it up in the dictionary to see what manners are, or just “google” the word. The Vet didn’t call Fat Boy an idiot, Fat Boy lost his temper and since he didn’t really have a reply, called the guy a name. The propaganda technique, “name calling,” has been around for a long time. If you don’t want to be called a demeaning name like Fat Boy, Tub of Lard, or “Heavy Bag with arms” (Christie used that term himself), then you don’t call anyone else names.

  27. Hater says:

    You people should have more respect for Christie. He just might be your Vice President next year. Or do you think he’s too fat? Idiots!

    1. steve says:

      yes he is too fat and too arrogant, but i am sure that fits your profile.

    2. Seamus the roofdog says:

      He may eat you. I’d trust walking dead behind me before krispy kreme

  28. bob says:

    Takes one to know one.

  29. JLF says:

    Christie is the idiot. The fat man couldn’t even fit into a Military Uniform. As a matter of fact it looks like he is getting fatter on tax payer monies. By the way hasn’t anyone noticed he has a speech impediment!

  30. JC says:

    even though Christie is doing a decent job, he needs to stop insulting people whose opinions differ from him. I didn’t go to either school, but the Rutgers people are right…..have a friend who is an HR rep for a major company and I flat out asked her. If all things were equal, GPA, years of experience, type of expereince, references….if it comes down between Rutgers and Rowan, Rutgers is getting it. Only thing Rowan is really known for is football.

  31. kay says:

    Obviously, the one thing the man is not is an idiot. Navy Seals and law school both require an above average intelligence. Christie is arrogant, rude and a bully. He cannot even carry on a civil conversation. If you are not agreeing with him, he calls you an idiot or something just as classless. He does not want the Jersey Shore crowd representing his state but he is no better an example.

    1. Ustaxpayer says:

      Just like liberals and democrats call everyone who does not agree with them.

      1. arduck says:

        Ustaxpayer…please provide one example of a liberal or democratic party PUBLIC OFFICE holder using an ugly word to describe a constituent. Please..

  32. Anita Scullin says:

    Another example of Christie’s arrogance and incivility. He is a blowhard!

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