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Ravens Kicking Consultant Can’t Rule Out New England Patriots Cheating In AFC Championship

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Billy Cundiff didn’t know what down it was on Sunday when he rushed on to the field to try and kick a game tying field goal in the AFC Championship game, and it wasn’t his fault.

Baltimore Ravens kicking consultant Randy Brown told Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team today on 94 WIP that the scoreboard in New England was incorrect during that final drive. “The scoreboard was one down behind, the entire last three plays, from what we understand,” Brown said. That caused Billy Cundiff to have to rush on to the field with just seconds left on the play clock to try and make the kick, which he missed.

When Cataldi asked Brown if he thought the Patriots did it it on purpose to gain an advantage, Brown replied, “I don’t think you can rule anything out in New England, can you?”

The Patriots were fined $250,000 and coach Bill Belichick fined $500,000 for violating league rules in 2007, when they were found to have videotaped the New York Jets defensive coaches giving signals.

Brown said that despite Cundiff missing the kick, the Ravens were still supporting each other. “The unity which we have, it’s really hard to describe it,” Brown said. “Very similar to that unity we had in Philadelphia (in 2004) when we went to the Super Bowl.” He also added that the players know they may not have even been in that game if not for Cundiff. “If it wasn’t for Billy Cundiff, and Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, different times during the year, we wouldn’t have won 12 games,” Brown said.



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One Comment

  1. Christopher PatsFan says:

    Scoreboard operators are hired by the NFL not a local team…quit your wining.
    Kicking Consultant? He needs a Console-ant after missing the kick!!
    BooHoo maybe next time…this time you watch the SuperBowl

    1. marini says:

      Well said!

    2. Spike says:

      I mean not for nothing, but the scoreboard operators are hired by the local team.

    3. Brian Pinter Sr. says:

      Ravens lost because ravens dropped ball. Patriots did not beat the Ravens and Im sick of hear about Tom Brady. If Tom Brady and the Pats were all that- they would have crushed us and a dropped pass in the endzone would not matter.

      1. Lee Pelletier says:

        It’s remarkable. Two teams played a great game. One had to lose. You can look at all sorts of reasons why the one team won while the other lost, but it comes down to a dropped pass and a missed field goal. There was no cheating. There was no mischief. It was an amazingly heads up play by sterling to knock the ball free, It was an amazingly poor kick by Cundiff. The Patriots played a team that was their equal and won. Other times they have lost. Of course I want them to beat the Giants on Sunday. Can you imagine the pain in Philly if when the Eagles play the Giants they have to hear the announcer say “Please welcome the World Champion New York Giants”? I don’t know if it will be worse when the Philly PA Announcer has to say it or when the gleeful NY announcer says it when the Eagles play there. Hate the Pats all you want, but do you really hate them more than you hate smirking Eli and the Giants?

  2. Paul says:

    Yeah – it was ESPECIALLY critical because Baltimore didn’t have any timeouts so that they could take their time and do it right. Oh wait – they DID have a timeout.

    Stop whining about a historic CHOKE by the Ravens kicker & coaching staff. Only 45 days or so until you can cheer for those up and coming Orioles.

  3. Clarke says:

    It would be nice if people writing articles and “kicking consultants” could get their facts straight – the scoreboard operators are all hired by the NFL. End of story.

    By the way, what kind of a job is a kicking consultant?? Is that a way to make unemployment numbers look better in this country? Let’s see… “kick the ball between the uprights. If you are further away, kick harder.”

    1. Spike says:

      The scoreboard is operated by the home team. You should do your homework before leaving comments.

  4. NE Patriots 1st Fan says:

    Anyone want to bet that the “Consultant” is let go for the comments he made in this article…Makes the Ravens organization look bad…Real bad.

    1. crowingoutloud says:

      I might have to agree on this

  5. don't remeber my name is it is not my fault says:

    So the Score board made him rush and miss the kick??? so why did he not ask for a time out to get ready to make the most important kick of the season? Why was he not ready to make the kick? Why did he not look on the field to see what down it was??? why did the coach not make sure his kicker was ready to try to tie the game and send it to overtime?? Why was it not his fault he did not know what down it was?

    1. fred stones says:

      Hey Ravens,Coaches…Here’s a straw. Please grasp at it. Your seasons on the line and you don’t know what down it is??? Really? Uhmm… Call a time out and get on the same page.

    2. Gordon T says:

      The down markers….which are what….10 feet away from the bench? I’m sure they were displaying the CORRECT downs….or we’d be hearing more about this, wouldn’t we?

  6. JC says:




    1. kat says:

      awesome go pats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Margaret Augustine says:

    Cry Baby ravens waaaa waaaa

  8. mac says:

    Its not nice to make someone who has never played the game before kick such and important kick. I mean, someone like that would be confused by all the whistles and people and stuff. He probably wouldn’t even know that there WERE 4 downs. Oh, wait a minute… You mean he’s been doing this for 10 YEARS? Oh. Well, then I dunno why he didn’t know what was going on.

    1. Lil J says:

      love it

  9. Ron G. says:

    I bet Ravens fans will get over losing to the Pats before Philly will. Babies!

  10. No Whining says:

    I like the Ravens. I think Haloti Ngata is the greatest. I wish they had won. But at the end of the day, rushed or not, Cundiff still missed the kick. These are paid professionals, supposedly for their ability to perform under pressure at a moment’s notice. He missed. That was unfortunate. A heartbreaker. S**t happens. Man up and deal with it.

  11. Christopher says:

    I’m a Raven’s fan and this story doesn’t hold water. Cundiff’s job is to kick a field goal. If it’s a First Down, a Second Down, a Third Down, a Fourth Down…or even if it was a FIFTH Down…his job is to kick a FIELD GOAL. Doesn’t matter otherwise…NO EXCUSES! Hoping that we kick Pittsburgh and New England in the groin next year…and get another shot at a Super Bowl.

    1. Paul says:

      Agreed – I’m a Pats fan and the Ravens were the equal to the Pats in every way during that game. Its too bad it had to end that way….

  12. bill phillips says:

    so you are telling me that coach harbaugh and staff rely on the score board to know what down it is? that’s a foolish assumption and makes the RAVENS coaching staff look even worse

  13. David Barr says:

    The way that kick just veered away from the uprights, looked like some invisible hand of God. Maybe Suggs shouldn’t have dissed Tebow.

  14. Andrew says:

    Didn’t they have one timeout left? Why didn’t they use it? The kicker was rushed and that is on the coach.

  15. Chrinther says:

    Laces out Finckle…

  16. NEMike says:

    If they were doing their job, the Baltimor coaching staff might have noticed that something, perhaps, didnt look right and there is always an official standing on the sideline near their bench area and all they had to do would have been to yell, hey, the scoreboard is wrong, and the official would have called an official time out. They didnt do it. If there is blame to be placed by the Baltimore media, that is where it should go.

    1. jedirock says:

      That’s difficult to do when it’s the final drive or minutes of a close game when your mind is focused on the game 110%. The officials and/or NFL should of noticed it and had the scoreboard reflect the correct information.

      1. Tim says:

        It’s a shame that the coaches couldn’t see the chains. They clearly said the down and they were correct. If they felt Cundiff was being rushed, why not use their last timeout? Oh, that’s right, they were 110% focused on the game!!
        He missed the kick. It happens.

      2. AmusedOkie says:

        On any quality coaching staff, SOMEONE is assigned to keep a constant check on down, distance, time remaining, and distances marked off for penalties. Discrepancies are immediately reported to the officials. Does this mean the Ravens’ coaching staff is lacking?

  17. Too Many Rings says:

    In other news, Lee Evans dropped the touchdown because New England’s coaching staff stuck pins into a Ravens voodoo doll.

    Get over it, losers!

  18. Meredith Putvin says:

    Perhaps the Ravens need a fine for unsportsmanlike conduct. This is very bad form and I lost a lot of respect for this team. Talk about a lack of class.

    1. Robert Heintze says:

      I’m not a Raven’s fan Meredith, but the “kicking consultant” was refering to the “spy gate” perfect regular season of 2007-08 when Baltimore outplayed New England, but the referees literally GAVE the game to the Pats! They should have gone 15-1. For that matter, I have NEVER seen a controversial call in any Patriot’s game go against them. The worst officiated game I EVER say was when Buffalo played them in 1998. There were at least half a dozen bad calls that all went New England’s way. That was the year of Phil Luckett (the worst ref of all time) “coin flip flap”, where he called an opening coin toss wrong! Even the league’s umpire commisioner at the time, Jerry Siemen eviscerated the crew for that one. Just ask Bill’s fans how often they’ve been ripped off. Remember the “music city miracle” against the Titans? The refs GAVE Tennessee that particular playoff game. Keep in mind that the Pat’s failed to defeat a single team this season who ended the regular season with a winning record! That’s right! They played only 2 teams with winning records (the Giants and Steelers) and lost both of those games. Talk about a lucky team! But when you consider that Robert Kraft is the league’s richest owner, some people will do anything to win.

      1. AmusedOkie says:

        Wide left.

        Officials’ fault.

      2. cam says:

        Wah wah wah.

      3. benny says:

        Wow. Heintzie has quite a stick up his butt. Did the Patriots steal your first born? Its sports. The Patriots have ruled the century. Get over it.

      4. Paul says:

        Do you even watch ALL of the Patriots’ games? And what’s your point about the Patriots not beating a single team that ended the season with a winning record? It’s not like they blew out the Ravens. It came down to Brady flipping over the goal line and Ray Lewis smashing his helmet into Brady’s back. And where did you get that Robert Kraft is the NFL’s richest owner? Please, show me. He may be one of the top five but definitely not the richest. People like you tell Patriots’ fans that saying “Everyone videotapes in the league” is an old excuse and yet you keep bringing the stupid Spygate scandal up. Ravens lost. Stop making excuses.

      5. Mark says:

        So how many times have the Patriots beaten your teams a$$?…You’re just a Patriots hater pure and simple…Jealousy rears it’s ugly head

  19. oklahomabound says:

    Was this article written by Arlen Specter, somewhere he’s still sucking his thumb over the Pats beating the Eagles in the SB? If you still have some friends in D.C. maybe you can have a a Congressional hearing set up on this scoreboard thing Arlen.

  20. Gerry says:

    Baltimore Ravens kicking consultant Randy Brown is basically just trying keep his job here. It’s an easy shot to complain about the evil Patriots when the guy you were supposed to be training to do his job in tight situations like this failed to convert and thus you failed to Mr. Brown. Cundiff is Ray Finkle. Grow a pair and take responsibility.

  21. Andrea Neale says:

    Then you should have used your time out! Are you friggin serious?

  22. T says:

    But the truth is would anyone really be surprised if New England really stooped this low? The answer is, nope….they wouldn’t

    1. CrowingOutLoud says:

      Oh but New England has never been busted before for flagrent cheating . . . Riiiggghhhttt. I’m going fishing instead of watching these lousy excuses for football teams play a most decidedly Unsuper Bowl.

      1. kat says:

        you are a real loser. are you a ravens fan?? what about when they grab facemask and other penalties and get away with it.

    2. LA Garcia says:

      They have in the past they are cheaters and sore losers. I hope NY beats NE again cause NE cheats. When they lost Super Bowl to Giants last time they were such sore losers none of them showed up to the Pro Bowl. That is why now its before the Super Bowl so NE the sore Losers will have to go.

    3. Matt says:

      Stoop? By that you mean winning the close game 23-20 and being mentally prepared to handle the situations as they come? Baltimore only wishes to stoop THAT “low”. Champions of all sports have one thing in common, they are mentally tough and well prepared to win the close games. The Patriots have proven that for a decade.

  23. realityhurts says:

    Dear Ravens and 49ers, please grow a pair and learn to lose like men, with dignity and honor, instead of looking like whiney sniveling little school girls. This goes for all your gutter-dwelling fans too.

    Have a nice day,

    1. jnsesq says:

      Don’t they sound like liberals?

    2. Bradysucks says:

      You mean like Brady does and blames everyone but himself?

      Oh how soon we forget when Brady lost it against NY in the SB

      1. ^suckbradysnuts says:

        blames eveyone but himself? dude listen to yourself.
        if im not mistaken he told the whole world that he sucked on sunday.
        Brady, brees, and rodgers haters’ are all hypocrites, they’re all classy, unselfish, and obviously the best. get a grip bro.

  24. oklahomabound says:

    So if the Down was one play behind on the scoreboard why did the Ravens send in their kicker rather than try another play from scrimage? Oh, because they knew even without the Down marker on the scoreboard being correct, that it was fourth down because it’s their job to know. And speaking of down markers, were the orange & black colored ones that are held by personel on the sidelines also wrong? I’ll bet not. Talk about excuse making losers. And on a side note regarding the video taping BS that is always brought up to make it look like the Pats are cheaters; It is perfectly legal to video tape other teams, including their signals, as long as it is done from above in the booth. The Pats did technically break the rule by doing it from the field instead of the booth which gives no advantage at all, it just gives a field level view instead of a higher booth level view which in my opinion the higher level view would be the better one anyway. Suck on it, the Patriots are going to the SB because they won it and deserve it.

    1. patriotssuck says:

      No matter what happened at the end of the game, there is no way the patriots deserved to win that game. You are blind if you think they did or have any chance of winning the super bowl. The patriots didn’t win, the ravens lost.

      1. MikeO says:

        Puleeeease who dropped the ball in the end zone…….. who miseed the kick? the score board did it? oh boy can we reach….. the cheerleaderskicked heir legs way too high… thats a distraction….. where was the time out? bellicheck would have called it like all opposing coaches do…but alas he KNEW they were in dissaray……he let them kick it!!!!!! why is no one calling out MR/B (notice how I did the caps MR B) for not calling a time out,,,,thats the first thing you do try to get in the head of the f/g kicker. but alas, MR B saw wha was a stupid mistake BTW he’s always on the lookout for a mistake and guess who blinked. the whole coaching staff, as well as the kicker..whaaa whaaaa whaa……the scoreboard did it

      2. jc says:

        deserve has nothing to do with it DUMMY!! what a twit!

      3. kat says:

        im so sick of you big mouth pats haters. im glad the dirty ravens lost, payback is a b———-hopefully the giants will be next. and then all of you patriot haters can really cry and make up excuses. win or lose the patriots have class!!!!!!tom brady said he had a bad game, at least he admits it, and we still won!!!! whats the ravens excuse???

  25. Cobalt says:

    Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers in their Super Bowl because Belichick used a lip reader to interpret their plays.

    Now all coaches cover their mouths while making play calls.

    Belichick needs a plaque under his picture in the Hall Of Fame,

    “I give good lip service”..

    1. Anon says:

      What proof do you have of this? I’ll bet you have not a single shred of evidence to support your ludicrous claim. Pretty sure coaches always did that anyway.

      Even if you could read lips, there is always the possibility that you may interpret a lip movement differently from what is true, add in the fact that unless you have your opponent’s playbook sitting right in front of you, how are you to know exactly what kind of play is being called? Nomenclature varies from play to play and from team to team.

      Of course the QB can always audible into something else at the line of scrimmage thereby negating the effectiveness of someone reading a coaches lips.

    2. Lee Pelletier says:

      this is amazing stuff. You have to be kidding! Did you just start watching football a few years ago? I have been watching football for 50 years. I assure you, coaches have been covering their mouths for decades. Until you tell someone that they can’t do something, they are going to do everything they can to win. It is popular to hate New England because they are successful right now. Hey, I have hated Dallas and the New York Giants through most of my adult life, because through my early years it seemed they constantly won while the Patriots constantly lost.believe me when I tell you, from many decades New England fans were shocked when a controversial call went New England’s way. As they have gotten better they have earned the benefit of the doubt. Calls went the Giants way during their other times of greatness.Tom Brady is great get over it. The patriots are an incredible organization. Instead of whining about how they do things, learn from them.

  26. cj says:

    what difference does it make what down it was? a kick ends possession. there were 9 seconds left in the game. they had a TO.

    This has to be the dumbest excuse i’ve ever heard. imagine that, it came from a Raven. and the kicker at that!

    Ravnes got what they deserved: a loss.

    1. Allen Sanchez says:

      Guess you don’t know football or you didn’t watch the game. The complaint has nothing to do with what happens after the kick. In other words, the kicker thought he had more time to warm up his leg on the sideline since he thought it was third down, which has nothing to do with what the coaches thought. The result is, he rushed to the field.

      I’m not defending the Ravens, I was glad the Patriots won. Just wanted to point out that your comment makes no sense.

      1. Johnny99 says:

        I covered High School football for a newspaper for years, including a lot of time spent on the sidelines with the teams. Every good coach made sure that EVERY player was paying attention to what was going on in the game. For the kicker not to know what down it was and relying on the scoreboard to tell him indicates a lack of focus.

  27. Mike A says:

    LACES OUT!!!!

  28. Sophia Carazza says:

    What a JOKE


    THESE people are a bunch of SORE LOSERS.

  29. Gman says:

    Really, Seriously your going to ride that train?

    The officiating team, is responsible for the management of the game clock.
    Are you going to blame someone else when your late for work? Own it.

    It is the team it self’s responsibility, to communicate effectively amongst each other. “What down is it. How much time is left.”

    These are things that people manage each day. Deadlines and tasks.

    Stop making excuses for someone, who did not pay attention, to do his job.

    BTW I’m NOT a big Patriots fan, but don’t like people who make excuses.

    Where does that show up in the rest of your life Spike?

    1. cj says:

      sometimes it’s not my fault when i am late for work. accidents, school buses, that large pink elephant on the side of the highway, blocking a few lanes…. lol

      1. TheUndertow says:

        …but in the real world, you’re held accountable none-the-less.

        YOU may not hold yourself accountable, but that’s the crux of our problems both within and outside the walls of this discussion.

        Deflect deflect deflect….

    2. Bill says:

      BOO HOO cry me a river. Or in other words let’s just accuse them of cheating. He blew the kick, very simple. MOVE ON.

    3. Spike says:

      You’re aware that it’s not what I said, it’s what Randy Brown said right?

      The audio of the interview is there, as well as the little quotation marks around what he said.

  30. MarkS1 says:

    And let us remember that Pats field maintenance worker who rushed out on his little snow plow to scrub a place clean for their kicker on snowy game against Miami years ago. Not exactly cheating but they didn’t do it for the Dolphins. He was a big hero around there for awhile.

    Guess in NE you always gotta worry about hometown partisanship trying to better the odds. Oh sure, it’s not official “policy” just freelancing fans who just happen to have the power to sway the game.

    1. abdillo says:

      Sway the game, are u serious…lol, get a life

    2. Pats fan says:

      Wow! Thank you for actually commenting that Pats fans have them much power to be able to “sway a game”! I knew we were awesome, but you just admitted it! GO PATS!!

    3. Lee Pelletier says:

      This is really sad. I really did not fully appreciate how much jealousy accrues when you’re winning. I should have. The passion with which I have hated the Yankees (yes I know that Yankees play baseball and this is a football discussion) through the years made it clear to me that officiating always went the way of the Yankees. Sometimes bad calls really hurt like in the playoff game where a runner clearly avoided the tag but the umpire got it wrong and swung the momentum toward the Yankees. All kinds of things happen in sports. Sometimes there is even cheating. But overall, things have a way of evening out. Loyal patriots fans are getting an amazing decade or so after four decades of living in football hell. I plan to enjoy it for as long as the ride lasts and I will be just as loyal when they play like the Colts are as I am now. I admire Eagles fans for their loyalty but more and more I realize that excuses are like a certain unmentionable part of the anatomy… Everyone has them. Let it go. it’s a funny thing. When winning comes in, whining goes out. Whiners are not winners. Winners have little time for whining. Enjoy the Super Bowl. After the game I could not help but wonder how Philadelphia fans approach this game. Who do they hate more? When I lived in the Philadelphia area the hatred for the Giants was palpable. Since 2004 when the Eagles came oh so close there has been equal hatred for the patriots. So tell me, Philly, who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? this

  31. Tucked by the Spycam says:

    I heard that Belichick used his massive, gaudy Superbowl rings to reflect light into Cundiff’s eyes just as he kicked the ball, temporarily blinding Cundiff and causing him to miss the field goal attempt.

    HA HA HA

  32. Kevin says:

    Didn’t St. John of the Harbaughs still have a time out left or was that wrong on the scoreboard too? They gakked on it, no two ways about it.

  33. Eric says:

    They’ve been caught cheating enough times that I don’t blame people for being suspicious. When you give up your honor it’s tough to get it back. But this is a bit of a stretch.

    The guy still missed the kick. It came down to his foot, and he missed it. That’s the bottom line. Trying to blame somebody else is just sad.

    1. do something useful says:

      “enough times” lol wut.

    2. Matt says:

      Huh? Enough times? Re-read your history, don’t re-write it out of convenience.

  34. do something useful says:

    haha what a joke and now this website is a joke for even publishing this

  35. D schwarz says:

    Unless the ending is already scripted for MLK for the Patriots to win, the NFC has been playing better football. I expect the Giants to steamroll New England in this one now that they are healthly and are a much more physical football team. Denver did New England a huge favor by beating the Steelers, nonetheless New England hasn’t faced a team this year like the way the Giants are playing.

    1. poop says:

      Hmm….pretty sure the pats already played the giants this season….

  36. Jim Hackett says:

    I could rush on to the field with just seconds left on the play clock, and make THAT kick!

  37. cj says:

    Maybe Billy Cundiff should pay closer attention to the game and take responsibility for shanking a gimmie FG that only would have prolonged the inevitable anyway.

    So the person controlling the score board fell asleep at the wheel. a player in a game should know what the situation is. Does BB have a secret remote for the score board? or maybe it was that janitor from the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial who got word that the other game was about to start and overtime was unexceptable.

    jeez, whiners, get over it. ravens stink!

    & Pats

  38. Sal says:

    All’s fair in war and football. this isn’t golf. And I hate the Pats.

    1. abdillo says:

      nobody cares who you like SAL……really, ur jealous…

  39. Len says:

    This just in, the Ravens left the field with a Time out in their pocket. If the kicker was confused call time out. What a bunch of morons.

  40. NeverSurrender says:

    How about the BIG number 4 on the down & distance markers or the ref holding up a fist after 3rd down or the special teams coach telling him to get on the field. Did he miss all this too?

    1. oklahomabound says:

      Exactly, thank you!!

  41. PLH says:

    He missed the field goal. End of story.

  42. greg12 says:

    It don’t really matter,Ravens or Pat’s..The Giants will win the Super Bowl….

  43. Marine says:

    This is the stupidity you get when you allow Liberals to write articles. They know nothing about the sport or the teams. This is the by far the dumbest thing I read in my life. CBS & its writers need attention that bad?

    1. Matt says:

      Huh?! You lost me at stupidity. Are you that off the grid to claim a Liberal conspiracy? Does that mean Liberals wanted Baltimore to win and Conservatives wanted the Patriots to win? Really… we’ve come to this kind of rationalization in America?!

  44. joeblot says:

    Whine, whine, whine!! “It’s not my fault!” The ENTIRE team lost the game well before the kick. Accept the responsibility and move on! Next year is just around the corner..

    And I’m a Ravern supporter too!

  45. Marine says:

    This is the dumbest thing I ever had, no surpirse coming from CBS. Morons. The kicker didn’t know? That’s the excuse!? Retarts

  46. Mike A says:

    Are you really that desperate to write an article? I really feel sorry for you. Though, I heard Home Depot’s hiring.

  47. Nate says:

    According to Mike Pereira, the NFL’s Vice President of Officiating from 2004-09, “Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco attempted a 14-yard pass to Lee Evans in the corner of the end zone that was broken up by Sterling Moore.

    It was clearly not a catch as the ball was coming out before Evans’ second foot was on the ground. Besides that, even if both of Evans’ feet were on the ground, you have to maintain control long enough to perform an act common to the game of football. A lot of my Twitter followers questioned why the call was reviewed, but there was no need to review it because on this play, it wasn’t close to being a catch.”

    1. Matt says:

      look at this picture and watch the replay in slow motion, its a lot closer than you think:

      1. George says:

        of course it is closer than you think IN SLOW MOTION…………….what a moron.

      2. Matt says:

        I think you can go even slower!! put it in super extra mega-slow motion and you will see it too 11 minutes and 23 seconds for the entire play. Clearly under such a time constraint, it was a catch. BA-hahahahahaha!! America: Science was never their strong suit.

  48. John says:

    The official down and distance are kept on the field. All he had to do was look at the markers. Now the fact that he didn’t know the down goes to his incompetence. What does a kicker have to do except get ready to go in the game? Shame on him if he’s unprepared.

    1. The Evil Hoodie says:

      He was unprepared because he has an inferior kicking consultant.

  49. The Evil Hoodie says:

    Soon his bust will be in Canton and all the bitter losers will be able to come and pay homage to the greatest coach in the history of football…Bill Belichick

    1. Len says:

      And the greatest QB ever Tom Brady.

      1. Cheaters Nvr Win says:

        Bill Belichick is not even in the top ten. If history shows anything, the HOF has a very long memory and he won’t be shoe in.

        If he does it will definitely be with an *. Brady and New England deserve better than that.

        Lombardi would have fired him and he would never work in the NFL ever again.

      2. Matt says:

        Riiiiight Cheater Nvr Win! Because the history book in your head is the standard by which we should all live!

  50. Len says:

    It’s Geoge Bush’s fault. Sincerely, B.O.

    1. Bubba says:

      This never gets old. Do it again tomorrow.

  51. PUZZ says:

    The scoreboard made me miss it. I hate when that happens!!

    1. Nate says:

      If you’re dumb enough to be confused and not simply look at the sticks to verify the down you don’t deserve to win

  52. Rusty Shakelford says:

    It’s pretty obvious. Ray Finkle plays for the Ravens….

    1. Joe says:

      Laces out. Die Dan Die! :)

  53. conor says:

    he never had control of the call..

    1. conor says:

      *ball in the endzone.. regarding the ravens last catch in the endzone that was incomplete.. this was meant to be a reply comment.. don’t know why it posted it at the top

  54. KPC says:

    wow… really? Try not to choke on those sour grapes.

  55. cordstreet says:

    Patriots cheating, so what new?

    1. Hannah Abbott says:

      Is English your second language? Take a grammar class. . .. remedial grammar comes to mind.

  56. craig toensing says:

    Sounds like the kicking consultant is either trying to salve the kicker’s feelings or draw attention away from his own poor consulting.

  57. RJ says:

    The Ravens played cheapshot football the entire game and still lost.

    What a bunch of crybabies.

    1. Don says:

      Show one cheap shot by the Ravens that entire game, not three or four, just one. You can’t. Now, go ballwash Brady.

      1. JakeH says:

        How about Lewis drilling Brady in the back with his helmet for one

      2. jb2817 says:

        Or the play when Green-Ellis’ helmet was ripped off and a Ravens defender ( sorry I don’t remember his name) target Green-Ellis’ head with his own helmet. Maybe you should ball wash Flacco.

      3. Carol says:

        How about the Ravens “touchdown” where the player was leading the Patriots player by the face mask? That should have negated the play and the Ravens should have gotten a face mask penalty.

  58. J.V. says:

    In 2007, the New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was fined by the NFL the maximum of $500,000 and the Patriots were ordered to pay $250,000 for spying on an opponent’s defensive signals. The NFL has fined the Patriots prior to 2007, incuding spying prior to 2007, but apparently these fines are not high enough for Belichick & the Krafts to play fair and under NFL rules. The NFL should have taken away those championships – then, maybe, Belichick & Kraft would get the message.

    1. Len says:

      Wah wah wah

    2. JakeH says:

      They were never fined before 2007 for spying. Get the facts jealous boy.

    3. Howie Cheatham says:

      Envy and jeaousy are such ugly emotions. The sticks about 10 feet away from Harbaugh were correct and he looked at them several times in the final minute.

    4. Wide Left says:

      Are you a professional whining consultant?

    5. BKS says:

      Didnt Mangina who developed the filming process for the PATS when he was there blow the whistle on this? Where is that arse hole these days?

    6. oklahomabound says:

      Hey J.V. Tool, the fine was not for video taping the other teams signals, there is no rule against that and all teams do it, the fine was for doing the video taping at field level rather than from the booth up above where it is legal. All that video taping did was give the Pats a field level view of the same video that teams are leaglly able to tape from, and do tape from, the booth.

    7. MikeO says:

      a jets fan maybe?…… maybe a foot fetish thrown in for a heel? whoops putting a foot in the mouth bad!

  59. Nick Cignetti says:

    If the coaching staff can’t keep track of the downs that tells you all you need to know. Quit playing the Obamination game and get lost.

    1. Dbmalkie6 says:

      Interesting the article falls to mention the manner in which the Raven’s coaches treated this kicker before he went out to the field. Maybe…Just maybe if they had been a little more civil in their interactions, the kicker may have made it. It doesn’t speak must about the coaching staff when they blame someone else for what their own actions may have caused.

  60. Rich says:

    Sounds like Richard Daley is working for the Patriots now that Al Gore lost a single election five times.

  61. Rich says:

    Dear highly paid fartcatcher consultant,
    You’ll find sympathy in the dictionary between $hit & syphillis.
    Good luch in the offseason.

  62. Rich says:

    This isn’t a story. It shouldn’t be treated as one.

    1. frankie says:

      You’re right! I will just mention, that a team shouldn’t rely on a kicker to save a team anyway. They were losing and that is how it ended.

  63. Okieflyover says:

    Coach should have called timeout. Was the number of itmeouts wrong too?

    1. howard ingber says:

      I agree 100%

  64. F@CK_NFL says:

    Nothing SUPER about this one, it’s the east coast cronies/thugs/low-lifes playing each other. Glad I have a life and won’t be watching any of the nonsense.

    1. Don says:

      Yet, you read about it. What does that say about you?

    2. Howie Cheatham says:

      Somewhere sheep are getting very nervous, Mr “have a life”.

    3. oklahomabound says:

      Sitting around in your mons basement jacking off to a poster of your teams QB playing golf while real teams are playing in the SB does not qualify as having a life.

  65. AL Phresceaux says:

    If your coach doesn’t know what down you’re on, you need a coach.

  66. Oldfortman says:

    Patroits were cheaters in the past so who would not think they might do it again?

    1. kmrod says:

      maybe becuase the patriots don’t keep the scoreboard?

    2. caperick says:

      If your disobeying a rule the same way EVERYONE ELSE is; is it really cheating or is it just keeping everyone on a level playing field? Just sayin’

  67. truther says:

    the game was officiated VERY poorly on many different instances, this doesn’t suprize me, once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater

    1. trapper says:

      stop sucking your thumb and behave like a man, you crybaby.

  68. Rich says:


    The NFL runs the scoreboard bevis.

  69. Richard Ledbetter says:

    Interesting. I remarked while watching the game that Cundiff appeared to be running onto the field at the last minute. He didn’t seem have time to go through the usual pre-kick ritual.

    I’m a Chiefs fan without a dog in the fight.

    1. Super16 says:

      I’m a Saints fan and the Ravens are a bunch of crybabies.

  70. Greg says:

    ummm….there was a time out left. if the kicker was confused or unaware, the coach should have called the time out to set the play up. should have called a time out anyways…

  71. mrsharfer says:

    True or not, the Pats are notorious for cheating, drug use and general thuggery.

    1. trapper says:

      prove anyone those charges three ring do not lie.

    2. Tim Ferguson says:

      And the Ratbirds are notorious for choking in the playoffs and leaving a timeout on the board when the kicker was “rushing” onto the field. He had 15 seconds once he started to get ready for the kick. Plenty of time. The fact is the coachng staff for the Ratbirds were screaming for the kicker 3 plays before all of this went down so he would be ready.If the rest of the field goal team was out there what was the idiot kicker doing? Answer…choking.

    3. Yup says:

      Exactly..they cheat, everyone knows it. Drugs, spying, thuggery, scoreboard manipulation..that’s probably only the tip of the iceberg.

    4. Not A Patriots Fan says:

      Please define and state the facts of the Patriots drug use and general thuggery.

      Thank you

  72. reason says:

    his job is to kick the ball between the bars no matter what down it is…………………..

  73. Robert E. says:

    So, a coach couldn’t keep track on the field and it’s the Patriots fault?

    There is a reason why the referees use the “Dial-A-Down” stick. That’s the official Down marker, not the scoreboard.

    1. truther says:

      i guess you forget the 5 downs given in a college game. mistakes happen.

  74. Tim Cherkassky says:

    No excuses. They could have and SHOULD have timed it out. Ravens lost it.

    1. truther says:

      yeah tahst the point the ravens lost, the pats didn’t win, and based on this the ravens were helped to loose by pats personnel. how is this team still allowed to play footbal/

      1. fubarus says:

        Same way your are still allowed to use a keyboard even though you clearly don’t have a command of English?

      2. Bill Belichick says:

        It was a hard fought, well earned victory…Come bask in our glory.

      3. Robrert says:

        the patriots had more points before the missed kick, and if the kick was made, blatimore still wouldn’t have more points… so how exactly did the patritos not win?

  75. TJG says:

    Either that or Cundiff missed the kick because he has an inferior kicking consultant.

Comments are closed.

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