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Ravens Kicking Consultant Can’t Rule Out New England Patriots Cheating In AFC Championship

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Billy Cundiff didn’t know what down it was on Sunday when he rushed on to the field to try and kick a game tying field goal in the AFC Championship game, and it wasn’t his fault.

Baltimore Ravens kicking consultant Randy Brown told Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team today on 94 WIP that the scoreboard in New England was incorrect during that final drive. “The scoreboard was one down behind, the entire last three plays, from what we understand,” Brown said. That caused Billy Cundiff to have to rush on to the field with just seconds left on the play clock to try and make the kick, which he missed.

When Cataldi asked Brown if he thought the Patriots did it it on purpose to gain an advantage, Brown replied, “I don’t think you can rule anything out in New England, can you?”

The Patriots were fined $250,000 and coach Bill Belichick fined $500,000 for violating league rules in 2007, when they were found to have videotaped the New York Jets defensive coaches giving signals.

Brown said that despite Cundiff missing the kick, the Ravens were still supporting each other. “The unity which we have, it’s really hard to describe it,” Brown said. “Very similar to that unity we had in Philadelphia (in 2004) when we went to the Super Bowl.” He also added that the players know they may not have even been in that game if not for Cundiff. “If it wasn’t for Billy Cundiff, and Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, different times during the year, we wouldn’t have won 12 games,” Brown said.



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  • conor

    he never had control of the call..

    • conor

      *ball in the endzone.. regarding the ravens last catch in the endzone that was incomplete.. this was meant to be a reply comment.. don’t know why it posted it at the top

  • KPC

    wow… really? Try not to choke on those sour grapes.

  • cordstreet

    Patriots cheating, so what new?

    • Hannah Abbott

      Is English your second language? Take a grammar class. . .. remedial grammar comes to mind.

  • craig toensing

    Sounds like the kicking consultant is either trying to salve the kicker’s feelings or draw attention away from his own poor consulting.

  • RJ

    The Ravens played cheapshot football the entire game and still lost.

    What a bunch of crybabies.

    • Don

      Show one cheap shot by the Ravens that entire game, not three or four, just one. You can’t. Now, go ballwash Brady.

      • JakeH

        How about Lewis drilling Brady in the back with his helmet for one

      • Carol

        How about the Ravens “touchdown” where the player was leading the Patriots player by the face mask? That should have negated the play and the Ravens should have gotten a face mask penalty.

      • jb2817

        Or the play when Green-Ellis’ helmet was ripped off and a Ravens defender ( sorry I don’t remember his name) target Green-Ellis’ head with his own helmet. Maybe you should ball wash Flacco.

  • J.V.

    In 2007, the New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was fined by the NFL the maximum of $500,000 and the Patriots were ordered to pay $250,000 for spying on an opponent’s defensive signals. The NFL has fined the Patriots prior to 2007, incuding spying prior to 2007, but apparently these fines are not high enough for Belichick & the Krafts to play fair and under NFL rules. The NFL should have taken away those championships – then, maybe, Belichick & Kraft would get the message.

    • oklahomabound

      Hey J.V. Tool, the fine was not for video taping the other teams signals, there is no rule against that and all teams do it, the fine was for doing the video taping at field level rather than from the booth up above where it is legal. All that video taping did was give the Pats a field level view of the same video that teams are leaglly able to tape from, and do tape from, the booth.

    • MikeO

      a jets fan maybe?…… maybe a foot fetish thrown in for a heel? whoops putting a foot in the mouth bad!

    • Howie Cheatham

      Envy and jeaousy are such ugly emotions. The sticks about 10 feet away from Harbaugh were correct and he looked at them several times in the final minute.

    • Len

      Wah wah wah

    • JakeH

      They were never fined before 2007 for spying. Get the facts jealous boy.

    • BKS

      Didnt Mangina who developed the filming process for the PATS when he was there blow the whistle on this? Where is that arse hole these days?

    • Wide Left

      Are you a professional whining consultant?

  • Nick Cignetti

    If the coaching staff can’t keep track of the downs that tells you all you need to know. Quit playing the Obamination game and get lost.

    • Dbmalkie6

      Interesting the article falls to mention the manner in which the Raven’s coaches treated this kicker before he went out to the field. Maybe…Just maybe if they had been a little more civil in their interactions, the kicker may have made it. It doesn’t speak must about the coaching staff when they blame someone else for what their own actions may have caused.

  • Rich

    Sounds like Richard Daley is working for the Patriots now that Al Gore lost a single election five times.

  • Rich

    Dear highly paid fartcatcher consultant,
    You’ll find sympathy in the dictionary between $hit & syphillis.
    Good luch in the offseason.

  • Rich

    This isn’t a story. It shouldn’t be treated as one.

    • frankie

      You’re right! I will just mention, that a team shouldn’t rely on a kicker to save a team anyway. They were losing and that is how it ended.

  • Okieflyover

    Coach should have called timeout. Was the number of itmeouts wrong too?

    • howard ingber

      I agree 100%

  • F@CK_NFL

    Nothing SUPER about this one, it’s the east coast cronies/thugs/low-lifes playing each other. Glad I have a life and won’t be watching any of the nonsense.

    • oklahomabound

      Sitting around in your mons basement jacking off to a poster of your teams QB playing golf while real teams are playing in the SB does not qualify as having a life.

    • Howie Cheatham

      Somewhere sheep are getting very nervous, Mr “have a life”.

    • Don

      Yet, you read about it. What does that say about you?

  • AL Phresceaux

    If your coach doesn’t know what down you’re on, you need a coach.

  • Oldfortman

    Patroits were cheaters in the past so who would not think they might do it again?

    • kmrod

      maybe becuase the patriots don’t keep the scoreboard?

    • caperick

      If your disobeying a rule the same way EVERYONE ELSE is; is it really cheating or is it just keeping everyone on a level playing field? Just sayin’

  • truther

    the game was officiated VERY poorly on many different instances, this doesn’t suprize me, once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater

    • trapper

      stop sucking your thumb and behave like a man, you crybaby.

  • Rich


    The NFL runs the scoreboard bevis.

  • Richard Ledbetter

    Interesting. I remarked while watching the game that Cundiff appeared to be running onto the field at the last minute. He didn’t seem have time to go through the usual pre-kick ritual.

    I’m a Chiefs fan without a dog in the fight.

    • Super16

      I’m a Saints fan and the Ravens are a bunch of crybabies.

  • Greg

    ummm….there was a time out left. if the kicker was confused or unaware, the coach should have called the time out to set the play up. should have called a time out anyways…

  • mrsharfer

    True or not, the Pats are notorious for cheating, drug use and general thuggery.

    • Yup

      Exactly..they cheat, everyone knows it. Drugs, spying, thuggery, scoreboard manipulation..that’s probably only the tip of the iceberg.

    • trapper

      prove anyone those charges three ring do not lie.

    • Tim Ferguson

      And the Ratbirds are notorious for choking in the playoffs and leaving a timeout on the board when the kicker was “rushing” onto the field. He had 15 seconds once he started to get ready for the kick. Plenty of time. The fact is the coachng staff for the Ratbirds were screaming for the kicker 3 plays before all of this went down so he would be ready.If the rest of the field goal team was out there what was the idiot kicker doing? Answer…choking.

    • Not A Patriots Fan

      Please define and state the facts of the Patriots drug use and general thuggery.

      Thank you

  • reason

    his job is to kick the ball between the bars no matter what down it is…………………..

  • Robert E.

    So, a coach couldn’t keep track on the field and it’s the Patriots fault?

    There is a reason why the referees use the “Dial-A-Down” stick. That’s the official Down marker, not the scoreboard.

    • truther

      i guess you forget the 5 downs given in a college game. mistakes happen.

  • Tim Cherkassky

    No excuses. They could have and SHOULD have timed it out. Ravens lost it.

    • truther

      yeah tahst the point the ravens lost, the pats didn’t win, and based on this the ravens were helped to loose by pats personnel. how is this team still allowed to play footbal/

      • Robrert

        the patriots had more points before the missed kick, and if the kick was made, blatimore still wouldn’t have more points… so how exactly did the patritos not win?

      • fubarus

        Same way your are still allowed to use a keyboard even though you clearly don’t have a command of English?

      • Bill Belichick

        It was a hard fought, well earned victory…Come bask in our glory.

  • TJG

    Either that or Cundiff missed the kick because he has an inferior kicking consultant.

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