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Local Officials Accuse Gov. Corbett of ”Attack On Poor People”

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia area legislators gathered today to criticize a series of moves by Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett that they say are aimed at cutting programs for poor people.

“The attack on poor people is unconscionable, and we need to stand up and tell them to stop the madness,” said state representative Michelle Brownlee, who was among a dozen speakers who charged that recent moves by the Corbett administration had no apparent rationale other than to punish those with low incomes.

The most recent change — imposing an asset test for food stamp applicants (see related story) — will actually cost the state money, according to George Matysik of the food bank Philabundance, because food stamps are paid for by the federal government and spent in local grocery stores.

“That’s cutting $85 million dollars in economic activity coming into the Commonwealth, that’s coming to Pennsylvania corporations, that’s coming to Pennsylvania small businesses,” he said.

An administration spokesperson says she hears that taxpayers support the asset test.

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One Comment

  1. jenn says:

    republicans have contempt for the poor,always have.

  2. Angry White Woman says:

    Let’s also not forget how he cut Adult Basic – the health insurance for the working poor. Then, he tried to use the Tobacco Settlement money (which was used to fund the program) to fund economic development. That money was clearly for health care programs! If he wants economic development, a really good way to get funds would be to tax the natural gas companies – we are the only state that continually refuses to do so! He is an evil, evil man.

  3. ANGRY BLACK MAN says:

    This is so backwards. Catch 22, the federal government is killing jobs by supporting these programs. Why not go after the the local democrats that run the city,, for the past 50+ years(mayor) any CHANGE YET? Or how about that
    great President that just gets along so good with everbody! He is ruining the country. Lets try change again, this time with a Man with a plan for the country
    not just his own selfish re-election. All he does is campaign and complain.

  4. Laura says:

    Why are people afraid to validate they are eligible for assistance? Or show ID when they vote? The purpose is to eliminate the rampant fraud which is costing taxpayers ,millions and allowing people to steal elections. What are you hiding?

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