Fitzpatrick Pushes Bill To Support Families Of Fallen Volunteer EMTs

By Brad Segall

BENSALEM, Pa. (CBS) – First responders in Bucks County are asking area residents to take to social media to contact their elected representatives and spread the word about legislation in Washington that would better protect the families of “volunteer” emergency medical personnel killed in the line of duty.

The legislation to close a loophole in the law was sparked by the death of Danny McIntosh nearly two years ago in Bensalem. He died on the job of a heart attack, but because he was a volunteer and not a paid employee, his family has been denied federal death benefits.

Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick is behind the bill which he says is currently languishing in the House Judiciary Committee.

“We’re not going to give up until we’ve done everything we can possibly do to get this law passed, so I remain hopeful,” Fitzpatrick says. “I’m an optimist and we’re not going to give up on Danny’s family.”

Fortunately, he says only a handful of EMT’s are killed in the line of duty in the country each year. He says the cost of the benefits would be paid through reforms that he says would be built into the Public Safety Officer Benefit program. He says that could include drug forfeiture money.

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One Comment

  1. Lois68 says:

    If you have a heart condition, why would you join a volunteer EMT squad and expect the taxpayers to pick up the tab if you drop dead? Also, what about nurses who drop dead at nurses’ sations or mental health care workers, or….. Either everyone gets the benefit or no one gets it. That is democracy. It is clear our politicans do not lead. One wonders if they can think. I know newsreporters can’t.

    1. C. Jakubowski says:

      First of all, I don’t believe that Mr. McIntosh knew he had a heart condition. He was only 39 years old. My second point is that he VOLUNTEERED his time. In case you’re slow, that means that he did not get paid. The health care workers that you mentioned are NOT VOLUNTEERS. What have you done to help your community, Lois68? Since most of us don’t leave our nice, warm houses to run out and help people that we don’t know, shouldn’t we help those who do? You mentioned something about taxpayers “picking up the tab…” Do you know how much YOUR taxes would increase if no one volunteered? Your post doesn’t make much sense. I guess you just like to see your name on the internet…

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