By Jericka Duncan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Love, is beautiful. But, when the relationship ends what do you do with the gifts from your ex?

“I ended up giving it back to her,” said John Smallword

“You know those, ‘you can turn gold for cash places’? I did that with a necklace and got a lot of money so that was the best part of the relationship,” said Kimelia Weathers

Weathers, who happens to play the crazy-ex girlfriend in the upcoming movie called “Exit Strategy,” has the right idea, according to this new website called,

“Basically it’s sort of like an ebay for breakups. I sort of had the observation that when you have a breakup your left with all this stuff that’s still really nice, still beautiful things but you don’t know what to do with it anymore,” said Anabel Acton, the site’s creator.

Acton, who went through a terrible breakup herself, created the website a few weeks ago. For $2.50 you can post once sentimental items, and tell people why you’re getting rid of them. One woman is selling a custom designed diamond ring. The real world price: $5,500, the break up price $2,500. The story behind the ring, her husband of 24 years left her for a co-worker. She plans to use the money to take care of her children and pay some bills.

“The traffic has been amazing I’m getting around 20,000 victors a day which is great!” said Acton.

As long as hearts continue to break, bargain shoppers will fall in love with this new website.

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