New Cancer Vaccine Trial To Get Underway At New York’s Roswell Park Center

By Cheryl Elias

Philadelphia (CBS) – A cancer vaccine will be tested on patients at a cancer center in upstate New York during a phase one trial the government has approved.

The vaccine is designed to activate the patient’s immune system to attack only cancer cells and perhaps prevent the cancer from returning.

“About 20 patients who have solid tumors with a certain protein signature will be chosen to take part in this cancer vaccine trial at the Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York,” says President and CEO at Roswell Park Dr. Donald Trump.

The vaccine will also use a drug that suppresses organ transplant rejection.

“We’re hoping that the combination of the unique protein and the addition of the drug to extend the life of the vaccine, the Rapamysin, will be a proof of principle that will allow us to continue this development,” Trump adds.

Proof of an effective cancer vaccine can take a decade or longer of clinical trials.

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