Council Member Wants City To Make Up For Cuts To School District Services

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In the wake of the worsening financial crisis at the Philadelphia School District, a freshman City Council member plans a hearing on whether the city can make better use of its own facilities to fill in the gaps.

The new eighth district council member, Cindy Bass, says the perilous plight of the School District makes it imperative for other institutions, including the city itself, to step up. She plans to hold a hearing on whether city-owned facilities like rec centers can be further used to — as Bass puts it — “supplement the academic needs” of public school students — particularly if summer school is eliminated.

“We know the School District is having significant cuts, and we want to look at what can fill in for those cuts — what other resources are available. Because, we have to do something and make sure our young people are going to be protected and covered and have a safe place to go, and have a productive summer.”

Bass says cultural institutions and non-profits will also be looked at. No date set for the hearing.

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  1. Gina says:

    If the Colleges, Universities, and NPOs are not hit with a property tax so as to assist with the short fall of the PSD then they should step up. More can be done but it would mean that the institutions of this city must work together – set an example- of what community truly means. Fragmentation destroys communities. I hope Bass’ suggestion is met with cooperation and unified effort by the City, Academic community, and NPOs – it would be a first but a first that was never more needed at this crucial time.

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