This Year, Viewers Find Football More Thrilling Than Commercials

By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Most years, the commercials end up taking center stage at the Super Bowl, but this year’s crop seems to be underwhelming.

“I didn’t see too many I really cared about,” one football fan said. “Other than that, Madonna still looks nice.”

While the general response is ho-hum, there were some fans. “I think they were the best I’ve ever seen.”

Matthew Broderick’s Ferris Bueller spoof for Honda is a popular one. “One of the worst performances of my career and he never doubted it for a second.”

Same with the Chevy apocalypse commercial, in which one man asks, “Where’s Dave?”  “Dave didn’t drive the longest lasting, most dependable truck on the road… Twinkie?”

“There were a couple Doritos commercials that were really funny,” another man said. “There was this dog, trying to cover up a cat.”

“Honey, have you seen our cat?” “Nope.”

Some other winners in the bunch: Seinfeld’s Acura spot.

“I throw in the Soup Nazi.” “Soup for you.”

Bud Light’s commercial featuring a rescue dog: “Name’s We Go.”

“We Go, what kind of name is that?” “Call him.”

And the Volkswagen Dog Strikes Back.

“The dog is funnier than the Vader kid.”

But overall, “Very blaise, I wasn’t impressed with them at all. The game was better than the commercials, that’s for sure.”

(Voice of Matthew Broderick): “You’re still here?  Don’t you have anything better to do?”

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