Attempted Child Luring In Gloucester County Under Investigation

By Robin Rieger

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) – “I was walking and he went passed me and turned around,” said a 10-year-old boy whose identity is being concealed. He says he has been walking home from Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Washington Township for the past three weeks.

“I was doing fine until that Friday.”

That’s when he says a black male dressed all in black attempted to get him into his older model white minivan a half block from school on Benjamin Court.

“He beeped and I didn’t pay any attention to him, and he rolled down his window and said, ‘Get in my [expletive] car,’ and I was like, ‘I’m not getting in your car.’”

The boy, in fifth grade, says he kept walking as his fear grew.

“Is he going to stop me? Will he get out and grab me?” he wondered.

Next, he says the man got out of the van.

“He started chasing me.”

Luckily the boy says his neighbor was parked nearby to pick up her children. The boy says he ran to her car and banged on the window. She let him in and gave him a ride home.
Washington Township police have posted the report on their website that notifies residents of different investigations.

“I’m really surprised, this is a safe neighborhood,” said Will Bausch, who lives near the school.

“I guess ill be a little more cautious,” he said.

That’s what police are suggesting residents do as they continue their investigation.

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One Comment

  1. Nikki Nelms says:

    You guys aren’t seriously blaming the cops for this!? I don’t even live in TWP but this story has caught my eye. I highly doubt the boy ‘cried wolf’ like you guys think. If you all remember, a few weeks ago there was an attempted child luring in Pitman. A male tried to lure a little girl into his WHITE VAN and the Pitman police of chief warned residents there to after it happened. It looks to me like parents should be concerned about this all over the WHOLE COUNTY. I’m sure the police are investigating this like they say, doing their jobs and looking into the previous reports to see if their connected. And who would you all call if you were in some sort trouble? The Cops – Just Saying.

  2. sam sabbatino says:

    No! Our police don’t hang out at Dunkin Donuts. They make too much money to degrade themselves with Dunkin Donuts. Our police hang out at a pizza shop on Fries Mill Rd. They are always there. Must be a cop or ex-cop who owns.

  3. marisol says:

    my kidz school sent out a letter on friday stating that there was a man showin a weapon to young kidz and try to grab them to kiddnapp them so y we dont see the news commin to the school to make the police presents none more

  4. Sam Sabbatino says:

    I live in Washington Twp, NJ. Between the hours of 300PM and 630 to 700PM during the week, anyone can commit a crime in Washington Twp. That’s because the police are too busy sitting all over Route 42 looking for driving violations. Let’s concentrate on patrolling the neighborhoods instead of harassing the working people. I am NOT saying this because I was stopped. It just infuriates me that I’m paying astronomical taxes to overpaid security guards who really don’t protect the public that they are being paid to protect. Let’s get on the ball and do the right job. Don’t be scared of prospective felons.

    1. Zzbar says:

      OOooo I thought you were going to say they (police) were sitting over at Dunkin-Donuts. Its different if they were sitting over by Route#42 looking for driving violations. Patrolling the neighborhoods don’t raise $$$.
      Parents, please inform and protect your kids. There are a lot of sick-os out there. Jerry Sandusky is not the only one.

  5. marisol says:

    ok and that happen at my kidz school twice and i dont see ya commin over to check up on us it happen to two diffrent lil girls

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