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Councilwoman Wants To Boost Education Budget By Keeping Bars Open Later

By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia City Council and the State Legislature will both be asked to think outside the bar, or at least bar hours.

City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown and an ally in the state house are introducing companion bills to allow city bars to serve alcohol until 3 a.m., an hour later than currently. This would require state and city authorization, which is why the two front approach.

Reynolds Brown says the point of this is to raise money for education by directing the by-the-drink taxes from that extra hour to the school district.

“When we fully accept the fact that education is the single biggest indicator of success and the greatest deterrent to crime, we need to do more in finding new revenue streams.”

Reynolds Brown says she’s opening this idea for discussion and expects differences of opinion even among bar owners and residents in Center City and the neighborhoods. She pegs the extra revenue at $5 million a year, enough for some athletic and arts and music programs.

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  • linda little

    no to keeping the bars open longer there already to much trouble after they close they don’t need another hour more also what about that extra penny on our sale tax isn’t that up now or at the end of the year I don’t want these people to think we forget about what they do to the real working class of this city

  • stewart

    Wow,another temporary tax now permanent.Add an admendment to the bill:
    any councilperson who votes yes, must move into a bar/club area(say like old
    city).Let them clean the p*** and puke from their doorway on the weekend mornings like me in old city.

  • Francis Graff

    The later the drunker. Now watch the crime rate fall??? Where do they dream up all these ways to get money for their distribution.

  • Tray

    Absurd! How about the politicians taking pay cuts! Now I like that idea better.

  • bullwinkle

    More evidence that we’ve elected clowns to city council.

  • Lou B

    who cares? let them stay open 24 hrs like Vegas.

  • bobby sue

    She’s just looking to have an extra hour on her own bar stool in her favorite watering hole. Only another drinker would suggest such a thing. If anything, they should close the bars on Sundays like they used to do, AND close earlier on the other days. Awww heck …. CLOSE ‘EM UP!!!!

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