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Warm Winter Temps Nothing To Sneeze At

file photo (Getty Images)

file photo (Getty Images)

Michelle Durham Michelle Durham
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By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you are sniffling and sneezing more this winter season than last year, it is not your imagination.

The warmer weather is firing up your sinuses earlier than usual according to Dr. Megan Taylor of Allergy and Asthma Care at Holy Redeemer Hospital.

“You’ve got lots of mold whenever it’s wet and warm. What most people don’t realize is that February you start to get Spring tree pollination because the light becomes different. It causes pollination of the trees and if you look at the ground you can see our crocuses coming up,” she said.

Taylor says if you’re suffering now there are plenty of over the counter medications that can help. However, if you are coughing and wheezing she says do not wait. As for the Spring Allergy season?

“I would be prepared. Unless we see snow coming in our near future, which we’ve done before, the way things are going, things will begin to bloom and I see us having a very early tree pollen season.”

She’s gearing up to be busy.