By Lesley Van Arsdall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It burns fat, sculpts muscles and gets your butt back where it should be. Women in New York and L.A. just can’t wait to do the workout that started right here in Philly!

It’s the exercise program for women who have tried everything. From yoga to pilates to weight-lifting, this gets results. CBS 3’s Lesley Van Arsdall, a devotee herself, shows us why this workout works.

It’s called The Lithe Method, a high fat burning cardio workout that is based on pilates.

Fitness instructor Lauren Boggi invented lithe in Philadelphia.

“I started to get really bored with being inside the pilates box and i started incorporating my cheerleading background and dance and lithe,” said Boggi.

Elastic bands that hang from the ceiling are what make this workout so unique.

The bands create resistance and that creates muscle.

“The band system mimics cheerleading and what it feels like to fly,” said Boggi.

Women do the hour-long class two to three times a week.

Shannon Rowe swears by the transformation she has seen starting the lithe classes back in September.

“Since September I have lost 30 pounds, I went from a size 12/14 to a size 4/6,” said Shannon after a fast-paced lithe class. “They call me the incredible shrinking woman around here”.

Shannon has tried pilates, hot yoga and weight training.

But she says lithe has made it fun.

“This was for me just what took me over that hump of all those things that we’ve tried before that we thought was going to work and it didn’t,” she said.

Keri McKeever is a veteran lither from St. Davids.

“I had my last child 2 years ago which is when i started lithe,” said McKeever after her lithe workout. “It’s totally transformed my body and I’ve lost over 20 pounds.”

Boggi says the results come fast.

“Three weeks you will definitely start to see major results,” says Boggi.

So start now.

Summer is just a few months away.


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