Concern Grows For Young Girls Posting ‘Am I Pretty?’ Videos Online

By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s a disturbing online sight, repeated hundreds if not thousands of times: girls, young teens or even younger, posting videos of themselves on YouTube asking the public to tell them if they are pretty.

For a 12- or 13-year-old, image is everything.  Many students at Haddonfield Middle School said they had seen these videos and found them troubling.

“Well, I feel really bad for the girls, that they have gotten to the point where they have to post videos,” said seventh grader Annie Gosse.  “They’ve probably been bullied at school about it.  And I feel like it’s really sad that they’ve gotten to that point, and they should get help before they do that.”

ami group  durham Concern Grows For Young Girls Posting Am I Pretty? Videos Online

(Haddonfield Middle School counselor Danielle McKelvey, left, with 7th graders Megan Becerril, Annie Gosse, and Emily Onimus. Credit: Michelle Durham)

Fellow student Megan Becerril said if one of her friends posted such a video, she would try to be supportive:

“I would tell her that she is beautiful, because everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

“I think it’s a tough age for self-esteem,” notes school counselor Danielle McKelvey.  “It’s so important for kids of this age to know what everyone else is thinking.  And what we want to do is try to build them up so they feel good about themselves and not open it up to something that could be so seemingly negative.”

McKelvey hopes the posts spark conversation between parents and children about this and other important issues.

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One Comment

  1. ckroboth says:

    In the lef side bar of this Article….

    Real or Wax
    Holly Wood Ink
    Soul Tryouts
    Conservative Celebs
    And Victoria’s Secret

    And we wonder why girls think they have to ask these things? Look at what this country values as news and you will see the issue.

  2. Jim says:

    If democrat John Edwards can do it, then why can’t they?

    1. Roger says:

      Bwaaa ha ha ha ha! Great Post! And can you believe this Edwards idiot wanted to be president? Although I’m sure he wouldn’t be any worse than the idiot that occupies our White House right now.

  3. Tina says:

    These girls are screaming for validation – its gone on for years but now there is a permanent record of it on video. I know many think fathers impact a girls self esteem. While true, I think that when it comes to a girls looks mothers have a greater impact. I have seen some very f’ed up insecure mothers take out their own “looks” issues out on their daughters.

    1. carlos says:

      More and more research is coming out that refutes your statement about moms. A strong positive male role model in girls’ AND boys’ lives reduce the amount of crime, drug use, and teen pregnancy (the latter two are related directly to insecurity).

  4. Ziegler says:

    so…um…..nobody told them about Hot or Not . com ? I mean…it’s been around for like 10 years now or something.

  5. ratnacage says:

    Nothing new here. Teens have always had these concerns, it’s just that now they have avenues to “ask” the question.

  6. Doug says:

    The ads next to this article include a shirtless man, 4 athletic women in sexy sports bra tops and women walking a Victoria Secret runway. And we wonder why young girls have image issues.

    1. Rational thought says:

      google ads go off of your recent history and internet cookies… Those ads say more about your internet surfing habits than society…

      1. Munchkin says:

        Except that those aren’t Google ads. They’re cross promotions from withing this website’s own articles. Nothing to do with Google ads. And they are the same for everyone who visits the page.

        Nice try though.

    2. CleanFun says:

      Thank you!

    3. Benny Lava says:

      Yes, indeed.

    4. Come on says:

      THANKKKKK YOUUUUU! The Media comes out with 16 and pregnant, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and then we wonder why teens are having these problems?! Now I am a democrat and if WE are starting to complain then you know there’s a problem! LOL

    5. tkvegas says:

      Thought the SAME thing!

    6. EarthSucks says:


  7. D Sarnoff Farnsworth says:

    After having Lindsey, Paris, the Kardashians, et al held up as role models, is anyone really surprised?

    1. kdizzydaze says:

      You pretty much nailed it –

  8. Jimmy says:


    Well hopefully it wont matter for much longer

    It IS true, society has bred us to these standards, this is nothing recent, it goes back to the very beginning. For the guaranteed survival of the human race, the “best” of the stock mates and continues the line. With proper raising, this will breed a stronger human. Way back, when the pop. was scattered about into little tribes, these ideas were very important. They have carried down thousands of years to where we are today. The strong mate with the strong and the child will be strong, the race continues. The weak mate with the weak and die out. Thats natural selection. THIS is life. If you want a mate, you will need to ATTRACT one. The smart ones will evaluate beyond looks to see what this person can contribute to the raising of a strong human child. But looks DO matter. Your creating the next generation of human. BE RESPONSIBLE ABOUT IT! THESE are the PRIME values that are supposed to be taught. If they were, then you would not have this problem. Instead you have the PC crowd whining about how unfair it is, that they were born this way or that, well guess what, if your parents followed what THEIR parents tried to teach, you would NOT have been born that way. Instead, they thought that there way was more “fair”. Life is NOT fair. What, if your ancestors thought the way these P.C. crowds think then the human race would be EXTINCT. We would all be on youtube asking if we are fit, because our parents would have never taught us how to BE fit. If they did, then they would already know, and not need these pathetic attempts at attention.

    THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE, no matter how “unfair” people think it is. And if it does, then it will spell the end of the human race. We will be too weak and complacent to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. All of our strong men, and women, will be bred into weaklings, and will cave at the first sign of adversity.

    Sound familiar?

    1. Vincent says:

      I strongly agree with the main thrust pf your post. This “self-esteem at all costs,” even to the point of distorting reality, will only lead to future occupy wall street movements, as these children hit reality and realize they really are not nearly as great as their teachers/parents told them (lied to?).

      Ironically, the self esteem movement was engendered by Nathanial Branden, a disowned “associate” of Ayn Rand. Quite properly disowned IMO.

    2. Berto says:

      Thank you, Charles Darwin. The most amazing aspect of all of this is that while our culture chooses to elevate Darwin’s ideas on the survival of the fittest and random chance, the same culture finds the outcome of such a philosophy to be troubling and offensive. Folks, you cannot have it both ways. Either we are all animalistic with futures decided by chance, derived from a history of evolution decided also by chance, or we are moral beings and once human, always human.

      1. Vincent says:

        Question – is it not apparent to an unbiased observer that the most successful examples of man are those that behave rationally?

        There is no evidence to support that accepting the “philosophy” of Darwinism would lead someone to behave “animalistically.” Unless you mean that man must act according to his nature – a rational being that lives or dies depending upon how successfully he utilizes his rational faculty.

        YOUR philosophy advocates the destruction of the mind in favor of mysticism. You abandon the best characteristics of man in favor of the worst.

    3. laughing man says:

      Yeah. Uncle Adolf was trying to breed a race of Brad Pitts and Kim Kardashians.

      The human race is doomed.

  9. TURDI says:


  10. Tang L says:

    Poor reporting. It started as a hoax. Now all these morons are reporting it.

    1. Christine H. says:

      even if this particulr item started as a hoax…this kind of behavior is RAMPANT in the facebook world!! Girls posting pictures of themselves ALL DAY LONG…waiting for others to say “your so pretty”…and then they say “no IM not…YOUR pretty!!” Its mindless and shallow and people out to spend more time teaching their daughters how NOT to get sucked into that stupidity. We all know who these girls are!!

      1. Tom Dellosk says:

        Most of the news is made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials have taken over Washington and are orchestrating the daily news. Most of the comments and replies you’re reading online are government created too. With many stories the COMMENTS ARE CREATED BEFORE THE STORY IS REPORTED. They are designed to generate a response to engage “dangerous people” in real time.

        The oldest, first, highest, best, and most popular rated comments are almost all government propaganda. They are conducting Psy-ops (psychological operations) for domestic spying. They have 1000s of user names and are determined to bury the truth or ATTACK anyone leaking it.

        This next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

  11. JT says:

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” is an often quoted line, and one that is true. If someone sees themselves as unattractive, then all the lauding and affirmations to the contrary will mean little or nothing.

    Different societies have different standards for what is beautiful. Applying media driven and reinforced standards to all have resulted in rampant body modifications and plastic surgery.

    These girls need to see their own beauty before any opinion of a stranger will mean anything.

    As a father of a teen girl, I’ve done my best to raise someone who doesn’t give a rats a** about what anyone thinks. (That has backfired at times, lol) Someone who has a strong individual identity and personal conviction.

    Girls, don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Most of them can’t anyways.

  12. joe says:

    Those posts are probably fbi, or nightline investigators trying to snag a ‘predator’. lmao, then they can swarm the guy who had to be coaxed out of his mother’s basement, and show us what a great job they’re doing defending us from the nerdy 32 year olds in their mother’s basement …. meanwhile ignoring: terrorists, drug dealers, rapists, sex slaves, forged birth certificates………

    1. Dave says:

      You’re a moron. Jeffrey Dauhmer lived in his mother’s basement. Maybe you can meet the next one on facebook instead of an fbi agent, eh fool?

      1. Reality says:

        Dahmer had his own apartment. Your point is valid, but your argument is nullified by improper facts.

  13. Shawly says:

    And the parents are where? This is mind blowing that no one has asked that…

    1. mini mean says:

      For most people who use it (girls and boys of all ages) FACEBOOK works just like a 1000 watt amplifier for neurotic behavior, magnifying the psychosis of a population who are lost in delusion, sucking these helpless maggot-like children of the damned into an inescapeable whirlpool as they are flushed down this hellish, societal toiletbowl – ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN…

      1. kdizzydaze says:

        Now that’s an accurate statement

    2. Christine H. says:

      busy on their facebook walls!!

  14. Eli says:

    The liberal media and fashion industry is destroying ALL of our women in this country, because you never look at yourselves and realize just how beautiful you really are. Beauty is not the color of your hair, your build, or your makeup.. Beauty is your self confidence, the way you engage other people, your sense of humor, your desire to be more than just breasts and butt.. I find intellect to be far more attractive than a perfect figure. The media needs to stop suxualizing our children and teens, and assist them to embrace their own beauty, inside and out!

  15. Larry says:

    This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:

    1. Abner Hale says:

      You’re an idiot.

    2. Dave says:

      You have different rights pre 18 in this country than you do post.

  16. ready4sea says:

    This is a sad situation indeed.. the world is a pretty cruel place, and is a poor judge of beauty. Young girls should be able to get the affirmation they need at home. The heart of a young girl is much too precious to put on display for the punks that lie waiting to saw awful things. I would truly be disappointed if my daughters did this and didn’t ask me instead.

  17. Willis says:

    This is a great point. How many of these girls either have no father figure in their lives, or have one who is too busy to show proper attention? I’m sure most. If they are told they’re beautiful in a genuine, caring way in this sense, it is only positive. If done with the correct values the girls will have a healthy outlook, feel pretty and not feel the need to “hook up” with boys in order to prove themselves so.

  18. atommc says:

    Fortunately, for these girls there is someone from Chappaqua, NY posting as “HubbaBubba” who writes “you’re real pretty”

  19. Jack P says:

    If you ask me this story sounds like a “fluke.” Surely Oh!Bama will invite them to the Whitehouse to meet with the Dem leaders for a strategy session.

  20. Drew says:

    I definitely feel bad for the girls. Setting goals and achieving them makes you feel good. Setting goals based on things you have no control over is destructive.

  21. Chip Diceman says:

    Way to go, moms! Because you’re never home and never taking an active interest in your daughter, she has to resort to youtube to get attention. If only you had cared about her grades slipping. If only you had said no like a good parent does. If only you were around when she needed you, instead of partying with a different guy each weekend. If only.

  22. Diego Roswell says:

    Girls should be concerned about their looks and their bodies, men only care about their looks initially. If a girl is fat or homely and does not take care of herself, she will be ignored for the most part. It is a fact and it is built into our DNA (as men). So stop coddling and start beautifying your girls. Nothing boosts a girl’s self esteem more than attention from men. It is the truth whether you want to hear it or not.

    1. Sally says:

      Haha… Yeah… No…

      But you gave me a good belly laugh.

      1. Sally says:

        Any woman who disagrees MUST be right? =P

      2. Paul says:

        Sally, unfortunately there is truth to this….trust a guy. Some guys are capable of lookng beyond looks, but most arent, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

    2. cole says:

      maybe for arrogant pukes such as yourself.

    3. steven says:

      you’re right. there is a universal standard for physical beauty; a combination of symmetry and the golden ratio. in nature, physical beauty would denote good physical health. good physical health means that women are better able to bear children. so yeah, every man’s baser instinct will drive him to be attracted to the most healthy female. and the most healthy female are those that are physically beautiful. america needs to face it… if’s there’s duality in everything (i.e. good/bad, up/down, in/out) then there definitely a duality between pretty and ugly. therefore, some women are pretty and some are ugly. the ugly women need to just face their situation.

      1. ArrDee says:

        Just amazingly dumb-a** comment, dude… I’ve seen LOTS of so-called beautiful people whose insides were rotted out with drugs, ciggy-butts and alcohol. Many “skinny” people have high blood pressure and other internal issues. Appearance is no guarantee of health. Ignorant people also need to face their situations – right STEVEN?

      2. ArrDee_is_an_idiot says:

        ArrDee is too dumb to understand that your comment is about physical beauty, not beauty of the soul or insides or whatever. Probably talking about itself when it said “Ignorant people also need to face their situations”…

      3. Sally says:

        I knew a girl who was maybe 110 lbs. She has full metabolic syndrome. Look it up. ;)

        Health is an individual standard from beauty. The only thing you have right is the comment on symmetry. That is testable and verifiable. But has nothing to do with weight or health.

    4. BadKosh says:

      Are you always that shallow?

    5. Alisha says:

      As a woman … I agree. But lets replace the word men in your 2nd to last sentence with father. I believe fathers build or diminish the confidence in there daughters. If a father (man) knows beauty then he should see it in his daughter and tell them. Daughters aware of there beauty by way of a father from early on naturally respond to the fathers acceptance. As woman it’s in OUR DNA to please others, Men, children, parents. When we are AWARE that we please others (being beautiful)we continue to do what pleases. When we are aware our beauty is appreciated from the most innocent age it will blossom naturally into adulthood and into the next phase of mature appreciation of that beauty. If not set by the father early on….girls WILL seek the male validation of there beauty through other means.

      1. Vincent says:


        I benefited greatly from your reasoned insight. Many thanks.


    6. Bmsadler01 says:

      Yes that is true, but a girl should also nurture her brain. Beauty and brains in combination makes up the total package. I am a female and prefer the slightly nerdy guys over the “alpha male” type. I have dated both and married a nerdy one. Alphas tend to be like the “jersey shore type of guys” and make lousy long term partners.

      1. Bmsadler01 says:

        I was a major nerd in school and mixed race (japanese, italian, portugese). I was constantly ridiculed for my olive tone skin and “freaky green eyes” and long dark hair. Students would say to my face “did your mom fuc$ a cat? What is up with those creepy eyes? Eyes shouldnt be green…ewww. Etc” I received alot of male attention when I was in college and still today. Ironic, the people who ridiculed my skin color go to a tanning bed religiously and wear colored contacts to make their eyes green or blue.

  23. Lord Kilborn says:

    All teenagers should know – your image in your teens is not usually what it turns out to be in college and after. My wife routinely tells me how geeky and nerdy I looked in my Jr. High and HS pictures, and even most of my college pictures… and she says I’m incredibly HOT now at 34! So… give it some time, ladies. You (and those “cute” guys) will likely change quite a bit in a few years!


    1. Freeland Dave says:

      True. After dumping a “pretty” girl in high school I took the class wallflower to the Senior Prom. She was a nice girl just very plain and unattractive. I took a lot of heat from my friends but even so we had a good time and it turned out to be a pleasant experience for the both of us. You can imagine my shock years later when she was a first runner up for the Miss America contest. I am pleased that I didn’t let my ideas of what is pretty and what isn’t ruin what turned out to be something I shall look fondly on for a life time. Girls, it’s not what’s on the outside that’s important. If the only thing a guy is interested in is what he sees on the outside then trust me, he’s not worth your time. The old saying beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes to the bone is very true. Keep up your standards because if you do Mr Right one day will come along and the wait will be worth it. Just some advice from an old guy that remembers how it can all turn out if you are just patient and don’t fall into bed with the first guy that comes along to pay you any attention. Those guys are not interested in you at all. What they are really interested in is abusing you for their pleasure and when they are done throw you away like so much used merchandise. Now all guys are not that way but in their teens, especially today, most of them are thinking with their hormones and not with their brains.

  24. Morrigan says:

    When I read that “young girls” were doing this, I knew it’d be a patronizing, oh-let’s-pretend-we’re-concerned piece of fluff. Why do we infantilize females? These girls are adolescents and teenagers, closer to being women than babies. Why are they called “young girls”? At what age, if any, are they GIRLS? It’s always “little girl”, “young girl” and it’s a double standard. Keep them “little”, “young”, “sweet”, “cute”….keep them in their place!

    A “young girl” is 5 years old, not 15! You would never call 15 yo males “young boys” or “little boys”, why do it to females?


    1. jakenichols says:

      you sound like a young girl LOL

    2. MorganGray says:

      Listen. My wife and I have been married over 30 years, and she is still “my girl”.
      My daughter is 21 and she is still “my little girl”.
      Do I do that to “keep them ‘little’, or ‘young'” as you assert? No. I think of them that way because to me that is what they always will be. My wife will always be the wife of my youth. She will always be the beautiful young girl I met in college, an the beautiful young woman I married. I will always look on her as my best girl.
      To me, my daughter will always be my little girl. I will never lose the desire to shelter and protect her (and woe betide the young man who treats her badly).
      So, climb down off you feminist high horse, take a deep breath and understand something.
      15 year old girls are still young girls.

    3. Renaissance Nerd says:

      Ask the feminists. They’re the ones who infantilize women while simultaneously claiming women can do anything. Classic double-think! Naturally the rule is that women are helpless victims when it’s beneficial, and strong powerful warriors when that’s beneficial. Personally I treat women like adults…VERY unpopular attitude. Lots of women like being hapless babies, because it works to their advantage when they want a big strong man to do something they can do perfectly well but are too lazy to bother with.

      Also, I use similar terms for boys and girls. Little girl/boy is <5, I don't use young girl/boy, just girl/boy after 5 years, and young woman/man I start using around 12 or so. Naturally I call girls and boys between 3-8 big girl/boy when they're around, otherwise they don't like it. For some reason I use the word lad/laddie on occasion, but almost never lass/lassie. No idea why that is.

      If this story is true, it's the most foolish thing imaginable. The internet is the ultimate trolls lair. Anything you put up, expect approximate a kagillion trolls to tell you how terrible it is. If only a half-billion do, consider that a smashing success.

      1. youreanidiot says:

        listen you idiot a troll is an action not a thing. You do not “troll” someone and someone does not respond to you as a troll. A troll is the act of posting completely inflammatory often times off subject just to see other’s reactions NOT continuously arguing wiht people or flaming them. You aren’t a nerd or you’d know that you are what we call a poser or pretender. Trolling is just like fishing you throw some shiney controversial comment out and see who bites on it – it’s juvenile one time behavior – if the person responds to you they are not a troll they are just an arsehat – like you apparently are. BTW it’s Internet – there’s only one which you apaprently equate with the Web – an internet is as simple as two bridged segments.

  25. shep says:

    Thanks guys. Now I know where to go to make fun of ugly girls.

    1. Robea says:

      Exactly. Another case of the media causing and/or exaberating a problem that they are pretending to be concerned about.
      It makes good copy, so it’s news.

  26. Meg Griffith says:

    I don’t why girls are running around worrying if they are pretty.

    I learned to live with MY looks – why can’t they?

  27. ChewyVisual says:

    When you don’t have a strong male role model acting as the girl’s father, she will take being told she is pretty any way she can get it. A strong woman doesn’t need to be told she is pretty, she knows she is pretty.
    Pretty Vacant…..

    1. Mongo says:

      And we don’t care…

    2. JWS says:

      +10 for Sex Pistols reference.

  28. Jonathan Johnstone says:

    a question asked by the majority of girls since the dawn of time… now they ask it on youtube and suddenly it’s “of concern”

    1. CD says:

      I thought hte question asked since the dawn of time was, “Does this dress make me look fat?” :)

      1. Mattildo says:

        And I always thought the answer was, “No, your FAT makes you look fat”.

  29. Mike says:

    Great! Now we’ll have to institute some sort of government program to help these poor girls’ self esteem. Where are the REAL DADS in this country?!?!? That’s OUR job!

    1. Eli says:

      Completely Agree with Mike! I tell my daughter how beautiful she is all the time, and if you ask her if she is pretty she will tell you: I am gorgeous! Step up men, raise your daughters and convince them no one is good enough for them! It’s going to take a very special guy to date mine, that’s for sure!

  30. Carmen Childers says:

    Someone needs to tell these girls that they’re going to turn thirty whether they’re pretty or not and to FOCUS ON SCHOOL WORK, not on all of the cute boys who won’t look so good when they’re thirty either.

  31. MZ says:

    12 year old girls should be building snowmen, drawing pictures, and playing board games or sports with their girl friends. Let them be kids and not worry about that junk! But if you as a parent are going to allow them to wander all over the internet, the issues mentioned in this article are inevitable. There is NO LAW that says your kids have to have unlimited access on the internet. And there are plenty of ways to “whitelist” your computer so only a handful of approved sites are available. You can get a filter or even set up user accounts with restrictions (for free).

    1. Sally says:

      If anyone is to blame its the television over sexualizing them, before the boys can even catch up.

      1. derf says:

        So then don’t buy them a TV and put it i their room, or pay for cable which broadcasts this evil into your home, problem solved right? Oh, whats that, you have to make sure your daughter has everything her friends do, you have to keep pace with YOUR friends down the block…

        Gee, I wonder where this shallow sense of what is important to these kids comes from…

      2. Cat says:

        So true.

    2. Berto says:

      What difference does it make? We are all the result of acts of randomness, governed by the simple idea that the strong should survive and the weak should die out. These girls are simply expressing that animalistic nature evolved through millions of years of evolution. If they don’t appeal to the opposite gender they will not be able to breed; they will instead be the weakest and should die out.

      So tell me, do you subscribe to Darwinism or don’t you? You cannot have it both ways.

  32. Dutra says:

    Get good grades. It will boost your self esteem like nothing else.

    1. Jack P says:

      Exactly. Perform well academically in HS and get accepted into a strong academic college on a scholarship. Study math, science, engineering, technology, or medicine. After you graduate, you will be the envy of your former classmates as you leave them in the dust and succeed in life.

  33. slickzip says:

    It’s a sad thing that things have come to this ,,, thanks hollywood and TV ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  34. Password says:

    It’s called attention seeking. Females mostly (and some males) do this all the time. This isn’t anything new, just a new way of getting attention.

  35. bob kiely says:

    I don’t know if any of the 4 girls posted are making the inquiry, but they all look very prety me. They all have fresh, confident looks and balanced features. They shouldn’t have to worry what a bunch of strangers think of them Another man’s head is a poor place for ones hapiness.

    1. Josh says:

      why is vanity at the top of the list these days? I’m more attracted to a girl who has a very active and unique mind, and just so happens to be physically attractive.

      1. adfasdf says:

        lol.. ok, reread that…

  36. bobc87 says:

    The only people that should be concerned are the parents of the girls. If the parents are not monitoring what their children are doing with their computers, wireless phones and other tech devices then they are essentially granting their children permission to do whatever they want.

  37. Doug Lynn says:

    We have this problem because virtuous character is not valued very much any more. Selfish serial harlots like Kim Kardashian are celebrated, even worshiped. I know a man that was very handsome. He married a stunningly beautiful young woman that cheated, lied to, hated on, and divorced him. He then married a woman of below average looks and outstanding moral character that loved him and his kids and he found real happiness. With each passing year, his joy and contentment grew.

    1. mark says:

      If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife. If you want my personal point of view find an ugly woman to marry you!

    2. Todd says:

      >Doug. Your reply is also tried and true. I have seen many beautiful women whose hearts, I’ve learned, are not, and I really can’t see them as beautiful any longer. A wise woman cultivates a beautiful inner character that will last and bless her husband, children, employer, and community. This does not fade, and will always appeal and attract. A wise man will recognize this, and not be mislead or deceived by the lust of his eyes. If his love for his wife is primarily based on her fleeting beauty, how will he love her when she is old, sick, injured–when she needs his love the most.

  38. JustAGuy says:

    Social media is NOT good. Gullible people are seduced into blaring all their business to peeping strangers. It’s not socially healthy, and not only that, people don’t even realize their tweets, their Google activity and Facebook activity are filtering through government computer systems. Big brother knows about you! They just know much more when you frequent social media.

  39. Burt in PA says:

    Did the Haddonfield Middle School counselor Danielle McKelvey ask the same question and join in the YouTube post?

  40. Wendy says:

    The main problem here goes to the parents who don’t take the time to tell their daughters to have self-respect for themselves; if they don’t no one else will. Teens should know they don’t need to get ‘approval’ from others, but from themselves about they they feel about themselves. Parents need to talk to their teens and instill in them the “self-confidence to empower themselves to have ‘self’-respect and to believe’ in themselves, and understand that the most important beauty comes from within regardless as looks fade. No one should define the value of another person. Parents need to empower their children and put the emphasis on intelligence… not judgements on themselves or others.

    1. matt2717 says:

      Great points. I would add that parents should also be very wary of allowing children to post such videos that can be seen by any creep or human trafficker worldwide. In this sick, upside-down world, the predators abound. Worse, they are becoming emboldened by the internet, suddenly realizing they’re not alone in their bizarre and twisted urges.

      1. ThisAintPretty says:

        A better headline would be Are Americans Ignorant? Unelected officials have taken over Washington and the media to prevent the truth from leaking out. We have no president after the coup and cover up.

        There is no democracy. Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

    2. Bob says:

      Please. In a study of self-esteem, do you know who had the highest levels? Convicts in prison. The entire “I must love me” movement is creating a generation unable to develop healthy and normal inner self-reflection. These kids are addicted to attention, and it is absolutely unhealthy on a whole host of levels.

  41. Jim says:

    These girls need to buy Troy McClure’s new DVD series, “Get Confident, Stupid!”

  42. Joe says:

    It’s a bell curve. Not everyone can be in the top half.

  43. Tom F says:

    If you need to ask, you aren’t. But who cares?

    People become more or less attractive as you get to know them. I have seen pretty girls turn ugly and less superficially attractive girls prove to be beautiful.

    1. Cat says:

      Also, as people age they look different. My girlfriend was a late bloomer. Very tall and flat until she turned 17 or so now she is really sexy. I’ve seen the pictures, it is true.

  44. obama hater says:

    i blame obama!!

    1. Tom F says:

      He blames Bush!

      1. kmrod says:

        He blames Clinton!

      2. just me says:

        We should blame Al Gore, he'[s the one who invented the internet.

  45. David FeHill says:

    They will probably all grow up to be still in college at age 30 and whine to congress that they need free contraceptives to support their beautiful life style.

    1. obama hater says:

      thats what im talking about! why would rush apologize? i have lost a little (tiny) bit of respect for him. if bush was president you know these girls would grow up hating muslims instead and when that happens, well everyone wins!

      1. Tom F says:

        It is not permissible to use words that accurately describe someone. I was at an event today where women were referred to as “persons who identify as female.”

      2. JWS says:

        Tom F…. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s awesome. Every time I think the postmodernists can’t be any more stupid, I’m proven wrong.

    2. a trapper cabral says:

      good one,dave. I wish i was a little a little faster on the uptake to beat you,but i’m 74 and slooooo.

  46. FN_Jerk says:

    Girls, especially tween and teen girls, are FN dumb. More than likely if they posted something like that they already know they are easy on the eyes but use the “Am i pretty?” call to divert attention away from their ugly personalities.

  47. Noonan says:

    And the thumb nail links to the side of this story include pictures of the Wing Bowl, some sort of Victoria Secret show, and a skinny blonde weather person. Hmmm…wonder why girls are putting so much value in appearances. Do the cbsphilly editors see any irony here?

    1. Ray says:

      Hear, hear!

      1. kmrod says:

        No, the editors are on line asking the question “are we stupid”?

    2. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      The folks in charge of searching for revenue will put up whatever is tasteful and that people will click on. Can you blame them? It’s business..

  48. message for the girls says:

    Everyone wants to be loved… but you never feel lacking if you are sincerely focused on giving love to others in need. Give it away girls, love properly, the way Jesus wants you to.

  49. Laura says:

    These posts by girls predate YouTube. I’ve seen them for years on Yahoo Answers. They used to post their photos along with them. What is also disturbing is that some people will go on there and tell them they are ugly or unattractive…or worse.

  50. Laura says:

    These posts by girl predate YouTube. I’ve seen them for years on Yahoo Answers. They used to post their photos along with them. What is also disturbing is that some people will go on there and tell them they are ugly or unattractive…or worse.

Comments are closed.

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