Police: 4 Men Rob Center City Greyhound Bus Terminal


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  1. sityblok says:

    Hes no armed for tha cunspiracy of tha cops, no wat im sayn yo

  2. Zzbar says:

    Inside job. No security in a bus terminal at night??

  3. Gina says:

    Seems as though the illegal drugs entering the area have increased in price so, robberies will probably increase too. NYPD was testing a new technology designed to detect individuals carrying guns underneath their clothing. This may be something that Philadelphia begins to test as well. A significant portion of gun violence in this city is direct result of drug trafficking and street gang activity. Until the market demand for illegal drugs in the area declines the city will grow to resemble Camden. Mid-level and retail-level drug trafficking organizations are a mixture of Hispanic, African-American, and Caucasians. If only the same mixture of races could stand together in this city, we may begin to make some progress in holding them hostage instead of the current situation we are in.

  4. Wise One says:

    To be fair, cbsphilly.com usually includes a descriptionm, unlike some of Killadelphia’s other well-known news/comment sites.

  5. misterlucky says:

    i’m not tryna be overly critical, but if memory serves me right, there is a police station directly across the street from this terminal….i could be wrong, though; it may very well be a nail salon or donut shop.

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