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Brad Lidge Calls Nationals “Most Talented Team I’ve Ever Been On”

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Brad Lidge said that this year’s Washington Nationals is the “most talented team [he’s] ever been on.” Yes, he said “ever.”

In a video on the Washington Nationals website, Lidge said, “probably the most talented team I’ve ever been on, and I’ve been on some great teams. So very impressed with that. And, very young and very exciting.”

Is Lidge just being positive about his new team, or is this another in a series of shots the Nationals have taken at stoking the flame of rivalry with the Phillies? What do you think?

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  • Matt

    I like this kinda talk from brad. It will make games between the Phils and Nats more interesting…

  • chris

    i agree with mike,what is he supposed to say?”we got an ok team but look at the Phillies the Braves and how about what Miami did this off season.we should be glad to get to play these guys…gosh”

  • Spike Eskin, Troublemaker

    If he said his Astros or Phillies teams were better, would that make you happy?

  • Mike

    Lidge is ultimate teammate and is just trying to be positive. Nothing here to report.

  • Kathie

    I think he went on a drinking binge or something..Hey Brad you left the Phillies maybe you and Werth can take turns counting each others money come red October

  • Bev M.

    LOL! I guess he still has hurt feelings for being let go by the phils brass!

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