More Opposition Surfaces To Rowan Takeover of Rutgers-Camden

By John Ostapkovich

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — One day after students at Rutgers University in Camden staged a satirical play to protest the idea of turning Rutgers-Camden over to Rowan University (see related story), the takeover plan is taking a drubbing on a couple of additional fronts today.

One new knock is a poll from the Rutgers-Eagleton people, who find that New Jerseyans dislike the idea of the Rowan takeover by a margin of 57 percent to 22 percent.

South Jersey respondents were no more supportive than those in other regions of the state.

The poll did not ask about portions of the Governor Chris Christie’s plan in which Rutgers would gain.

This survey result comes on the same day as Rutgers-Camden supporters were planning to rally on campus in advance of the university’s board of governors’ meeting there (see related story).  Dozens of people have signed up to speak on the merger issue.

The university’s president has already come out against the loss of Rutgers-Camden (see related story), although not against the additions to Rutgers that are also part of the sweeping plan.

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One Comment

  1. NJEG says:

    This is really a good deal for NJ as a whole. Geographicly it make sense for Rowas’s Medical school to have the Camden location. Rugters to the North and Rowan to the South. It will serve more New Jerseyians and attract out of state inrolements.

    1. cmb says:

      Good deal? You mean one in which the tax payers of NJ will have to pay to replicate the resources that are already paid for and in place through Rutgers, the State University of NJ. A consortium between Rutgers-Camden and Rowan would eliminate the need, and allow for Rowan to piggy back off of the resources available through Rutgers. Namely the expensive and timely accreditations, the research library which includes a $6.2 million electronic database, etc. It would take decades and billions of dollars to recreate that which already exists through Rutgers, specifically Rutgers-Camden. This is not a good deal.
      Not to mention that the would be a loss to the future students of southern New Jersey who currently have educational choices in their own region. If the Camden campus of Rutgers is lost to southern New Jersey then those students who wish to attend a school other than Rowan will head north, out of state, or will opt not to pursue higher education.
      Keep Rutgers-Camden in southern New Jersey. Build on the assets that already exist. Keep educational choices in place for the residents of southern New Jersey.

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