Reverend Arrested, Charged With Patronizing A Prostitute In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A reverend within the Philadelphia Archdiocese has been placed on administrative leave after he was arrested and charged with patronizing a prostitute, church officials said Friday.

Father Patrick McCormick was arrested February 23rd at about 11 p.m. in the 3300 block of Kensington Avenue. A female officer was posing as a decoy, authorities said, which resulted in the arrest of the 48-year-old reverend.

The next day, church officials say McCormick informed the Archdioceses that he was arrested, but the charge was DUI.

The Archdiocese learned Friday evening McCormick was actually charged with patronizing a prostitute.

In a statement, the church said, “This information is deeply troubling.”

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One Comment

  1. souloriginal says:

    Father Pat is a good person and I know others Pastors like him who would love to be married but due to their profession can’t. This is the thing people…these are men and just because you’re a priest testosterone doesn’t go away. We can talk religion all day but reality is the real. I guess dealing with a prostitute is the easy way to go black ops hoping not to be discovered. Maybe this is God’s mysterious way to man letting him know he needs to leave the priesthood, continue good work and find a woman to be with. By the way people who I can’t blame for be negative to the Archdiocese, they haven’t put a spin on this story. They’re hoping it goes away…

  2. Jeff Spicoli says:

    Its awesome to see what stories Catholics can conjure up in the face of insurmountable evidence. In fairness, the prostitute should probably be getting her drugs from Father Pat, but because she wasn’t one of his regulars, he didn’t bring any extra.

  3. Bill K. says:

    Father Pat has given his time and life to his Faith. He is very dedicated to the people of our parish and bringing the word to us. He is human like many of the people we read about in the Bible. What he did was wrong. How many of those who judge him have confessed sins that were as bad as what he did or even worse than this. He is being judged because of his life in the church. How many have done no good in their life and will never get judged for their involvement in the same crime. We need dedicated people like Father Pat. Look at your own life before you judge others. Jesus is Lord. That is what matters.

    1. Neil Allen says:

      Bill K,

      Any chance you’re Father Pat, using a fake name?

      Let’s think about Father Pat. Do you think there’s any chance that Father Pat is NOT on the internet, using fake names, to try to get people to forget so easily?

  4. Bill K says:

    Father Pat gives more to the church and the people of the parish than any priest I have known in many years. No I don’t believe what he did was right by any standard. I wish that the people who he gives forgiveness to for so many sins including what he did could forgive him for what he did. Yes he is human. We need men of dedication like Father Pat and I will continue to show support for him. We need good Priest and we can’t get past the fact that they are human. We know that it is not just the Catholics that have these problems with church leaders. We are just the current focus of the worlds bad press.

    1. Neil Allen says:

      Catholic priests are the focus of the world’s bad press because they raped more children than anyone in history, and they still lie about it to this day, although the lies come out a week after one of their Cardinals drops dead.

  5. Poortrucker says:

    Looks like the power of testosterone was stronger than his oath of celibacy to serve God. Church officials said “this is disturbing” but they really mean “how many pastors have this problem but had not yet gotten caught.” Lesson learned here is, Google “escort service” to find local service providers. IMO its better to contract a prostitute than to release your inhibitions on children. Also, before approaching street walkers, survey nearby for men in vehicles or loitering nearby; they’re plainclothes police ready to come to her aid if she’s assaulted. I’ve witnessed these sting operations.

  6. mrbluesays says:

    Should have known karen brown the stripper prostitute of yeadon with a refrigerator in her bedroom

  7. Ann says:

    Problem for me with the story is, if it was my neighbor across the street, would I see his picture on the news when I turned on the tv this am. Also, I think it is his own personal business, only hurting himself and not a child. Will pray for peace of mind for him.

    1. Neil Allen says:

      Ann, if the neighbor across the street from you was in a fraternity that hid the world’s largest child rape cult, and they were always telling everyone what to do because they were the one and only cult that could show you how to get the ultimate afterlife, then yes.

      Also, at least 4,392 of his cult member had sex with children according to their own John Jay report.

  8. jenine says:

    I totally agree tyred, I know this man personally and has a heart of gold, Im not saying what he did wasnt wrong but he is a man who has needs and he wasnt hurting nobody but himself in this case. Hes not a pedophile and he does a great service to the church communtiy. If the catholic church would allow the priest to get married then things like this wouldnt happen.

    1. TOM W. says:

      HI Jenine. Your willingness to give the benefit of the doubt is truly good and I respect that. Unfortunately, married men get involved in these situations as well.
      If this allegation proves true, this priest has let down the faithful in a significant way.
      Take care.

  9. misterlucky says:

    Look, it could all be a misunderstanding. He resembles one of the priests from Apple Corp, an elite group of saints playing sinners, in order to bring the flock back to the fold. He might have been undercover, as a john, to bring weak women back from the life, and catch their drug suppliers in the process.

    1. Poortrucker says:

      Misterlucky, the bait officer routinely wear a microphone so you cant’ say to a judge “your honor, my intent was to save this woman from a life of damnation.” No misunderstanding; it’s all caught on audio tape.

    2. Jim says:

      Hey misterlucky,

      Is there a website or any information about this group online?
      I am Just starting to develop a close friendship with Father when thishappen.
      Ironically I was at the last Sunday Mass he said and hope to be able to go to
      one in the future. This story not only sounds out of character for Father Pat
      But if you’re going to a prostitute why would you send her off for drugs.
      Your theory sounds reasonable and I hope it turns out to be true.

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